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  1. Don't play if: - tired - in a (very) bad mood - stressed/got time only for 1-2 games max - played to long already without any longer breaks If you focus on a specific tank in your sessions, it helps a lot to watch couple of vids/replays to see how better players are playing it before jumping into the battle yourself. As for your t-44: Watch couple of your own bad/great games closely once in a while before you start your wot session, just to see, whether you can spot anything you could have done better and maybe share few of those on tape study for review. From what I can quickly see on your wotlabs stats page, your spots/game in t-44 and even in tanks like m46/m48 are very very damn low indicating you might have wrong equipment and/or wrong campy play style not suited to carry your games in [fast] mediums. Take optics+stab+rammer on your t-44 and 100mm gun with highest pen not 122mm one, post your crew/modules/setup, so you get hints, what you can improve. Read this about crew skills. Carry enough APCR to not be totally useless in t9-10 games. Focus on improving your map knowledge, where its good/safe to go for initial spotting/free dmg farm. How and when can you flank. I'd recommend you to watch Yung_xD (previously Kolni) stream/youtube/wotlabs thread, he is playing a lot of fast meds recently and has pretty aggressive play style, taking a lot of front line positions, and abusing camo/vision/bushes a lot wherever its possible, so watch his stream/wotlabs replays/youtube channel, to pick up some of better map spots and get better idea how to play a fast medium.
  2. 2 Mods, which provide you significant advantage IMHO and which I use atm myself, cause they are in ProMod: - zoom out: this way you can check where enemy is aiming over the corner or just take a quick look how the things are going on different map side, etc. It makes your life easier/decisions faster, whether its safe to pick/engage over a corner for example. - damage hit log: this way you know who did shot already and thus reloading, if there are like 2-3 tanks who could have potentially shot you, without this mod, you need to pay attention to your current HP, to your new HP, the sound, etc and/or do do guess work, to find out who shot you. I was experimenting with vanilla and with different mod packs a lot (aslain, joves, promod, wottweaker was a must as I had bad hardware earlier, etc), more with mods though. The most crucial mod I was missing a lot lately was damage hit log, because if you know who is reloading/shoot you already and if you only guess it makes a huge difference and you are more confident/less stressed in your decision making process while playing if you just can take a look at the damage hit log to gather this info.
  3. Impressive results dude. Credits income, armour efficiency, XP and whether you play solo or in 2x/3x platoon etc and in case yes, would hell be interesting as well. I've made a kinda different experiment with type 59 back in 2013, the goal was different and about gold ammo impact. I did 100 solo games, 50 with AP ammo only, 50 with APCR only, but all 100 without any premium consumables used. With APCR only I had: + 529 higher DpG + 0.74 higher KpG + 113 higher base XP - 2% lower WR Original thread on wot forums.
  4. Basically what jackquerudo said. 1) Sniper mode only if you need to place carefully aimed shots, taking shots in 3d view from time to time and not only in sniper mode helps as well. Latest is useful in ridge-fighting, this way you can better see, whether you expose/overexpose yourself or have enough gun depression to (snap) shoot enemies from behind small hilly terrain, whereas in sniper view you don't. 2) It doesn't matter whether your allies are in front or behind you, everyone is responsible for fire lines and needs to be aware of each other. Also the guy who is going from behind/crossing your own fire line is responsible to not block your fire line/take care of not getting hit by you, in case he crosses your fire line. If I'm on a corner with random guy holding it or engaging enemies, I always keep track of: - how many enemies are reloading and how many of them are reloaded and about to pick out and who will be the first guy, they will be able to shoot at - whether my random fire line team mate is reloaded or took a shot - for whom from us it is better/more comfortable to make 1st shot on picking enemy - if I took a shot and reloading, I'm always looking in 3d view, whether my ally did took a shot as well and trying to make it for him most easy, either by driving back-/forward or staying still 3) If I'm full HP and my ally is close to/1 shot, I'm trying to be the 1st tank enemy can hit picking out and if required will try to cover him/switch places, so less HP allies are behind/harder to hit. Its basically the same as fire line, just requires slightly more coordination 4) Just keep a mental note, that your own reload timer is the time you shall actively use to check what's around you and plan your next steps. If you are reallocating or currently not engaged in a fight/shooting, you need to do #4 as well of course, but in combat, its more important to not tunnel-vision yourself to much, thus try to focus on it while reloading more than at other times.
