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  1. So we have two Meds and one TD now. Funny for a heavy tank project :p
  2. Anyone played it already? How does it feel? As bad as the stats suggest or a bit better?
  3. After seeing them in public matches on EU. We can assume this tank will be indeed the marathon tank. CCs are probably doing their video footages to release it as soon WGs embargo drops.
  4. And it is a medium. Mediums in the hand of good players can carry the games better. Together with the Kampfpanzer it probably has the highest Ace tanker requirements at T9. While I do hate the intra clip time and still think it could be a bit lower. I do like the tank. With the recent change of the American T54 this is the only medium with 390 alpha at T9. Maybe that's why many like it
  5. Gosh. I thought I´ve seen it all. But damn this thing is ugly.
  6. Very useful if you have a 279. For me a must have for this tank. It is the only equipment with another perk besides the statsboost like repair speed etc. Note: Prevents one fuel tank fire, ammo rack explosion, and engine destruction in a battle upon the destruction of these modules. Not losing your head in a 279 is priceless. And even without 279 it is worth a try with slow assault TDs like T95 or Tort. If the enemy can´t perma track you they will scream in anger.
  7. So today I was rewarded with the "Best Replays of the week" medal ingame incl. the special camo.

    Sadly I totally forgot which replay I´ve send in and when. 

    Will be a surprise when the episodes airs. :superserb:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. GehakteMolen


      Well, the video was up, which was you? bartifart? :P

    3. hall0


      Nope. None of them. Which makes me even more curious. 

      I even checked the German video section. But they haven't posted a video for weeks. 

      Anyway. Vote for Dr Slatibartfart. Not because of the good performance but because of the nickname :)

    4. hall0


      And my nickname for my bought smurf account isn't so special. You will probably recognize it immediately when you see it :p

  8. I loved my SU100M1 but hated the SU101. Maybe it was because of the powercreep at T8 or being lowtier most of the times, but I was not enjoying the tank. But this was before they fixed T8mm and ruined T7 MM instead. It could be very possible that today it is the otherway around. But with the SU100M1 I could much better bully enemies. It was rly like a 268v4 at T7.
  9. Update. So. Who would have thought. The information about the best in Class camo is wrong. Yeah I know. What a surprise. Anyway. Here the right ones. 11,69% And the Tank seems to be not the annual well deserved Reward. But instead be part of WGs lootbox christmas event.
  10. Everything what is not a 13-57 is not worthy playing at T7 when it comes to scout. Everything else is just not meme worthy. Anyway. T7 has some real good tanks. T71. WZ131, AMX13-57 even the AMX13-75 is quite good. And this are only Scouts. The list goes on with T29, E25, Su152, SU100M1, SU122-44, IS2, Chi-RI etc. T7 just became useless when they fixed the T8 MM. Since then T7 is noting but filler material for T8. Can´t believe it either. But that is the information we got. Don´t think the stats on tanks.gg are updated yet. Cause it still shows old engine power. But here it has/had 11,69% and with camo 14,69%. Which seems much more reasonable. https://tanks.gg/tank/aufklpanther/
  11. Bringing this thread back to life. IT IS BACK! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/756470-aufklaerungspanzer-panther-a-german-light-tank-goes-to-the-supertest/page__pid__18174899#entry18174899 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/11/06/supertest-aufklarungspanzer-panther-initial-stats/ The usual QB Video tl;dw: One Tier lower. Much less dpm. Less power to weight. In the video QB states the old camo was 11,69 and it probably wont change. But here I have to give you guys additional information. According to the german Community Manger the base camo is 20,5 which is almost double the old amount. People even asked if it is the base or full camo crew stat. And according to him WG Russia said to him 20,5 is the base. Which makes him one of the best camo scouts at T7. Stupid? Yes. But this is the world we are living in now Not to forget the other hidden stats Bodenwiderstände Terrain resistance: 0.8 0.9 1.8 Dispersion Wannendrehung/fahrt Dispersion while moving and tank traverse: 0.15 Dispersion Turmdrehung Dispersion turret traverse: 0.08 And I like it. It could be a nice meme tank. Probably as useless as it was back in the days. But hey. Memes ^^
  12. I don´t think we will see a buff of this anytime soon. Brit tanks actual kinda started the series of buffs and techtree reworks. Even though came out pretty much three years ago. In WG terms it is not old enough to receive a buff
  13. So this Panther got buffed. I still think it sucks. But checking the 3-Mark requirements made me wonder. On EU it jumped form being 2220 to 2710. On the russian Server it is even higher. 2270 to 2816. Am I now totally retarded and is this tank good and viable or is just everyone testing this tank and pushing the stats to exorbitant highs. For thos who want to know the website i got the stats from https://gunmarks.poliroid.ru/
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