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  1. With a price tag of over 18.000 gold. The 113 Opera tank is the proof that even WG thinks their userbase is retarded. 

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    2. GehakteMolen


      A shame imo, because AMX-30B is a rly cool tank, and it should be easy to buff it / make it playable, something like a faster, more accurate STB and it should be fine, right now amx30b is slower as STB, because hurr durr (grousers does buff if massively though, way more as turbo, so perhaps grousers / v-stab / rammer works?

      (i dont have crew so dont wanna spend 6 mil on it...)

    3. kolni


      Yeah I mean the FV got replaced once it started being bad to play, it was never a bad tank as a standard vehicle IMO. 113 and 121 just have design flaws, 121B is what the 121 could have been made into but that tank was also effectively a tier 9 for years and chinese tanks pretty much suck in general, 5A being the only thing that isn’t a troll pick these days so pretty much the entire tech tree could use buffs across the board


      I mean the old 30proto was great. Like a high pen M46 for some gun handling, but the new ones just suck ass. Shit guns shit platforms

    4. GehakteMolen


      @kolniI still like t9 AMX, its fast and with turn directive it also no longer turns like a battleship, only the gun is a tad derpy (and the lowish pen is for t9 ok)

      Chinese tanks, yeah, Wz-120 was imo always underrated, its an IS8 with more dpm, better mobility, some actual camo, and still useable armour, at the price of gun depression (which does kinda suck), Wz-1111-4 was also always a very solid tank, but in current game, hmm, if u dont have gun depression or gun handling ur already screwed

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