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  1. So WG finally found a way to use the old and almost forgotten Kirovets-1 we had in the leaks years ago. https://tanks.gg/tank/kirovets-1
  2. Totally unnoticed by me a german CC got his hands on this tank during tankfest. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzuYUaig9kk First gameplay I saw from this tank.
  3. It would be at least understandable if the gun would be any good. But it isn't. It is trash.
  4. do you have a time stamp for the QB video? Just checked yesterdays stream but could not find it. At least I found this gem https://www.twitch.tv/quickybaby/clip/PatientMoistLionSquadGoals?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time
  5. How do they do against wheeled tanks?
  6. seems like this tank is going to be released soon, as reports form the official EU forum say they have seen CCs driving around with it. Sadly tanks.gg is still bugged when it comes to armor. But there are alternatives. http://wotinspector.com/en/webapp?targetVehicleId=56081,59410,51731,34836&mode=xray.armor&platform=pc And some RU video showing it Only 50mm side armor
  7. Yeah it is a german community thing I guess. We have this, what´s called "Community Stammtisch" once every 1-2 months. Simply put. A german WG Employee sits with some people from the community in a TS channel and we talk about stuff for 2-3 hours. And the rebalance of the german techtree is a hot topic. (who would have guessed :P). One statement was, if i can remember it correctly, they have a special plan for the heavy tree. Now after the US Kingtiger and the release of this tank. For me it is clear what the plan is. btw. A rebalance of the E50 line is coming as well. Including the Panther 88.
  8. Well now we know at least how WG is planing to rework the E100 branch. Kingtiger goes down a tier and this E75 takes its spot at T8. Anyone knows if this tank is totally made up by WG or is there some historical reference to it?
  9. medium icon and in the text WG provided it even says "medium". So yeah, I guess it is a medium
  10. Thinking about it. All stats ranking systems are pretty much fucked when this goes live. Around 30% more HP in the game across the board. All old dmg based stats become irrelevant. ^^
  11. Ok just to get this right. instead of just nerfing the alpha of gold rounds they buffed the hp of all tanks and the alpha of normal shells.
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