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  1. Wasn't rly an issue. With 2s intraclip you can burst an enemy and hide behind your allies for the quite short reload. If it wasn't already a typical rofl stomp no enemy yoloed me during reload. I could quite good dictate the engagements. Similar I do in my Borat
  2. We are cursed to get this shitty crew 2.0. It is the same shit like last time, but with some minor improvements here and there. Sure it is better than last time. But even after you add parfume to a pile of shit, it still stays a pile of shit. Bonus level after max level are still there. With less bonuses but still with bonuses. But WG sells it, like they have fixed the issue. All they have done is lower the bad impact this extra bonuses will have. And if you can still level them up by using free XP they have created a nice way of pay to win. Convert your XP to free XP with gold. Pro
  3. Testserver ist out and after some battles I have to say this tank feels amazing. I run it with bond vstabs, bond Vents and this Bounty accuracy module. 0.3 accuracy + amazing gun handling for a two shot 490 alpha gun. With 2 sec intraclip. And with APCR as gold round you won't even have to think what rounds you should use in certain situations. You go full APCR all the way. I have no idea what is WG thinking even putting this on the Testserver like this. Especially after Rino and Carro which both have abysmal gun handling to balance their autoloader.
  4. WG nerfs HE. 
    Puts KV2(R) in the Shop
    Next Reward tank will be VK2801 with derp.

    WG is clearly trolling the community by now. 

    1. hazzgar


      Or hear me out. Balance team and the people responsible for new tanks and the shop are not the same teams and there is literally no communication between them. Kind of like in my company sales and programming were not communicating and we sold stuff I needed for my TV channels...

  5. WGs events getting more and more retarded. This new Biker Highway thing is the most stupid events they have done in ages. 
    You have to choose a team, which should be TheWolves btw if you are on EU, cause no other team has any chance at all in winning the daily competition. The page suggested me Dragon, so I took that, cause fuck it why not. How important can it be? Turned out kinda important, cause free points.
    After you have done this shit you have to select every mission manually. Yes manually. Once you have completed a mission, you have to stop playing the game for a moment, check the event website, select another mission, start playing again.
    Who the heck designs stuff like that? 
    And let´s not forget the missions. Props to drunken WG guy who thought it would be fun to have a "do 2k track dmg, 5 times in a row" mission. 

    This kind of events should be fun and self explanatory and not like this cluster fuck.

    1. Panzergraf


      Yeah it's kinda dumb. At least the E75TS skin is nice.
      I was lucky that I chose Wolves, they're the club to join on NA too.

  6. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/field-modification-reaction/ This 70%ish aproval rate for shitty ideas seem to become a WG meme at this point.
  7. I hope it is at least the bounty one you can get next season pass.
  8. Ok now my 2 cents. All this changes have the potential to ruin the balance of the games even more. The idea to have several equipment and amo setups is something I like. Amo setups are probably just here to safe some credits from time to time if you are toptier. Other than that I don´t see any benefits or game breaking things. Equipment on the other hand can be a double edged sword. CCs always seem to bring up the scout unbalance when one side on Poko has a Shitcore fully equipt for spotting and the other side does not have such luxury. But what is the difference to now? Bushwanker Sc
  9. T10 is so much better. The armor upgrade is not just slighly. It is massive. You finally wont get overmatched by this stupid 122mm russian guns. And the HEAT Shield makes you kinda safe against HEAT aswell. It is the first tank in the line you can even play agressive, because the armor is working. It opens up new gameplay. Sadly it is T10 after all. A shit tier with 3 arty almost every game and yolo EBRs. But tier for tier the T10 is so much better.
  10. Today I did over 8.000dmg in my E50 and it was probably one of the most boring high dmgs games I had in years. Enemies just seemed to ignor me for most of the match. 
    Even I didn´t notice the dmg I did. When only 5 enemy tanks were alive I was shocked to see I had already dealt 6k dmg. 

