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  1. T95. In all the years of playing this game, I never actually played this tank. Way too slow for my cup of tea. I didn´t even grind the line on my old account. So much I hated this tank design. When I got hands on my bought account I had in my garage. But I still had no urge to play this tank. Even after WG buffed the speed. But with the introduction of the turbo things changed. Especially with Bounty/Bond Turbo. Normal unbuffed Turbos where the first step, but buffed Turbos make this thing finally bearablefor me. This turtle has grown on me. Just drive torwards to the enemy and
  2. Are you for real? T29 has been the go to T7 heavy for like forever. It has a T8 gun with very good hull down capabilities. Turret weakspot is tiny. Turret is even strong against higher tiers. Even the weak hull is fairly strong against lower tiers. If I have to name an overperforming techtree T7 it is either the SU100M or T29.
  3. I hate WG's way of nerfing stuff. First it takes ages. Second they always nerf it to the ground. Instead of doubt little steps. And third in many cases it does not solve the problem. Kran will be still annoying to deal with. But now also annoying to play. Seems like WG solution for all hull down tanks. Shitty gun handling but invincible when hull down. We saw this now many times in the recent releases. And what really bugs me was this statement. Emil II "In terms of performance, this vehicle does not stand out as much as its older counterpart. However, to keep our changes con
  4. btw. Is there a bug on wotreplays so I can´t upload replays of this tank neither can I filter it?
  5. I did this and it helped me alot the first days. I was on a business trip and couldnt rly play. But hotel wifi was good enough to bot some T6 battles. Skill did a video early April where he posted about this and it became quite handy to me.
  6. I just love the hype this tank creates on the shitter forums. Sure thing this thing has massive dpm. But it comes with one of the lowest alphas you can find on T8 TDs. It only gets beaten by the JagdTiger88 and AT15. All those shitters seem to forgett that you need two shots to make up for one Skorp, Su130 etc. shot. To make this dpm work you need to read the battle, positioning and timing. You get the point. All this skill the average potatoe lacks. And the cherry on top the HE dpm. Here you need to know what you can pen. When to switch to HE, when to use AP/Heat. Not gonna happe
  7. With a price tag of over 18.000 gold. The 113 Opera tank is the proof that even WG thinks their userbase is retarded. 

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    2. GehakteMolen


      A shame imo, because AMX-30B is a rly cool tank, and it should be easy to buff it / make it playable, something like a faster, more accurate STB and it should be fine, right now amx30b is slower as STB, because hurr durr (grousers does buff if massively though, way more as turbo, so perhaps grousers / v-stab / rammer works?

      (i dont have crew so dont wanna spend 6 mil on it...)

    3. kolni


      Yeah I mean the FV got replaced once it started being bad to play, it was never a bad tank as a standard vehicle IMO. 113 and 121 just have design flaws, 121B is what the 121 could have been made into but that tank was also effectively a tier 9 for years and chinese tanks pretty much suck in general, 5A being the only thing that isn’t a troll pick these days so pretty much the entire tech tree could use buffs across the board


      I mean the old 30proto was great. Like a high pen M46 for some gun handling, but the new ones just suck ass. Shit guns shit platforms

    4. GehakteMolen


      @kolniI still like t9 AMX, its fast and with turn directive it also no longer turns like a battleship, only the gun is a tad derpy (and the lowish pen is for t9 ok)

      Chinese tanks, yeah, Wz-120 was imo always underrated, its an IS8 with more dpm, better mobility, some actual camo, and still useable armour, at the price of gun depression (which does kinda suck), Wz-1111-4 was also always a very solid tank, but in current game, hmm, if u dont have gun depression or gun handling ur already screwed

  8. Today I fucked up

    RIP Pools. RIP Kolobanov



  9. All CC videos I've seen yesterday can be pretty much summed up into "horrible to play. Horrible to play against" This thing should have been a T9. Be it techtree or premium. Here you could at least give it a good gun. At T8 WG just nerved it to the ground with horrible gun stats and shitty mobility.
  10. WoT Christmas boxes are coming with a pity system. Better system. But still shitty loot boxes. 

