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  1. With a price tag of over 18.000 gold. The 113 Opera tank is the proof that even WG thinks their userbase is retarded. 

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    2. LoverJoy


      People are buying bottled farts for $1000 and you think <100€ for a pixel tank is retarded?

      Tier 8 prems are about 30-40€. So I think 60-70€ is a fine price for a tier X that you can't buy anywhere else. 

    3. hall0


      It is a shitty skin for the 113 which is available for credits. People payed for a shitty skin. Unlike the Quilin, which spits fire, this thing does nothing. 



      It got buffed several times. But last buff, which was only gun Depression, happened in 2017.

      WG forgot this tank long time ago. And everyone should do the same. 

      But it had its relevance in CW for a short time. I think it was when we didn't have buffed Obj 260 and WZ5A. 

      After that it got power creeped into oblivion. 


    4. kolni


      It was pretty strong in randoms too for a while, it was just before the consumable CD change if I’m not mistaken (4,5kable back then, and that was about as good as it would get at the time) considering the FV215b was the only other strong heavy at that point in time

      i mean the E5 was forgotten until 2021 after the 2016 HD buff that spurred this whole T10 powercreep thing in the first place and subsequently got nerfed to shit so there’s a chance the 113 (and 121 tbh) get some changes that brings their playrate back up again. 

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