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    Shadivak got a reaction from ZXrage in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    I find it almost criminal that a game where I did 5,170 spotting damage and 870 damage, ends up as 1,221 WN8. Meanwhile, a game where I did 1,108 damage with a charity frag is 2042.... Is there a reason WN8 hasn't adjusted to give spotting damage more weight?
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    Shadivak got a reaction from Private_Miros in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    I find it almost criminal that a game where I did 5,170 spotting damage and 870 damage, ends up as 1,221 WN8. Meanwhile, a game where I did 1,108 damage with a charity frag is 2042.... Is there a reason WN8 hasn't adjusted to give spotting damage more weight?
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    Shadivak got a reaction from Hellsfog in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    I find it almost criminal that a game where I did 5,170 spotting damage and 870 damage, ends up as 1,221 WN8. Meanwhile, a game where I did 1,108 damage with a charity frag is 2042.... Is there a reason WN8 hasn't adjusted to give spotting damage more weight?
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    Shadivak got a reaction from Strigonx in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    I find it almost criminal that a game where I did 5,170 spotting damage and 870 damage, ends up as 1,221 WN8. Meanwhile, a game where I did 1,108 damage with a charity frag is 2042.... Is there a reason WN8 hasn't adjusted to give spotting damage more weight?
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    Shadivak reacted to PityFool in WN8 and Spotting Damage   
    You are well below average.
    Here's some advice, stop looking at WN8. Just stop. Focus entirely on learning to win more games and you'll get better.
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    Shadivak reacted to lavawing in Crew 2.0   
    I did a summary of the changes (I'm lazy so the formatting is fucked). But really, it doesn't take a professor of anatomy to tell you that the changes are ass. Here's why:
    1. Crews lose skills
    Your old crews that had 3-4 skills will only have ~40ish skill points in the new system, which will lose you - 2-3 skills/perks in practice
    3-4 skills were basically enough for anything that wasn't a highly specialised LT build,
    but now, you have to grind much, much more to get those crews to perform at the level they perform now, i.e. >75 points in the new system which is the equivalent of what is now a 5 skill (non-0th skill) crew.
    for a more detailed take, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lqriw0/this_average_crew_loses_24_skills_when_converted/
    2. Crews do not combine
    If you were in the habit of grinding several crews to 3-4 skills instead of having 1-2 crews which you maxed out (which most people will be), you're shafted because crews do not combine and you're stuck with multiple (un-competitive) crews
    this is unfair to the players because under the old system, there was very little incentive to go past the 3rd or 4th skills, whereas now you're massively penalised for it with no recompense whatsoever
    if you think this is just sandbox and they might change it later, community contributors have said on the forums that they do not plan on introducing merging crews as a feature.
    3. 0th skill crews have exactly 0 worth
    If your crews are Christmas crews/0th skill BIA crews, the extra skill you have will not be counted in the new system - you lose 2-3 skills from that alone - not counting the fact you effectively lose 2-3 skills anyway for what are currently 3-4 skill crews
    this massively shafts people who bought/ground out 0th skill crews with zero compensation
    4. RNG-gated instructors
    Speaking of 0th skill crews, special 0th skill crews will now become 'instructors' which give small bonuses to specific perks. you have a choice between 3 perks of one category for each instructor - and which 3 you get to choose from is pure RNG - no rerolls.
    this locks bonuses behind a pay to progress, RNG-based mechanic where previously you just had to grind crews to progress.
    which makes the game even more unfair as between the players that pay up and players that don't (or can't).
    5. Massive endgame grind for even more inequality
    They nerfed the commander bonus and introduced a new 'expertise' grind where for each level of progression you grind past the 75th point, you get a 'small' bonus to your vehicle handling. vehicle handling is the same thing as what BIA does now, and the maximum ('small') bonus you can get from expertise is 20%........on top of the 5% you already get from the renamed BIA and all the other bonuses you have through skills/equipment.
    Previously, crews, once you were past 100% and had BIA, no matter how much you played with them, no matter where you got them, no matter how many crew books you bought and fed to them, were capped at the same level of performance - you won't get a faster reload, you won't get less aimtime.
    For the mechanics of these changes, see: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/lqlt46/crew_20_sandbox_general_feedback/goi4lif?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
    Now as for their effects....
    The new system introduces an all new grind that gives you the equivalent of stacking an extra ~ 2.5 more bond vents on your tank
    this not only adds a new grind, but increases the already gaping inequality between players
    a new player with a fresh crew will lack the renamed BIA, he might lack equipment, he is likely not to be be running food, he certainly won't have the expertise bonus on his tank - and he will be facing veterans with crews that perform 40-50 percent better than what he has.
    *this hypothetical player would have to grind the equivalent of 7 skills in the current system just to catch up.
    the only bandage on this fresh bullet wound is the free sixth sense - which players in the current system could have got pretty easily by crew books in the first place - and which could be added without all this hullabaloo with the new system.
