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  1. Since when did this place stop displaying stats underneath forum users? (Yes, I've been gone a looooong time hahaha.)

    1. sundanceHelix
    2. DHP


      Since Wn8 died ? #NotKappa

    3. SaintLaurentius


      quite a long ago. I think it prolonged load times or some shit too much.

  2. I loveded you, piggy! I LOVEDED YOU!
  3. Piano cover of George Michael's Careless Whisper @


    1. dashnog


      It's such a fantastic radical mood change that I didn't even recognise the song at first.

    2. prolix


      Thanks haha. I aim to reinvent and at the same time pay tribute to all the songs I cover. 

  4. Piano cover of Harold Arlen's Over The Rainbow @


  5. Piano cover of Jimmy Van Heusen's Polka Dots and Moonbeams @


  6. Piano arrangement of Jake Shimabukuro's Dragon @


  7. Piano cover of X Ambassador's Unsteady @


    1. KingYoshiLuca


      what even is  X Ambassador's Unsteady

  8. Piano cover of Elvis' Can't Help Falling In Love @


  9. Piano cover of John Lennon's Imagine @


    1. KingYoshiLuca
    2. prolix


      @KingYoshiLuca Thanks for following my stuff, mate! 

    3. RC_Tank


      That was beautiful

  10. When you have so little fucks to give that you don't even bother uninstalling WoT...

  11. Brutal honesty - The music is cancer.
  12. Just a few more revisions and maybe I'll hit purple by doing nothing.
  13. This thread is gonna hit rock bottom. And proceed to dig.
  14. Singlish is rife with examples of mispronunciation and syllabic abbreviation in the name of efficiency. Put a typical Westerner lecturing in English on 1.25 or 1.5x speed (YouTube) and you get the idea of how much is conveyed in the same amount of time. Enunciation, sentence structure and grammar is compromised all the time. But hey, it's pragmatic and efficient.
  15. Every session of WoT is a compelling argument to uninstall, fuck off and never spend a single cent (more) on this pos. 

    1. OOPMan


      And yet every day you find yourself re-installing to take one more tilt at the old windmill.

      *lightning flashes over a rain-dashed moore*

      Highlighted against the brooding clouds stands a tall, dark stranger cackling manically...


      Sooner or late, all return home to the All-Father...

    2. LudwigvonMises
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