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  1. I find it quite the opposite. B is almost undefendable if the attacking team know how to attack. Similar with A. D is also a piece of cake to cap. But imho all the new wheeled vehicles aren't good for this game mode. Some here and there like it was last season was OK but now with 10 or more each side it became a mess. And they are annoying as fuck.^^ Another thing is the people found out how to destroy the objectives, without even getting close to it as long you are using a TD and/or Gold. With this you can't defend 3 at all. 1 also can be destroyed ~300m away from the target from two different directions. With 2 you need a bit more map control around 1 but then it is also very easy to destroy without even getting close.
  2. Who would have thought they are testing it during Frontline 4/4/7 instead of 3/5/7
  3. Why dafuq give it 460 alpha at TX. What is this bullshit nowadays. We will have 120mm guns doing 400, 440 and 460mm. Give me some consistency WG!
  4. If this info from the Russian server is correct, you will take even longer. Unlike last time (~19. 000) you need now ~30.000 points to get to lvl 30. Which is quite an increase if you'd ask me. I expect you need around 40 rounds to get to 30 now. Which makes your calculation even worse https://m.vk.com/photo-70226354_456337106?list=album-70226354_00&rev=1&from=profile&z=photo-70226354_456337106%2Falbum-70226354_00%2Frev
  5. Chieftain is much slower than I thought it would be. 

    1. Tman450


      It's faster than I thought it would be to be honest.

    2. Errants


      Feels like a medium.

  6. I am more interested in the secured T9 tank. ^^ I wonder what could it be. Anyone recalling a tank which was leaked a while ago, but never made it ingame?
  7. On testserver there is usually less arty than normal.
  8. Nice power creep. But it is funny that they plan to nerf premium amo and this thing at the same time.
  9. I still don`t understand why WG not just nerf this tanks if they are a problem. They are "normal" tanks no one ever payed real money for. Just nerf it a bit and it is fine.
  10. IS2 is definitely a good tank. But if I had to choose a T7 HT I would go for the T29. This tank is just so much better than all the other heavy tanks on that tier. Almost forgot my little gem at T5. Get the Leopard scout and put the autocannon on it. Have fun dealing 300dmg clips at T5
  11. But Defenders and all the other powercreep Premiums. But agree. T25 is a very fun tank to drive. Maybe LTG. It is rly ugly but i had a lot of fun driving with this flat pancake.
  12. I have a shitty Notebook myself and I did not experience a massive drop in fps. I go so far to call the engine update the best thing WG did in the last year. I honestly had fears they would totally fuck it up and all the fps drop to a new all time low. But it didn't. Fps stayed for me and my friends pretty much the same. Sure some may have or had problems but for me and many others it worked fine. And even for WG it seemed to work. They just released a video about introducing multicore CPU support. (multicore support in 2019 wohoooo :P). They analyzed their playerbase and over 60% of their playerbase have now 4 or more core CPUs. Not too potato if you ask me. The point is they don't just do stupid things with their PC requirements as they do with their balance. They seem to analyze the data pretty well and then they act.
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