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  1. I will buy one, but first you need to do a weakspot vid on it.
  2. It helps to put it in writing. And besides, this is the shenanigans forum, so I can sorta post whatever.
  3. 3k WN8 is weak. I am still bad @ tonks. Time to get 4k recent.
  4. About the crew...Don't ask...The crew has been in many tanks, most recently my 113 (a few months ago, I got tired of the Type 59). The firefighting was for the 113 because I found it needed the medkit more than the extinguisher, but I still wanted the 8.6 second reload with food. It's basically a heavy tank crew, (I would prefer camo over firefighting in the Type 59 any day), but it doesn't matter that much. Jack of all trades was simply put on that crew for experimentation. I still wouldn't drop medkit in the type, because even with Jack of all trades, a dead commander or gunner will stil
  5. So I've been telling myself for a few months now that I'm trying to get 3rd marks in my Type 59, but it seems like a difficult tank to get it in. People told me it was too difficult to do in the Type 59, so I decided yesterday to only play Type 59 until I got it. The only problem is I'm a baddie, so I had to adjust my usual gameplay strategy to get 3rd mark. In order to do the 3k dmg required (vbaddict says 3300 average is required) I've had to do the following: -Yolo hard in top tier matches when there isn't much HP on the enemy team -Manipulate the enemy team by giving them fals
  6. Tired of Chinese tanks with serious made in china modules

    1. punishersal


      but dat WZ-120 boomstick...

    2. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      But dat T-34-3 boomstick and cloaking device...

  7. I don't think the concept of WN8 (or any efficency metric for that matter) is inherently bad, if it's not taken too seriously. I will concede that WN8 damage farming at the expense of the team is cancerous^3. I guess I don't understand the mentality of stat farming. Right now I'm a college student, so I have relatively little time for WoT. I have ~19k battles with a 'meh' 1600-ish WN8 overall. I will pretty much always be a 'green' player, so trying to raise my stats in a meaningful way is essentially futile. Even if I was able to crank out enough battles to make a difference, I don't see
  8. I'm not particularly interested in your "Services" (), however I'm curious as to why any potential under-your-wing pubbies must avoid using session stats? Trying to avoid Wn8 farm wannabees, or something else?
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