  5. Just discovered this stuff today, watched a couple and subbed, keep it up!
  6. Some of RU players did played on EU and had way higher results, than on RU servers, also its already ~1-3 years ago with all kind of different meta, new vehicles, physics, etc. involved. Check iMeeGo's STB-1 results on EU (it was either ~5.5k or ~6k DpG over 100 games, don't remember exactly, only that he scored ~500 more in it than on RU), it's relevant to Chuck Norris tournaments, which are held on RU servers regular, there was something similar to that tournament on EU, Floris won 2nd place in it in e-50 or 50M over 100 games played AFAIK. Skylex played on EU as well AFAIK, maybe there were more top RU players, who tried that on EU as well, need to google/or ask them personally on streams/forums or need to try to find all results of comparable tournaments from RU/EU/NA to compare what best players on each server were capable to achieve over multiple series of 100 solo games played. --- TL;DR What I'm trying to say is, if its harder to achieve better results on RU server, because of more experienced overall player base, lesser language barrier, higher average tier and/or higher arty count than on EU, and its harder to play on EU than on NA, then WN9 shall be applied per server. Because measurement of best 1/0.1/0.01% are versus server population not vs world. And thus each server has to have different expected values as well.
  7. I have my opinions and played with wot camo calc/tanks.gg etc. a bit after I posted the question, to see how stuff changes with different crew skills. Nevertheless, having opinions is not the same as being right / not being interested in discussion about it, to get pointers, where I might be wrong. Other thing is, as being said, I want to have everything possible on it, but I obv. can't. So trying to figure out in an open discussion, what might be the best. Most of my opinions were formed and only slightly changed many years ago already, the state of the game changed since, I did couple of longer breaks from WOT, so I might have missed out on some vital information. So basically I'm questioning everything, myself included of course, to find best arguments to refresh/form my opinions about this matter. Just take FF as example, yes, you don't burn often, I feel myself having ~ full FF crew is waste of potential, but if you burn, it doesn't hurt as much, and mostly you will remember games, where you burned to death more as those, where you didn't. I have over 1k games in 50m and was still changing crew/eq. 1-2 times a year btw. but also almost never played it recently as compared to other t10s, so my 50m is very very rusty and so might be my opinions about it as well.
  8. Camo helps always (esp early and late game) other than if you are brawling close range, it makes huge difference IMO, if you cross terrain and get lit from >=400m moving around the map or only from 350-380m, so has nothing to do with cheeky/agro play style. Not having repairs on a brawling king 50m is just dumb without questions. I decided against clutch braking, because the base values are already sh*t and even having it at 100% doesn't improve it that much IMO. Off road on the other hand is > clutch on 50m, because 50m's soft values are hilariously bad, comparable and/or worse than from t8-10 heavies! And how many hard terrain like asphalt roads without destructible objects/mood/water on it are you using for driving compared to soft/medium terrain? Slightly better terrain res. are reason, why 62a is faster than 140 on every terrain but hard one as example, it also accelerates/turns faster partially because of that. Take m48 as most extreme example, its "slow" but has such hilariously good soft stats, it can accelerate/reach max speed/turn like no other tank. Regarding FF: arty hits/splashes can lit you, if you are crossing terrain, you can get hull side shots, if you side scrape wrong, you get hull side hits, if something flanks you, you get rear/side shots, if you try to abuse your side gun depression and overexpose yourself, you can get lit as well. Main FF benefit is not only damage reduction but way less to none dead crew members and lost/damaged vital modules. Plus a lot of high skill players like Straik, X3N4, etc are using FF as well, so can't be that bad I guess. Still question, whether other skills are more beneficial mid-long term remain valid. How did new physics changed that? I had ~6-7 month break from WOT recently, back like ~2 month, so could have missed something. Did physics changed ramming damage calculation/how controlled impact works as well maybe? Had it impact on clutch braking? Any source? At the end, I just prob. shall stop worrying that much about crew skills and focus on other things like sit. awareness in game instead.
