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  1. With a price tag of over 18.000 gold. The 113 Opera tank is the proof that even WG thinks their userbase is retarded. 

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    2. GehakteMolen


      A shame imo, because AMX-30B is a rly cool tank, and it should be easy to buff it / make it playable, something like a faster, more accurate STB and it should be fine, right now amx30b is slower as STB, because hurr durr (grousers does buff if massively though, way more as turbo, so perhaps grousers / v-stab / rammer works?

      (i dont have crew so dont wanna spend 6 mil on it...)

    3. kolni


      Yeah I mean the FV got replaced once it started being bad to play, it was never a bad tank as a standard vehicle IMO. 113 and 121 just have design flaws, 121B is what the 121 could have been made into but that tank was also effectively a tier 9 for years and chinese tanks pretty much suck in general, 5A being the only thing that isn’t a troll pick these days so pretty much the entire tech tree could use buffs across the board


      I mean the old 30proto was great. Like a high pen M46 for some gun handling, but the new ones just suck ass. Shit guns shit platforms

    4. GehakteMolen


      @kolniI still like t9 AMX, its fast and with turn directive it also no longer turns like a battleship, only the gun is a tad derpy (and the lowish pen is for t9 ok)

      Chinese tanks, yeah, Wz-120 was imo always underrated, its an IS8 with more dpm, better mobility, some actual camo, and still useable armour, at the price of gun depression (which does kinda suck), Wz-1111-4 was also always a very solid tank, but in current game, hmm, if u dont have gun depression or gun handling ur already screwed

  2. Today I fucked up

    RIP Pools. RIP Kolobanov



  3. WoT Christmas boxes are coming with a pity system. Better system. But still shitty loot boxes. 

    1. Wurstsoljanka


      Still gonna be funny blapping 1.7k DMG into someone by playing some average Caliban plays

  4. Checking my YouTube subs and reddit's WoWs section and it seems like many of their CCs quit. Most famous being Jingles. 

    Seems like WG screwed up ab bit too much lately. But what seems to have broken the camels back was the constant adding of lootboxes. 


    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Not just lootboxes - from what I heard, WG employees treated one of their best CC's like absolute dogshit for some reason and eventually she quit with... most of the rest following shortly after

    2. TouchFluffyTail


      It's like a fresh round of when WG booted Foch, except possible even worse. They're doubling down on gambling and lies, and the news is spreading fast


  5. Last week I was chat banned. This week I am chat banned again. I can see a pattern here. 

    But I am surprised how I managed to get the second ban. When I wasn't even playing on patch day. =-

    1. CandyVanMan


      Did you call some fucking retard a fucking retard?

    2. hall0


      Banned for truth telling. So yes 

  6. WG nerfs HE. 
    Puts KV2(R) in the Shop
    Next Reward tank will be VK2801 with derp.

    WG is clearly trolling the community by now. 

    1. hazzgar


      Or hear me out. Balance team and the people responsible for new tanks and the shop are not the same teams and there is literally no communication between them. Kind of like in my company sales and programming were not communicating and we sold stuff I needed for my TV channels...

  7. WGs events getting more and more retarded. This new Biker Highway thing is the most stupid events they have done in ages. 
    You have to choose a team, which should be TheWolves btw if you are on EU, cause no other team has any chance at all in winning the daily competition. The page suggested me Dragon, so I took that, cause fuck it why not. How important can it be? Turned out kinda important, cause free points.
    After you have done this shit you have to select every mission manually. Yes manually. Once you have completed a mission, you have to stop playing the game for a moment, check the event website, select another mission, start playing again.
    Who the heck designs stuff like that? 
    And let´s not forget the missions. Props to drunken WG guy who thought it would be fun to have a "do 2k track dmg, 5 times in a row" mission. 

    This kind of events should be fun and self explanatory and not like this cluster fuck.

    1. Panzergraf


      Yeah it's kinda dumb. At least the E75TS skin is nice.
      I was lucky that I chose Wolves, they're the club to join on NA too.

  8. Today I did over 8.000dmg in my E50 and it was probably one of the most boring high dmgs games I had in years. Enemies just seemed to ignor me for most of the match. 
    Even I didn´t notice the dmg I did. When only 5 enemy tanks were alive I was shocked to see I had already dealt 6k dmg. 

    1. kolni


      That's how my highest damage game ever went too. M60 on Prokh, permapoking mid without arty and people just didn't respect my output and fired continuously. Game ended in 6 minutes and 12k damage and I never even got shot at

  9. The end is near. WG (EU) is selling the Type 59 again.

    Not in lootboxen. But in a pricey bundle 

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    2. hazzgar


      @YesThatWasAPCR if they just put a 1 arty cap, no ebrs and people would be happy. 

