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  1. OK. Even more testing done. Therefore some "new" thoughts. I still think Crew 2.0 is terrible. And I don't even mean those potential OP builds that are already on YouTube, be it QB or Skill. WG can still balance those. At least other game developers can do that. With WG I'm not so sure after all these years. ^^ Here, OP or useless things usually stay online for at least a year. :p Unfortunately, I don't expect the community to be spared from Crew 2.0 now. But let's go through the news. To have some concept. When converting crews, the XP of zero perks will be taken into a
  2. As long the YT votes on the russian Crew 2.0 are still postive I don´t have high hopes.
  3. At least he came up with pretty much the same conclusion as I did. And he didn´t even mention the huge XP lose you will get when retraining your crew without gold. Maybe some of the reddit tards defending this system wake up now. I was shocked to see this shitshow of a subreddit defending this system in multiple threads. But most of all I hope the russian community starts a riot about this. As we all know the RU cluster is the only community WG actually cares about.
  4. Just in case you did not notice. Field Modifications made it to the second iteration of the testserver. Yes Testserver not Sandbox. When the whole community is discussing Crew 2.0 or new CZ heavies they just added this to the game. And what did change you may ask. Well nothing as far as i can tell. What you saw on the supertest you will see on the testserver. Maybe some buffs here and there did change but it is the same system. After you elited your tank you will get bonuses with every level. Usually engine power, more hitpoints, better gun handling etc. Every Heavy I tested has
  5. Exactly. It is a bit like driving a Kran. You Clip enemies from an advantages position and you reload. If they push you, you are most likely already reloaded. Or you clip an enemy and move to the next. Once you reach him you are reloaded again. Most of the time it is a continuous flow. You don't rly feel the down time.
  6. Wasn't rly an issue. With 2s intraclip you can burst an enemy and hide behind your allies for the quite short reload. If it wasn't already a typical rofl stomp no enemy yoloed me during reload. I could quite good dictate the engagements. Similar I do in my Borat
  7. We are cursed to get this shitty crew 2.0. It is the same shit like last time, but with some minor improvements here and there. Sure it is better than last time. But even after you add parfume to a pile of shit, it still stays a pile of shit. Bonus level after max level are still there. With less bonuses but still with bonuses. But WG sells it, like they have fixed the issue. All they have done is lower the bad impact this extra bonuses will have. And if you can still level them up by using free XP they have created a nice way of pay to win. Convert your XP to free XP with gold. Pro
  8. Testserver ist out and after some battles I have to say this tank feels amazing. I run it with bond vstabs, bond Vents and this Bounty accuracy module. 0.3 accuracy + amazing gun handling for a two shot 490 alpha gun. With 2 sec intraclip. And with APCR as gold round you won't even have to think what rounds you should use in certain situations. You go full APCR all the way. I have no idea what is WG thinking even putting this on the Testserver like this. Especially after Rino and Carro which both have abysmal gun handling to balance their autoloader.
  9. WG nerfs HE. 
    Puts KV2(R) in the Shop
    Next Reward tank will be VK2801 with derp.

    WG is clearly trolling the community by now. 

    1. hazzgar


      Or hear me out. Balance team and the people responsible for new tanks and the shop are not the same teams and there is literally no communication between them. Kind of like in my company sales and programming were not communicating and we sold stuff I needed for my TV channels...

  10. WGs events getting more and more retarded. This new Biker Highway thing is the most stupid events they have done in ages. 
    You have to choose a team, which should be TheWolves btw if you are on EU, cause no other team has any chance at all in winning the daily competition. The page suggested me Dragon, so I took that, cause fuck it why not. How important can it be? Turned out kinda important, cause free points.
    After you have done this shit you have to select every mission manually. Yes manually. Once you have completed a mission, you have to stop playing the game for a moment, check the event website, select another mission, start playing again.
    Who the heck designs stuff like that? 
    And let´s not forget the missions. Props to drunken WG guy who thought it would be fun to have a "do 2k track dmg, 5 times in a row" mission. 

    This kind of events should be fun and self explanatory and not like this cluster fuck.

    1. Panzergraf


      Yeah it's kinda dumb. At least the E75TS skin is nice.
      I was lucky that I chose Wolves, they're the club to join on NA too.

  11. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/field-modification-reaction/ This 70%ish aproval rate for shitty ideas seem to become a WG meme at this point.
  12. I hope it is at least the bounty one you can get next season pass.
  13. Ok now my 2 cents. All this changes have the potential to ruin the balance of the games even more. The idea to have several equipment and amo setups is something I like. Amo setups are probably just here to safe some credits from time to time if you are toptier. Other than that I don´t see any benefits or game breaking things. Equipment on the other hand can be a double edged sword. CCs always seem to bring up the scout unbalance when one side on Poko has a Shitcore fully equipt for spotting and the other side does not have such luxury. But what is the difference to now? Bushwanker Sc
  14. T10 is so much better. The armor upgrade is not just slighly. It is massive. You finally wont get overmatched by this stupid 122mm russian guns. And the HEAT Shield makes you kinda safe against HEAT aswell. It is the first tank in the line you can even play agressive, because the armor is working. It opens up new gameplay. Sadly it is T10 after all. A shit tier with 3 arty almost every game and yolo EBRs. But tier for tier the T10 is so much better.
  15. Today I did over 8.000dmg in my E50 and it was probably one of the most boring high dmgs games I had in years. Enemies just seemed to ignor me for most of the match. 
    Even I didn´t notice the dmg I did. When only 5 enemy tanks were alive I was shocked to see I had already dealt 6k dmg. 

    1. kolni


      That's how my highest damage game ever went too. M60 on Prokh, permapoking mid without arty and people just didn't respect my output and fired continuously. Game ended in 6 minutes and 12k damage and I never even got shot at

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