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  1. When was anyone banned for rigging after February? Ceterum censeo Lutetiam esse delendam.
  2. Jaja, Support ... people drive almost a thousand games until track gets lost on their T-22s -- after they were reported to CS. When was there a banwave after mid February?
  3. The automated anti-rigging system is a lie. Nothing happened for 1/4 year. Will you carry on ignoring the thingy or actually work up to your promises?
  4. "38 strings not translated into" German.

    How can I help?

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    2. coolathlon


      en:"Tankopedia" - de:"Tankopedia"
      en:"Missing Tanks" - de:"Fehlende Panzer"
      en:"Refresh WN8 Table" - de:"WN8-Tabelle neu laden"
      en:"Script Menu" - de:"Script-Menü"
      en:"Famepoints:" - de:"Ruhmespunkte:"
      en:"Tanks missing from WN8 table, ratings may be inaccurate" - de:"Einige Panzer fehlen in der WN8-Tabelle; Ratings können abweichen"
      en:"Account banned until:" - de:"Account gebannt bis:"
      en:"Last Battle:" - de:"Letztes Gefecht:"
      en:"Tanking Performance" - de:"Tanking Performance"
      en:"Damage Assisted" - de:"Schaden durch Unterstützung"
      en:"Damage Assisted with Radio" - de:"Schaden durch Aufklärung"
      en:"Damage Assisted with Tracking" - de:"Schaden durch Ketten"
      en:"Direct Hits Received" - de:"Erhaltene Schüsse"
      en:"Penetrations Received" - de:"Erhaltene Durchschläge"
      en:"No Damage Direct Hits Recieved" - de:"Erhaltene Schüsse ohne Schaden"
      en:"Explosion Hits Recieved" - de:"Erhaltene HE-Schüsse"
      en:"Damage Blocked" - de:"Abgewehrter Schaden"
      en:"Trees Driven Down" - de:"Umgefahrene Bäume"
      en:"Armor-Use Efficiency" - de:"Panzerungs-Effektivität"
      en:"Overall" - de:"Gesamt"
      en:"Max, Assist & Tanking" - de:"Max., Aufklärung & Tanken"
      en:"Global Map" - de:"Weltkarte"
      en:"Medium - T6" - de:"Medium - T6"
      en:"Champion - T8" - de:"Champion - T8"
      en:"Absolute - T10" - de:"Absolut - T10"
      en:"Strongholds" - de:"Festungen"
      en:"Stronghold Skirmish" - de:"Festungen Bollwerk"
      en:"Stronghold Defense" - de:"Festungs-Verteidigung"
      en:"Team Battles" - de:"Teamgefechte"
      en:"Ranked Team Battles" - de:"Gewertete Teamgefechte"
      en:"Other Modes" - de:"Andere Modi"
      en:"Rampage" - de:"Verwüstung"
      en:"Historical Battles" - de:"Historische Gefechte"
      en:"Tank Company" - de:"Kompanie"
      en:"Penetration Ratio" - de:"Penetrationsrate"
      en:"First value is either average per battle or % of a related value, and the second value is the total." - de:"Der erste Wert ist entweder der Durchschnitt pro Gefecht oder ein prozentualer Anteil; der zweite Wert ist die Summe."
      en:"Do mind that some of the values are from the API, and might not load immediately." - de:"Bitte beachten: Einige Werte stammen aus der API und brauchen deshalb einige Zeit zum Laden."
      en:"Script Author:" - de:"Script-Autor:"


    3. Orrie


      Fantastic! Will update throughout the day.

      Thanks :)

    4. Orrie


      Welp, looks like some translations got swapped between the German and French language, so some strings was left out:

      en:"Tanking Performance" - de:"Tanking Performance"
      en:"Maximum Damage in a Battle" - de:"Maximum Damage in a Battle"
      en:"Maximum Destroyed in a Battle" - de:"Maximum Destroyed in a Battle"
      en:"Contributors (EN):" - de:"Contributors (DE):"


  5. It made me abandon Rampage quite hard. And I love the mode. Also it's showing WGEU's lying and incompetence.
  6. Still no work to be seen on Riggingate. There is no change in handling faulty players whatsoever. Tell Mr. Mentl his promise to change things (GameStar online article) was not fulfilled in the slightest manner. Btw: 1/3rd of a year since occurrence. Are you always that immobile in decisions? Will there be a way for people to get the tank and female crew? Why are riggers allowed to continue playing this tank?
  7. Most are on it already, some useless not (E.g. Adrenaline Rush). Was asking for next one.
  8. Support-Ticket. Ban encouraged. BTT: How to distinguish what enemies to engage and which are capable of penning the turret? Crew: Repair needed, indeed. Then Firefighting or Camo?
  9. ah: http://www.vbaddict.net/player/mordante-eu-bb2024e0397fa4ab89afd605d96ef917 Seriously fucked up shit. Ticket sent.
  10. Thought "I know this shit" and yes, he was in enemy team yesterday. 14:40 [--] Mordante[-DL-] (E 50 M) : You have OP easy mode tanks, so you win. Grats on you easy win. [...] 14:04 [--] Mordante[-DL-] (E 50 M) : You have tier 10 TDs we have crappy medium tanks like E-50M, Leo 1 and BC25t 13:55 [F2] coolathlon[R1SE] (Obj. 430 II) : 'crappy' 13:44 [--] Mordante[-DL-] (E 50 M) : E-50M worst tier 10 in the game 13:36 [D1] coolathlon[R1SE] (Obj. 430 II) : you simply suck [...] 12:55 [--] Mordante[-DL-] (E 50 M) : you try playin a tank that is bigger then a T110E4 but less armour then AMX50
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