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  1. Tried this bushes now several times. And they work great on both sides. Unless you have some mad EBRs running around. K line there are also some trees you can knock over and sit in it. Nice passive spots, but very risky as you sit in the open and it usually hurts when you get spotted.
  2. The Patton skin is nice, but the TVP skin is just ugly. They just put too much stuff on it.
  3. Decided to grind UK Meds during the Top of the Tree Event.
    Used some boosters and my 5x I got from missons and Prime. 
    Just unlocked my T9 today after 31 Battles starting from T6. :O
    This can´t be healthy for the game.
    I am confident I can make it to T10 in around 50-60 games total. 
    No wonder people suck at hightier. They just don´t have the time to learn. 

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Assassin7


      Yeah last night I just saw someone with 1900 games and THIRTEEN TIER 10S

      What the fuck WG?

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Botting FLs + Lootboxes, you can easily get to tier 10 without playing a pub battle.

    4. hall0


      Just for the record. Got my T10 in 65 battles starting from T6.
      But I have both Cents (T8 and 9) sitting around ~45% winrat, which sucks ass. Without  total mongol teams and more 5x bonuses less than 60 battles should be more than possible. 

  4. See you in several months or a year. I´ve been where you are. I even sold my account. But after a year and a half I came back, like the crack addicted I am. And so did many others I know. When you come back try the game with a different approach. I for example almost completely stopped playing T10. Something I probably would have never done on my old account. Found my new sweet spot at T9 and just playing and derping around. And with derping around I dont mean I throw rounds on purpose. I am just more relaxed than before. I don´t feel the urge to win every round.
  5. Am I missing someting with this experimental powder? "reduces vehicle visibility after firing by 10%" I expected it to be something like 24 (14% base + 10% equipment bonus) But the it only gives me 0,89% which is basically nothing.
  6. Testserver is up. Standard Setup (VStabs, Rammer and Vents) will work on most meds while you get two bonuses. Only 430U and 907 comes with a survivability slot. Vents seem to be the winner here. As it gives you a bonus whether it is mounted on firepower, mobility or scouting slot. Good option if you want to use ur mobility slot for something good. Most TDs seem to get two firepore slots. So they all get slight buff here. It seems WG trys to buff/nerf certain tanks with the use of this new specialized slots. The tank performs normal? Here get a buff to the equipment you use anyway. Tank performs too good? Well, here have some shitty equipment slots.
  7. WG had such a great opportunity use the Eurobeat meme when they introduced the gasturbine feature but they let this opportunity slip away. As long this feature is T10 only I don´t rly care about this line of Faketanks. Sure it could be nice to see russian tanks with gun depression, but without the special feature the line is nothing special.
  8. You mean like this bullshit we had last CW Campaign? I already had the feeling they tested certain mechanics there. Anyway I don´t think we this will be a common sight. The more HP is not worth the trade off in a 279. Maybe the new Wet Amo Rack is. But with the HP Buff it will probably ends up like the HP buff skill in WoWs. Seeing a Battleship having more HP than usual thanks to the Survivability Expert Skill usually means the captain is a noob or trying out some tard build. Both will help the enemy to win.
  9. It wont get buffs from the categorie slots, but it will get buffed in general.
  10. On first look I thought the same but on second I think it is a buff. Sure there could be some troll builds with the new equipment but I am pretty sure equipment meta will stay the same. Meaning Rammer, Stabi, Vents will still be the way to go. Sure if you put normal equipment in the right categories slot the gap between normal and bond equipment is now a bit lower. But you need to have the right categorie slots on your tank. And as far as I understood it, you can´t choose the categories which are preinstalled on your tank. You have to go with the stuff WG provides you with. For example I am pretty sure WG will provide every Heavy tank with a survivabiliy slot, so it can tank more. But I don´t care much about this options. I want to do dmg and I want to do it reliable. This will win me the most battles. When I use now equipment on a slot without the categorie bonus. I will end up with a bigger cap between normal and bond equipment as the buffed the bond equipment. At the end of the day if the equipment meta will stay the same, you will end up with a slight advantage when you have bond equipment.
  11. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-equipment-2-0/ So WG is trying to create more build diversity. After watching the video and checking the new stats for each equipment I don´t think they will succeed. Firepower equipment is still superior to everything else. Even with slotbonus I don´t see a reason to equip something like "Improved Tank Helmets" or "Additional Forward/Reverse Transmission". Only the scout equipment seems to be interesting. Stuff like giving more camo from the get go or less camo debuff while shooting, or better spotting through bushes could become handy.
  12. I hate the armor of the Progetto 65. It has such a nasty ufp which bounces AP shells thanks to the autobounce angle. This trolled me way too many times. Nerf this instead of gun handling.
  13. So they try to nerf the Obj430U and 430 once again. Last time they did not nerf it, cause it would not adress the problem. (Or the RU Community cried to much, who knows). And to be honest I don´t like this kind of nerfs. The cuppola nerf is a joke and it clearly shows how retarded the meta became in T10. ~270mm is now a weakspot. Great WG. If this does not show you why people leave the game I don´t know. Anyway. Let´s compare some of the nerfs to the old nerfs, which were canceled. DPM was not changed this time. Why? Such a good armored tank can lose some dpm. It will lose some battle effectiveness but it does not make it horrible to play. Unlike all these gunhandling nerfs. Gun handling nerfs only make tanks horrible to play but it will still be horrible to play against them. And what really annoys me is that, you can´t see this changes ingame. All those stats are hidden. Last time they at least nerfed the basic aim time. Not this time. The aim time will be nerfed the same, but now you can´t see why ingame. The problem of this tank is the armor. Give it better weakspots an not this 270mm crap. Make the the spaced armor on the side thinner. That storage boxes have 30mm of armor is stupid anyway. (looking at you IS7)
  14. Was also my first thought when I saw it. IS3A was and still is WG´s ugly duckling. First it was a copy of the techtree tank. Now with it´s autoreloader feature it is a premium without line.
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