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  1. My cover of To Zanarkand (Final Fantasy OST) @ 


    1. kolni


      The last verse is miles better than the first one. Good small improvs that turn it into what a cover really is, and how people should play covers. However the first part could use some work (a bit too draggy on the tempo and the way you lay down the chords removes the doloroso feel a bit. It gets quite a bit better at the end though) See if you can hear what I mean. Otherwise good job!

      I'm sorry I meant the chorus, not verse

    2. prolix


      Thanks for the insights, Kolni! 


      The draggy tempo was partly intentional because I was going for a more pensive, lingering feel but I can see where you're coming from about it compromising the doloroso effect. The structure of the work is ABAB with little change and my intention was to juxtapose it by highlighting the first part with an even slower tempo than the original's. 

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