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  1. The end is near. WG (EU) is selling the Type 59 again.

    Not in lootboxen. But in a pricey bundle 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. hazzgar


      @YesThatWasAPCR if they just put a 1 arty cap, no ebrs and people would be happy. 

    3. Assassin7


      Eh, I feel like WoT 2 would fail because I think people would hate starting again - I know I would Id probably just not bother because after all my time invested starting over again just seems like too much work and effort.


      Also in my mind the idea of making a second game like that just brings a sour taste to my mouth like they've given up on the original and are trying to just milk more money making another one instead of continuing to improve the original. Kinda how shit like Ubisoft and stuff just keep making sequels of mediocre games that could of had potential instead of working to fix the first ones. 

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      People would get over it. WoT sucks now. And many of the mistakes they made can't be walked back: they can't take out arty because they don't have the guts, they can't nerf the OP premium parade because people paid cash money, they can't drop the wheeled crap because they sold a wheeled premium. They painted themselves into a corner; time to start over.

      The anger the playerbase would have over rebuying their garage and regrinding everything would fade if the game was actually good again. What real value is my $500 worth of premium tanks if I don't want to play any of them? WoT 2.0 with no arty, better ammo balance, a more coherent crew system from day one, bigger maps, less power gap between tiers, they could make the game so much better if they leveraged what they learned from the past 10 years.

  2. So it got buffed in the current patch and will porbalby be our next marathon tank. Old vs New Stats https://tanks.gg/v11200/compare/kpz-07-rh?t=kpz-07-rh__v11200ct 2500 base DPM with a bit better Accuracy. Some people already go wild in the official forums. Almost 3k dpm with rammer, choco etc. or almost 4k with HE. And it is fast. People see a second Bourasque in this. For me it is still trash with 200 alpha but we will see.
  3. The Panzer IV from the Girls und Panzer Anime seems to make it into the game.

    Funnily enough. It is propably one of the most realistic premium tanks or tanks in general we got in a long time. Despide being from an Anime.

    1. orzel286
    2. hall0


      Btw. The crew comes with original voice lines as well ☺️

    3. echo9835
  4. AW is still a thing? I thought it died years ago and can be only played PVE. Anyway. Didn´t WG almost killed Console WoT with one of their last patches? I saw many complaints about a certain patch which came around Xmas.
  5. WG released some days ago a video with the new CZ heavy tanks. Probalby mostly fake as fu.k. But maybe they bring something new to the table. All tanks seem to have single shot and two shot autoloader as option. Pretty sure it the autoloader will be the way go. Why wouldn´t you use your special gimmick if you have one? And no new line would be complete with a new premium tank.Skoda T56. A 460dmg alpha tank with a clip of two shots.
  6. my bet they are somewhat copy and pasting the M48 turret to the M60. More armor, maybe same tumor rework and they call it a day. And I still don´t know, even after all this years, why they wont just give it the A3 turret. It would make the tank look so much cooler. And it would finally be a bit different to the M48. And please don´t give me this "it is too modern. Realism yada yada" This ship has long sailed.
  7. It is about to get released. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/ranked-battles-s3-2020/ Not as I expecetd as part of a Techtree or normal Premium, but as Ranked Reward. 12.500 for this piece of s... I have no idea why somebody would want to pay this much for this turd. I know you can get the price tag down to 6.000, but that is still 6k too much.
  8. Blackmarket Lootboxes it is

    Wanted a P4/5 but got a P2J instead. 
    Anyhoo. RIP Lowtiers.
    Saw some screenshots. MM at T5 pretty much consists of P4/5s only. 
    Imagine being new to the game and get raped by thos hordes of P4/5s, P2Js, SU76s etc. Must be fun.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      On NA there were unsold IV/Vs left over when it went on sale for 5000 gold last time... the forum dregs were calling it "weak".

    2. hall0


      i was calling it overpriced and did not buy it :P
      Cant remeber if it was before or after the buff though. 

      But now after several xmas boxes and nothing to buy for all that gold, I would buy it for 5000 no questions asked. 

  9. This is their plan. Mark my words. This is how I predict what´s going to happen. 1. They will fix at least two of the five mentioned Main Discussion Topics. My guess: 0-Skill XP and Randomnes of the instructior skills. 2. 75 Skillpoints and Ultimateskills will stay. But lvl 75 will be much easier to reach. 3. Presitgebonus will stay but will be capped after two levels or so. After those you will get different bonuses like less repair cost, more crew xp. 4. Instructior bonuses will be nerfed. 5. Everything will be much cheaper.
  10. OK Black Market is about to start. Let's see how much WG wants for this T-22.


    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. hall0


      I expected it to be 40 and got rly close with my guess. 
      Anyway. Too expensive for me. My bid was 26mio. Didn´t see a reason to pay more. 

      But to be honest. I was more shocked to see the AFK Panther price. 6-7Mio for a bad T7 scout. Sure it has some meme potential. But it ist just not a good tank.
      Same goes for the A-32.


    3. lavawing


      on SEA it was 11+ mil for the AFKek :gachi:

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I mean, this whole thing is about gobbling up the excessive gold and credits WG has been handing out/selling over the past few years. Even the game resources are being power creeped at this point. Lots of people have piles of the stuff just sitting around collecting dust.

  11. Found this graphic on the official forum. It fits my opionion quite well
  12. Yesterday I had the chance to play on the Supertest. To make it short, I don´t like it. From watching the video already it was cleart to me, that this whole new system is a complicated mess. While the change from the current Skillsystem to this new Skillpointsystem I could at least understand and accept. This system with Ultimateskills, Prestige and Instructiors is giving me goose bumps. As many I think the transition from one system to the other will not grant you with the same power. Let alone this 0-Perk crew tansition bug, I endet with several crews being worse than before
  13. Back in November I recieved a BRW Camo and probalby some gold as far as I could remember. 
    A single camo is pretty bollocks as you need at least three to make a tank look good. 
    But odly enough I couldn´t find my video in the BRW series WG puts on YT. Weeks have passed but still could not find my replay there. But I got a second BRW camo in the meanwhile. Yeah only one to go and I can fully camo a tank <3

    But yesterday I finally got a BRW Stile. Finally a full set of camo for all three climate zones. 
    Checked the WG EU YT channel but still no replay. 
    A clan mate just told me I should check the german WG Channel.

    And finally I found it. My Emil video was featured in their Dezember video. 
    My 4min of fame :luvkitty:



  14. Tankes I´ve picked so far. T92, Panther88, FV and Kanonen. Can´t remember the order I´ve picked them though T92 cause I like scouts. And even it is not meta I kinda like it. Panther88 cause I expected it to recieve a big buff. Sadly it only got some shitty buffs. Probably together with the Jagd88 ther worst pick you can make. FV caus I was running out of options. Don´t think I´ve played it yet. Kanonen. Not much left but I wanted to use the L7 at T8 as well. Can be fun. Now with the T54 Mod joining the option. I consider this also one of the best choices. Same g
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