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  1. OK Black Market is about to start. Let's see how much WG wants for this T-22.


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    2. hall0


      I expected it to be 40 and got rly close with my guess. 
      Anyway. Too expensive for me. My bid was 26mio. Didn´t see a reason to pay more. 

      But to be honest. I was more shocked to see the AFK Panther price. 6-7Mio for a bad T7 scout. Sure it has some meme potential. But it ist just not a good tank.
      Same goes for the A-32.


    3. lavawing


      on SEA it was 11+ mil for the AFKek :gachi:

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      I mean, this whole thing is about gobbling up the excessive gold and credits WG has been handing out/selling over the past few years. Even the game resources are being power creeped at this point. Lots of people have piles of the stuff just sitting around collecting dust.

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