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  1. I just want to know what reward tank they are giving. The tank would be the Only reason why I would try out the shit show what rabked is again.
  2. Yeah played the STB hated it even more than I do it now. It just feels very wierd to play. Leopard is nice though. Don't think it will become meta, but it felt nice. Having close to 500dmg rolls feels rewarding.
  3. New changes http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/707157-medium-tanks-rebalance-supertest-second-iteration/page__p__16867271#entry16867271
  4. So many maps to choose from. Well but I already made my choice. Mines it is. Fuck Mines in hightier.
  5. Source http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/704476-developer-and-blogger-stream-qa-english-transcript/ and the stream wasn't on April 1st. Spread your checks, it is going to happen
  6. You have this "be less lowtier" mm but do you have the dynamic templates that are coming?
  7. Just for those who did not read the news lately. The "new" mm will hit RU and EU servers tomorrow on the 3rd of April. For Asia and NA I have no information at hand. But most likely they will roll it out there as well.
  8. Wait a Second. I like they address the stupid HE spamming bullshit. But this change rly just turns the tank into HE shooting E100. E100 HE: 950 alpha - 85mm pen - reload without anything 19,18s - 0,52 acc Type new HE: 900 alpha 80mm pen - reload without anything 19,8s - 0,38 acc What dafuq WG. I think now I am better off shooting HE with the 14cm. 700 alpha but with the option of 290mm gold pen
  9. Well, it is better than nothing, isn't it?
  10. I find it quite the opposite. B is almost undefendable if the attacking team know how to attack. Similar with A. D is also a piece of cake to cap. But imho all the new wheeled vehicles aren't good for this game mode. Some here and there like it was last season was OK but now with 10 or more each side it became a mess. And they are annoying as fuck.^^ Another thing is the people found out how to destroy the objectives, without even getting close to it as long you are using a TD and/or Gold. With this you can't defend 3 at all. 1 also can be destroyed ~300m away from the target from two different directions. With 2 you need a bit more map control around 1 but then it is also very easy to destroy without even getting close.
  11. Who would have thought they are testing it during Frontline 4/4/7 instead of 3/5/7
  12. Why dafuq give it 460 alpha at TX. What is this bullshit nowadays. We will have 120mm guns doing 400, 440 and 460mm. Give me some consistency WG!
  13. If this info from the Russian server is correct, you will take even longer. Unlike last time (~19. 000) you need now ~30.000 points to get to lvl 30. Which is quite an increase if you'd ask me. I expect you need around 40 rounds to get to 30 now. Which makes your calculation even worse https://m.vk.com/photo-70226354_456337106?list=album-70226354_00&rev=1&from=profile&z=photo-70226354_456337106%2Falbum-70226354_00%2Frev
  14. Chieftain is much slower than I thought it would be. 

    1. Tman450


      It's faster than I thought it would be to be honest.

    2. Errants


      Feels like a medium.

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