    1. Wurstsoljanka


      Still gonna be funny blapping 1.7k DMG into someone by playing some average Caliban plays

  11. Sure they are not as broken as a bazillion prestige levels everyone giving you a free Vents. The fact they give you bonuses without having any negativ side effect is retarded enough.
  12. It is slow, meh gunhandling when moving the turret, but boy does it have turret armor and pen for T8. This could have been a good T9 premium. Just boost the dpm a bit, good gun handling more speed. Done. WG could sell a swedish Concept 1B for money. For more information. Here the original Blueprints. It is historical. To some degree.
  13. Like they did with fieldmodifications? Noone talked about the flat bonuses it gives you because Crew 2.0 was tested the same time. Maybe they bring back Rubicon so they can push Crew 2.0. Or several OP T9 premiums.
  14. And then there is me. A guy who never picked this modification as it has by far the biggest trade off of all modifications. 50% penatly for damaged stuff is huge D: Even with re-usable repair kits i am scared having such long downtimes But all in all this kind of buff and debuff choices are OK. Regarding the second bonus slot. Every heavy can be turned into a heavieum. And for CW the meta will be 907 with boosted Hardening. I mean if you can´t afford to run 15 Chiefs with Turbo slot
  15. Indeed. This Strv K is not a problem. From what I've seen today in WG's stream it looks pretty average. Which is fine. T9 is the last bastion with nice gameplay. I don't need more op shenanigans there. The problem is the line which WG crossed. This can only be the beginning. That there will be an op T9 premium is not a matter of if but when. And soon WG will probably flood the game with T9 premiums. Like they do in WOWS. There were so many leaked T9 tanks the last year in the news. Now we know at least what's the plan for most of them. And I wonder how much it will cost. WG m
  16. Bringing this back to life. Believe it or not, but this tank seems to be the next marathon tank. And yes it will stay T9 and yes it will be a premium tank earning Credits and Bonds! And it seems all T9 reward/premium tanks will recieve the possibility to earn bonds. http://wotexpress.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/NE-N12JIROI.jpg Sabaton crew seems to be coming back with this tank. Sadly the 2D Skin is ugly/boring. http://wotexpress.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/OlFp0zXR4dI.jpg http://wotexpress.ru/2021/08/25/marafon-na-prem-9-lvl-strv-k/ http://wotexpress.ru/2021
  17. At least it seems crew 2.0 has been postponed. Hopefully forever. https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_4288498 Google Translated
  18. Checking my YouTube subs and reddit's WoWs section and it seems like many of their CCs quit. Most famous being Jingles. 

    Seems like WG screwed up ab bit too much lately. But what seems to have broken the camels back was the constant adding of lootboxes. 


    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Not just lootboxes - from what I heard, WG employees treated one of their best CC's like absolute dogshit for some reason and eventually she quit with... most of the rest following shortly after

    2. TouchFluffyTail


      It's like a fresh round of when WG booted Foch, except possible even worse. They're doubling down on gambling and lies, and the news is spreading fast


  19. So I was watching Daki last night (mostly idling cause of drops, but yeah :P) and everything I was fearing what became reality. The T8 is fucking broken. And so is the T10. Three marking the Tank with 92 games with 3,6dpg. (timestamp 10h 36min) Sure we are talking about one of the best players, but running a T8 with 3,6dpg is nuts. The potential to beat others for almost 1k crazy. And looking at he gun handling, even if he uses bond vstab, vents and all the good shit. It is too good for a 130mm autoloader gun. And the worst thing. I can´t be nerfed. Unlike the T10, which will recieve
  20. Last week I was chat banned. This week I am chat banned again. I can see a pattern here. 

    But I am surprised how I managed to get the second ban. When I wasn't even playing on patch day. =-

    1. CandyVanMan


      Did you call some fucking retard a fucking retard?

    2. hall0


      Banned for truth telling. So yes 

  21. WG EU did a Stream with the T8 premium on the 6th of August 460 alpha - 3,5s intraclip and 22s-ish total reload - gold AP as preium round. So no reason ever loading normal AP - gun bloom seems to be alright.
  22. New Frontline Season starts 16th of August. So they have to release it before. This week is out of question as clan war campaign is still running. Only viable release date is next week.
  23. Noone knows. And that we have now the third iteration of the testserver and still no nerfs for the CZ tanks makes me worry a bit. I usually drive T8 and T9 tanks. The feeling getting clapped for a thousand in two seconds is nothing I want to experience in the near future. Edit. BTW. Another marathon is just around the corner. I expect it to be the CZ T prem. As we pretty much had a marathon every time a new line was introduced. But maybe it is just the shitty looking AMX.
  24. OK. Even more testing done. Therefore some "new" thoughts. I still think Crew 2.0 is terrible. And I don't even mean those potential OP builds that are already on YouTube, be it QB or Skill. WG can still balance those. At least other game developers can do that. With WG I'm not so sure after all these years. ^^ Here, OP or useless things usually stay online for at least a year. :p Unfortunately, I don't expect the community to be spared from Crew 2.0 now. But let's go through the news. To have some concept. When converting crews, the XP of zero perks will be taken into a
  25. As long the YT votes on the russian Crew 2.0 are still postive I don´t have high hopes.
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