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  1. finally it is over. hell this blackmarked was a steaming pile of bs
  2. I want the Waffel. I have so much gold to spend. But the times we have on EU server are horrible for me. 5pm or am. Either I sleep or at work during this times
  3. Sadly there are arties. But only every 5 games or so. So I don´t rly care. Platooning with two others this is rly fun. Fast rounds and you have an even bigger inpact with two friends.
  4. No it is not. With everything below 330 you can basically go fuck yourself. No idea why tanks.gg shows 280mm here. Maybe it is bugged as are a lot models. gamemodels3d shows values which are much more believable. I played against so many 279 during the last CW seasons and I can assure you it is defently more in the 340mm range.
  5. Testserver is up and I had my first rounds in it (STII) yesterday. Eventhough I mostly derped around Gunhandling feels nice. But what rly surprised me was the 310 HEAT pen. With this pen, the biggest troll you can do is to bring your Obj 279 and see them bounce. I saw a single Obj 279 holdin up against five STIIs on Himmelsdorf. With only 310mm pen they have little to no chance to pen the Obj frontally. I really expected the STII to make appearance in CW meta. But with this laughable pen there is no chance in hell we gona see them. For yolo heavium rushes this thing is too slow. And for a city brawls it will lose pretty much every fight against 279s. For publics on the other hand this thing could be fun. Gun handling, gun depression and normal pen are fine. And the memes for double tapping poor T8s are just pure gold.
  6. Time to bring this thread back to life. I think you all saw the leaks that the WTF E100 will maybe find the way into the game during the blackmarket or some other event. rumored price: 50.000 Gold or 50.000.000 credits It comes in shiny gold. But lets face it. It is ugly as fuck with this gold skin. Unlike the gold Type this one looks cheap. Sources: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/18/world-of-tanks-lets-talk-about-waffentrager-e-100-and-black-market-next-black-market-tank/ https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/12/20/world-of-tanks-waffentrager-auf-e-100-g/ http://wotexpress.ru/mikropatch-ot-19-dekabrya-i-obnovlenie-spiska-mashin-vo-vnutriigrovom-magazine-mody-ne-sletyat/ http://wotexpress.ru/a-vot-i-waffentr-ger-auf-e-100-p-g/ The model seems to be in the already in the client.
  7. So I get the Stock T9 gun with the T9 hull but without the bouncy turret. Do I miss something or does this sound pretty shitty?
  8. Spent 100 €75 Boxes (chinese version)Tank results: Bretagne Panther Firefly PzIII ausf KAM 39 Gendron (no idea how often. At least one time, maybe two)Sexton 1Skin results:430U skin13 105 skinCredit Results+ ~5 MillionGold results:~27000 gold WOT Premium time:~40 days All in all pretty shitty compared to others. Not a single T8 prem. Not many, if any, double little premium shitters. Only two Skins and not a lot premium days
  9. Recording to this, it wont be a new techtree tank but the new T9 FL Reward tank for next year http://wotexpress.ru/projet-4-1-pervyy-nagradnoy-tank-dlya-linii-fronta-2020-goda-v-wot/ At the moment it shares the same free big repair kit as the murrican HT reward from this season does.
  10. 120mm stock pen isn´t just bad. It is unplayable. Hopefully this is just a placeholder.
  11. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/11/18/wot-supertest-is-2-ii/#more-74933 First "real" new content is here. The IS two two.
  12. So WG finally found a way to use the old and almost forgotten Kirovets-1 we had in the leaks years ago. https://tanks.gg/tank/kirovets-1
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