  9. 50M driver skill troubles: Just couple of 50M games recently, since there is special, ended up retraining my driver to get smooth ride instead of controlled impact after missing few key-shots in a corner brawling situation. I guess overall its more useful, since even in close/medium combat range you don't stop and fully aim at your target, at least I don't. Still want to have controlled impact as well badly but also feel like turning speed of 50m is so poor, esp. if you are fighting other meds/lights, so want that as well but don't want to give up on FF on the other hand. Just can't decide, what is best choice with my crew, can't have it all Old crew: Current crew+setup: What do you guys would recommend on driver + few lines of reasoning why? As reference/comparison setup/crews from (also might be quite old): Floris, X3N4, Poltto. --------- EDIT: After checking crews from different players and comparing tank stats on tanks.gg/wot camo calc, I changed my crew to this: Still not satisfied with so little camo skill and hate having nearly full FF wasting so many skill-slots, but don't want to drop it / dunno what would be the best
  10. Glad you finally noticed it, add 50/51 to that as well then, you will prob. see similar results, also not as bad as from Grille I guess, but prob. still way more disruptive as compared to any other t10 medium. There are a lot of discussions from high skill players/streamers in the last few month, which I personally agree with, that it was way easier to farm dmg in t10s in 2012-2014, than it is now. And that you can't compare DpG anymore, without knowing, when the games were played. Atm., it's mainly caused by grilles and 50/51. They just take a lot of clean up dmg late game as most extreme negative impact example, where you get 1-2 320/390 alpha shots in, if you manage to get in time, but they get 1-2 750 alpha ones or 1-2 clips. And that's only one of many aspects IMO. Straik for example said on stream, that he has hard time keeping over 4k dpg in t10s without try harding and is somewhere around 4.5k on try hard mode, where as back in 2012-2014 he would keep 4.5k dpg with the same effort and that even players like iMeeGo, who could get ~ 5k dpg hard core try harding are now barely getting 4.5k dpg, even though latest example might be also caused due to different (lower) motivational aspects, not only current state of the game. Would it be possible to check few top notch players from ru/eu/na and compare their DpG results in 2-3 of their t10 meds/heavies against different WOT patches maybe?
  11. [x] OP gives free stuff [x] Addicts getting hooked [x] Other free stuff on purple-replay section/etc. available, but doesn't kick in as good [x] addicts want more free quality sh*t What else do you expect is gonna happen? Esp. after you are posting games like that 50/51 one? I even made and uploaded a replay video from that game to youtube, but since I tried to do it on higher quality than my current hardware can handle, mainly due to lack of experience, I had to remove it after, cause video quality was so poor at the end. Getting better hardware within next ~1-2 weeks, will try it later again, even if I have to download older WOT client for that, those kind of games don't happen often, will prob. still be worth the time. Half through the 21 games from Sunday and watched stream highlight already, exactly what I was asking about, keep it up dude!
  12. How about you start uploading some replay stuff again you lazy arta fgt?
  13. What do you use/recommend for video recording? I tried difrerent tools including ShadowPlay from my nvidia GC, latest was most comfortable, but my current hardware overall sucks for it, if target video is longer than 5 mins, video quality is shit at the end, if its short clip, its awesome. I did used something 3-4 years ago, which worked nice, but forgot the program name, tried 4 different free tools so far, none of them was "good enough"
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