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  1. So today I was rewarded with the "Best Replays of the week" medal ingame incl. the special camo.

    Sadly I totally forgot which replay I´ve send in and when. 

    Will be a surprise when the episodes airs. :superserb:

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    2. GehakteMolen


      Well, the video was up, which was you? bartifart? :P

    3. hall0


      Nope. None of them. Which makes me even more curious. 

      I even checked the German video section. But they haven't posted a video for weeks. 

      Anyway. Vote for Dr Slatibartfart. Not because of the good performance but because of the nickname :)

    4. hall0


      And my nickname for my bought smurf account isn't so special. You will probably recognize it immediately when you see it :p

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