    3. Assassin7


      Eh, I feel like WoT 2 would fail because I think people would hate starting again - I know I would Id probably just not bother because after all my time invested starting over again just seems like too much work and effort.


      Also in my mind the idea of making a second game like that just brings a sour taste to my mouth like they've given up on the original and are trying to just milk more money making another one instead of continuing to improve the original. Kinda how shit like Ubisoft and stuff just keep making sequels of mediocre games that could of had potential instead of working to fix the first ones. 

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      People would get over it. WoT sucks now. And many of the mistakes they made can't be walked back: they can't take out arty because they don't have the guts, they can't nerf the OP premium parade because people paid cash money, they can't drop the wheeled crap because they sold a wheeled premium. They painted themselves into a corner; time to start over.

      The anger the playerbase would have over rebuying their garage and regrinding everything would fade if the game was actually good again. What real value is my $500 worth of premium tanks if I don't want to play any of them? WoT 2.0 with no arty, better ammo balance, a more coherent crew system from day one, bigger maps, less power gap between tiers, they could make the game so much better if they leveraged what they learned from the past 10 years.

  10. The Panzer IV from the Girls und Panzer Anime seems to make it into the game.

    Funnily enough. It is propably one of the most realistic premium tanks or tanks in general we got in a long time. Despide being from an Anime.

    1. orzel286
    2. hall0


      Btw. The crew comes with original voice lines as well ☺️

    3. echo9835
  11. Blackmarket Lootboxes it is

    Wanted a P4/5 but got a P2J instead. 
    Anyhoo. RIP Lowtiers.
    Saw some screenshots. MM at T5 pretty much consists of P4/5s only. 
    Imagine being new to the game and get raped by thos hordes of P4/5s, P2Js, SU76s etc. Must be fun.

    1. Jesse_the_Scout


      On NA there were unsold IV/Vs left over when it went on sale for 5000 gold last time... the forum dregs were calling it "weak".

    2. hall0


      i was calling it overpriced and did not buy it :P
      Cant remeber if it was before or after the buff though. 

      But now after several xmas boxes and nothing to buy for all that gold, I would buy it for 5000 no questions asked. 

  12. OK Black Market is about to start. Let's see how much WG wants for this T-22.


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    2. hall0


      I expected it to be 40 and got rly close with my guess. 
      Anyway. Too expensive for me. My bid was 26mio. Didn´t see a reason to pay more. 

      But to be honest. I was more shocked to see the AFK Panther price. 6-7Mio for a bad T7 scout. Sure it has some meme potential. But it ist just not a good tank.
      Same goes for the A-32.


    3. lavawing


      on SEA it was 11+ mil for the AFKek :gachi:

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I mean, this whole thing is about gobbling up the excessive gold and credits WG has been handing out/selling over the past few years. Even the game resources are being power creeped at this point. Lots of people have piles of the stuff just sitting around collecting dust.

  13. Back in November I recieved a BRW Camo and probalby some gold as far as I could remember. 
    A single camo is pretty bollocks as you need at least three to make a tank look good. 
    But odly enough I couldn´t find my video in the BRW series WG puts on YT. Weeks have passed but still could not find my replay there. But I got a second BRW camo in the meanwhile. Yeah only one to go and I can fully camo a tank <3

    But yesterday I finally got a BRW Stile. Finally a full set of camo for all three climate zones. 
    Checked the WG EU YT channel but still no replay. 
    A clan mate just told me I should check the german WG Channel.

    And finally I found it. My Emil video was featured in their Dezember video. 
    My 4min of fame :luvkitty:



  14. WG seems to scam people with the WoWS Lootboxes

    Seems like before you can get good stuff, you will only get shit. Only after you got at least one shitty ship you have the chance for good ships.

    Ohhh boy. Can´t wait for their Tanks shenanigans

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    2. orzel286



      Seems like before you can get good stuff, you will only get shit. Only after you got at least one shitty ship you have the chance for good ships.

      This still looks better than fate grand order gacha.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      Eh, I don't think Tanks xmas lootboxes were ever rigged like this.  IIRC you would always get at least the gold value of the box price.  And while you do get weighted towards the lower tier prems in those, you A. get gold value if you already own them, and B. you could definitely get, for example, the 703 II before you got the Gendron or whatever

    4. hall0


      Tank boxes weren't rigged like this the last years. All the reports of people getting a T8 with only one box proof that. 

      The concerning part ist, that WG tries this kind of features now. 


  15. So today I was rewarded with the "Best Replays of the week" medal ingame incl. the special camo.

    Sadly I totally forgot which replay I´ve send in and when. 

    Will be a surprise when the episodes airs. :superserb:

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    2. GehakteMolen


      Well, the video was up, which was you? bartifart? :P

    3. hall0


      Nope. None of them. Which makes me even more curious. 

