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  1. Feeling so culturally enriched. @Xen


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    2. _Steve


      There'd be nothing wrong if all immigrants, illegal or not, just integrated and shit (some–most do), but there's a sizable proportion that adopt a doctrine of cultural conquest and terrorist acts (e.g. Molenbeek (Belgium) terrorist cell that organized the Paris attacks), these motherfuckers honestly believe they can create Europistan and get away with it, and they're probably just a big enough threat to at least step up restriction guidelines and screening processes with regards to who the fuck gets onto this continent.

      This shit is dramatized a bit but I'd say it's not without basis.

    3. hallo1994


      You know, arab immigrants only make up .5% out of Europe population

    4. _Steve


      I do, one of my course teachers wrote an entire dissertation on the issues of immigration which he strongly encouraged us to read. (I study at a left-wing university) It's not that they (the select few radicals/idiots) are a threat in a sense that they will actually be able to cause drastic societal change, but they cause a sufficient amount of turmoil through destabilizing acts, most notably but not limited to terrorism, and add to that the fact that the refugee crisis coincides with economic downturns in various European countries, and you get a public which is very sensitive to change. Fear of immigration, in lieu of immigration itself, is a larger destabilizing factor within most societies, yet the fact remains that there are people who (mostly illegally) come into Europe with the express intent to unsettle traditional norms, through acts of violence varying in degree. I'm sure an overwhelming proportion of legal immigrants are more than happy to integrate, but the public has to be satisfied with the ruling government for it to command any legitimacy, a problem which many governments already had, and visual steps should be taken to enhance state legitimacy.

      tl;dr EU is fucked up, this is an issue of legitimacy as well as security

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