    CW Implications:
    some of the perks would be very strong in a competitive setting, which I admit isn't a bad thing necessarily.
    for a decently competitive clan, crew 2.0 would mean basically mandating people to have the equivalent of 6-7 skill crews in order to perform on a 'level' playing field
    and that's not counting stacking with bond/bounty equipment and access to reward tanks
    There are also side issues with tanks with large crews seemingly being shortchanged but that's minor compared to the iceberg that we're headed towards.
    Don't look a gold sink in the mouth!
    one of the touted features of Crew 2.0 is that you can train 1 crew for up to 3 tanks, only that..
    u/Kuratovsky has kindly pointed out to me that in Crew 2.0, training your crew for the 2nd and 3rd tanks, just like retraining crews under the current system, will result in a penalty.
    unlike in the current system, the retraining penalty for the 2nd and 3rd tanks is 10% of the crew's total experience.
    if your crew has, say, 13 million exp (~6 skill crew), you will lose 1.3 million crew exp from the F2P option - and this directly eats into your crew skills/expertise bonuses
    currently, the penalty for retraining a crew to another tank is 10% of the major qualification, i.e. 10% of 100k exp. this does not affect the crew skills/perks.
    if you want to avoid bleeding XP, the solution is simple: 750 gold, 750 gold for every tank other than the first tank, and for every new tank that you switch in.
    the effect is that what appears to be one of the most F2P friendly features of Crew 2.0 is simultaneously the least F2P friendly part of the changes. this is because people who don't have gold will be forced to lose 10% of their total crew XP every time they retrain a crew to a different tank.
    Concluding thoughts
    For those of you who say that there's nothing to worry about and WG will surely revise the sandbox changes and make them good, I present to you the examples of:
    what happened to WOWS (https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/k44sbi/flamu_dissects_the_upcoming_commander_skill/)
    what happened to Console(https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/l12hd1/world_of_tanks_console_ruined_with_1_update_dont/gjx40yr/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)
    and what is happening with the HE changes despite the population being generally ambivalent towards them (http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/765180-sandbox-test-he-shells%E2%80%94feedback-and-reaction/)
    For those of you who still remember, Rubicon failed in 2015 because the playerbase was not okay with cosmetics having an effect on gameplay. That they made heard. These changes with Crew 2.0 are of a much greater magnitude, are much less accessible, and in their current guise, it is safe to say that they will impact the game much more negatively.
    The multitudinous changes to the system and the overhauls to the interface only serve to hide the fact that your crews will be worse, that as players we will suffer, that we will have to pay more, grind more, to get less in return.
    There is no reason that the playerbase should allow these changes to happen.
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    Shadivak got a reaction from GehakteMolen in Crew 2.0   
    The crew grind is absolutely terrible. Playing without sixth sense is rage inducing. Getting clowned by people with 5 skill crews in tier 5-6, while you're trying to rank up the first skill, absolutely blows. I have no idea if this will help casuals/new players, and I'm sure WG will fuck it up. But, as a casual, who mostly sucks, I think some kind of change to crews was needed. The difference in effectiveness between a 1 skill crew, and a 3 skill crew, is pretty fucking enormous. And, let's be honest. Tank effectiveness at higher tiers, with 5 skill crews, is pretty absurd.
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    Shadivak reacted to Assassin7 in Crew 2.0   
    Went for a quick look at the RU forums to see what they are saying about it:

    They dont seem to like it for many of the same reasons as us, so far at least. 
    Edit, link to that thread: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/2127797-ваши-впечатления-от-экипажа-20/page__pid__54595832__st__20#entry54595832
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    Shadivak reacted to 8at_eNTrOpY in Crew 2.0   
    I feel the effects of the new system as proposed would break the player base into 3 different groups:
    Rough guesses on the percentages, but:
    The really new/really casual players (guess 10% of the player base?): Those who currently grind crews without 6th sense, those who play with 50%/75% crews when they get a new tank. These players would see a buff in that they get 6th sense for free and there are no more crews less than 100% major qualification. The really dedicated players (maybe 5% of the player base, probably less?): Those who currently have 5-skill crews on many of their tanks (fully grinded, 'zero-skill' crews don't count!). These players would see a buff in that they would immediately get Level 75 crews allowing them to get all necessary skills plus 2 talents. Also any skills they have over and above 5 turns into more major qualification. The vast majority of players (the rest, 85% of the player base?): Those who currently have between 1- and 4- skill crews on most of their tanks. These players get the shaft. Where their crews are perfectly passable in the current system (particularly so for heavy tanks), they either feel a bit worse in the new system, or or at best the same. This group of players doesn't see the advantages gained by group 2 above as their crews convert to somewhere from Level 18 to 70. So WG has proposed a system that helps the 10% really need it (the new/casuals), the 5% who really don't need the help (the really dedicated) and shafts the other 85%. And on top of that, the conversion process is going to be a ridiculous exercise for just about everyone to get their crews set up.