      I even checked the German video section. But they haven't posted a video for weeks. 

      Anyway. Vote for Dr Slatibartfart. Not because of the good performance but because of the nickname :)

    4. hall0


      And my nickname for my bought smurf account isn't so special. You will probably recognize it immediately when you see it :p

  16. Ranked must be my most hated gamemode WoT ever released. 

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. echo9835


      Ranked gives toxicity a whole new meaning. 

    3. hazzgar


      I've had an obj 705a complain I don't go and fight heavies frontally when he was camping 200m behind the first med. I was in a Leopard 1. 


      Also the randomness of the mode pissess me off. I'm at rank 8 because it pissess me off to play too long in this mode. 

  17. Decided to grind UK Meds during the Top of the Tree Event.
    Used some boosters and my 5x I got from missons and Prime. 
    Just unlocked my T9 today after 31 Battles starting from T6. :O
    This can´t be healthy for the game.
    I am confident I can make it to T10 in around 50-60 games total. 
    No wonder people suck at hightier. They just don´t have the time to learn. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Yeah last night I just saw someone with 1900 games and THIRTEEN TIER 10S

      What the fuck WG?

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Botting FLs + Lootboxes, you can easily get to tier 10 without playing a pub battle.

    4. hall0


      Just for the record. Got my T10 in 65 battles starting from T6.
      But I have both Cents (T8 and 9) sitting around ~45% winrat, which sucks ass. Without  total mongol teams and more 5x bonuses less than 60 battles should be more than possible. 

  18. * Most players prefer to play at 8th, or at best at 9th level. Why did 10s become less popular players?
    - This is the concept of the game. "Tens" - these are unprofitable silver tanks. That is, in order to play them, they must be provided with silver. The last level of premium technology at which it is comfortable to "farm" silver is the 8th. Therefore, players and descend to this level.


    Yeah. People definitely did not stop liking T10 because of shitty Meta. 
    Horrible balance. Looking at you Obj 279, Chief, etc. 
    3 Arty games still seem to be most common at T10.

    Definitely the lack of credits. Not like I can farm a bazillion credits during frontline or all the other credit boosters they had out like candy. 

    1. hazzgar


      The problem is with blueprints and it being easier to get silver many pubbies moved to t10 when previously they couldn't so if they can't read data the drop in t10 numbers may not be as high. They are morons so that's probably their brain idea (won't call it thinking)

    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Dont forget that tier 8 also has the most amount of tanks in general. The amount of tier 8 premiums they have shat out is absolutely insane. 

    3. hazzgar


      Also those shit t8 tanks that lead to million tanks but are bad so u play like 600k exp in them

  19. Chieftain is much slower than I thought it would be. 

    1. Tman450


      It's faster than I thought it would be to be honest.

    2. Errants


      Feels like a medium.

  20. Merry Christmas :nyes:

  21. Within 2 weeks I played my dpg from ~4k down to 3,2k in my Obj 268 v4. Nothing seem to work anymore. 


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    2. mati_14


      I would feel bad for you, but you are playing 268v4 so...

    3. hall0


      For my defense. I never drove this thing pre nerf. So I missed all the good times with it. 

    4. Vindi


      Yeah I guess it's just one of these time-periods in the game when you can't do anything right. I lost 1% from my wr and some. There is no point forcing something which won't work.

  22. WG just released the Defender 2.0 with a bit less Armor but 8° gun depression to the front and 10° to the side. 

    Time to sell my Account once again on ebay. 

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    2. DirtyACE7


      Once again? How many accounts do you have?

    3. Assassin7


      uhh what tank?

    4. hall0


      Assassin. The new polish HT at T8. 

      Dirt: at the moment 1. But when I am pissed I sell them on ebay. And if the time comes I buy a cheap account and start playing again. 

      Ham: I disagree. Russian style tanks with such a gun depression are retarded. 

  23. Is there a limit for the amount of personal reserves you can have? I am sitting at 999+/999+ at the moment. Does the game even add more reserves? Or do earned reserves end up in the void? 

    1. Assassin7


      pretty sure they keep being added, counter just stops at 999. 

    2. hall0


      Yeah I tested it myself today. Before finishing the kursk mission I checked how many of the credit boosters I have. After finishing it, I checked again and it added another booster.

    3. Vindi


      wtf i have like 20/50/40 :MingLee:

  24. 78

    1. Ham_


      Yep, everything


      Is this the end :(

    2. hiipanda


      Did this site use to have themes? I was going to try changing it to see if it fixed anything, but i can't click on the "settings".

    3. EndlessAgony


      Same here. And I actually wanted to look through some old threads to see the golden age. Oh well.



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