    The only good things about the proposed crew changes, in my opinion, are 6th sense for everyone, and no more crews with less than 100% major qualification.
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    Shadivak reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Sandobox, HE 3.0, what people think?   
    I want to clarify something on this subject.
    A core problem is that HE shells scale twice: once with the raw damage value, once with the size of the blast radius. I did a lot of math on this back in the day, and the larger the blast radius, the less damage you lose from seeking out the thinnest armor.
    Take a case of a Lowe and Pershing facing another hull down Lowe. Lowe loads HE, it's 420 damage and 1.91m blast radius (6.27 ft in freedom numbers). Typically even with a solid shot you're still going to be about 3 ft from the thin top armor and thus losing 50% of the damage from blast distance. Lowe's top armor is 40mm, so 420/2/2  - 40 = ~75. Too low, but still something. But the Pershing is way worse because the damage is not only lower at 320, but the blast radius is 1.46m (4.79 freedoms). So for the exact same shot, your calculation is now roughly 320/2/3 - 40 = ~ 13. Pointless. If the blast was the same size, it would be 320/2/2 - 40 = ~40. Much more consistent.
    Thus, HE damage effectively scales exponentially instead of linearly as the damage value would imply, because two values governing damage are simultaneously increasing. By the time you reach the KV-2's 910 damage 152mm gun, the radius is 3.66m. In the shot mentioned above, the Lowe loses 50% to blast radius, the Pershing loses about 65%, while the KV-2 is only going to lose a paltry 17%. A numerical representation of the damage output isn't 320, 420, 910, but more like 112, 210, 792. The proportion becomes even more grotesque when we add in the armor thickness reduction, and becomes 72, 160, and 752. It's a joke.
    I said "increase blast radius", but that was a poor choice of word. It needs to be rescaled. Currently the smallest HE rounds are like 0.33m and the largest (non artillery) is the shitbarn at 5.05m. It should start at more like 1.5m, quickly rise to 3.0m, and then slow after that to maybe 4.0m. At 4m+ aiming becomes quickly less and less important to the point you get the HURR DURR SHOOT effect of HE that a lot of players dislike. The radius is so high that even a bad shot will seek out weak armor halfway across the tank.
    Rescaling the blast size would fix a lot of the problem by making HE scale more like a line instead of exponentially. It would be stronger on a Pershing, but be slightly weaker on a nuclear-sized gun that doesn't aim. It would do so while maintaining the basic concept of the shell and still offer an alternative form of doing damage.
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    Shadivak reacted to Jesse_the_Scout in Sandobox, HE 3.0, what people think?   
    I think it's trash. It doesn't even make sense, the shells don't explode anymore. If it does make it to live, cool, swipe that credit card and spam more gold. No one deserves what they get more than the WoT player base.
    Here's one way to fix HE.
    You drop the damage to match other shells because why the fuck are they different numbers anyway. You increase the blast radius so it can actually be used to target thin armor. Penetration drops to 0. Damage will be higher against thin armor anyway, damage spikes just make it hard to balance. And then option:
    Rework the damage calculation from (damage/2 - armor thickness) to more like (damage - armor thickness*2). Or you take the arty stun mechanic and scale it down to stuns that last 1-5 seconds or something. First option would increase overall damage, second option would instead add stun. Either way the shell would be more about aiming and knowing armor models than currently, and be more useful for smaller caliber guns.
    As it stands, there's not much reward for aiming. If you increased the blast radius, it would allow you to target, say, low on a turret and splash the top armor on purpose, or fire underneath a tank to hit the thin underarmor. Shots to thick armor would do less, while aimed shots to splash thin armor would be more consistent and do higher average damage. Right now the blast radius is so small it's a waste of time.
    The main problem with changing HE is that most of the ideas, like what WG is testing, make the shell pointless, more obnoxious, or both. No one's going to load a shell with 60 pen to try to pen tanks in the side with 80mm + 20mm tracks to do extra damage. The last thing the game needs is a shell for killing lower tier/light tanks more easily. These changes ultimately will just hurt light tanks and buff armored bricks... which is, of course, the original sandbox vision they've been pursuing for years now.
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    Shadivak reacted to lavawing in Crew 2.0   
    The difference will be even larger after the changes
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    Shadivak got a reaction from Totenstanz in Instead of limiting MM, WG should simply compress tier gaps   
    They should limit T10 MM to T9/T10. T8s in T10 games is fucking garbage. Very few T8s can contribute anything in a T10 game. Especially when it's 10 T10s, a few T9s, and the lonely 1-2 T8 fodder.
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    Shadivak got a reaction from Fenxis in T69 by Garbad   
    I'm really not sure what there is to like about this thing The gun handling and penetration are both pretty awful. On a 4 shot autoloading medium, with mediocre mobility....that's a death sentence. It needs gold just to be viable. Even shooting gold, the bloom kills this tank.
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