    1. kolni


      That's how my highest damage game ever went too. M60 on Prokh, permapoking mid without arty and people just didn't respect my output and fired continuously. Game ended in 6 minutes and 12k damage and I never even got shot at

  11. Wow WG is rly creative when it comes to buffing the pref mm tanks. And with the KV5 getting 196mm pen it is probably the highest pen buff a tank ever got during the years. Just remember. KV5 started with 167mm pen. Now we have almost 30mm more. Can´t remeber another tank which got this kind of buff. https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/general-news/preferential-premiums-perfection/Maybe we will reach this level of performance with the next buff.
  12. After seeing this thing on twitch and YT it performs much better than I expected. When it can use the dpm the enemy melts. With the good mobiltiy you can create this situations. But god have mercy with your soul if you can´t create this situations. I like eekeeboos stream days ago. As it shows gameplay if you can´t use the full potential of the tank. (his setup is trash though) The tank has it´s moments but overall I would consider it average. This could change drastically in Frontlines or T8 Stronghold. Anyway. I have already decided I let this one pass.
  13. http://wotexpress.ru/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/JduqugtudZE.jpg This thing is tiny. Make it a light and it would be something spezial. Shitty intraclip and long reload wouldn´t matter so much. Would still run it APCR only though.
  14. Skill rates it 9/10 WTF. Can I rly be so wrong?
  15. As written in the other Thread I still can´t see why so many are hyped about this tank. Everything apart from the dpm seems to be out of meta. Standard pen is weak. Premium pen is OK but not rly good either. Normal shell and HEAT is slow. Not like we have with the Offspring TL-1 LPC which has very good 1200m/s HEAT. Hullamor is OK, but turret is just paper. And the worst thing. 200 alpha. You will lose every trade there is. Even against some light tanks. Sure you have high dpm. Even godlike dpm when shooting HE. But you can only use it if the enemy is dumb and penable. It i
  16. So yesterday WG released two articels regarding the Arty and HE change. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/sandbox-he-shells-spg-rebalancing-results/ https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/he-spg-supertest-may-2021/ And as expected these changes are coming to the the game. Starting with the Common Test for Update 1.13 (soon) But before there seem to be another Supertest where they nerf/buff certain tanks like Type or EBR. I still dislike the change. So much time and effort wasted in such a little problem. Changing a whole game mechanic, while simila
  17. It is already pretty certain it will be the next marathon tank starting friday. Still think it is a shitter though.
  18. The end is near. WG (EU) is selling the Type 59 again.

    Not in lootboxen. But in a pricey bundle 

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    2. hazzgar


      @YesThatWasAPCR if they just put a 1 arty cap, no ebrs and people would be happy. 

    3. Assassin7


      Eh, I feel like WoT 2 would fail because I think people would hate starting again - I know I would Id probably just not bother because after all my time invested starting over again just seems like too much work and effort.


      Also in my mind the idea of making a second game like that just brings a sour taste to my mouth like they've given up on the original and are trying to just milk more money making another one instead of continuing to improve the original. Kinda how shit like Ubisoft and stuff just keep making sequels of mediocre games that could of had potential instead of working to fix the first ones. 

    4. Jesse_the_Scout


      People would get over it. WoT sucks now. And many of the mistakes they made can't be walked back: they can't take out arty because they don't have the guts, they can't nerf the OP premium parade because people paid cash money, they can't drop the wheeled crap because they sold a wheeled premium. They painted themselves into a corner; time to start over.

      The anger the playerbase would have over rebuying their garage and regrinding everything would fade if the game was actually good again. What real value is my $500 worth of premium tanks if I don't want to play any of them? WoT 2.0 with no arty, better ammo balance, a more coherent crew system from day one, bigger maps, less power gap between tiers, they could make the game so much better if they leveraged what they learned from the past 10 years.

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  19. So it got buffed in the current patch and will porbalby be our next marathon tank. Old vs New Stats https://tanks.gg/v11200/compare/kpz-07-rh?t=kpz-07-rh__v11200ct 2500 base DPM with a bit better Accuracy. Some people already go wild in the official forums. Almost 3k dpm with rammer, choco etc. or almost 4k with HE. And it is fast. People see a second Bourasque in this. For me it is still trash with 200 alpha but we will see.
  20. The Panzer IV from the Girls und Panzer Anime seems to make it into the game.

    Funnily enough. It is propably one of the most realistic premium tanks or tanks in general we got in a long time. Despide being from an Anime.

    1. orzel286
    2. hall0


      Btw. The crew comes with original voice lines as well ☺️

    3. echo9835
  21. AW is still a thing? I thought it died years ago and can be only played PVE. Anyway. Didn´t WG almost killed Console WoT with one of their last patches? I saw many complaints about a certain patch which came around Xmas.
  22. WG released some days ago a video with the new CZ heavy tanks. Probalby mostly fake as fu.k. But maybe they bring something new to the table. All tanks seem to have single shot and two shot autoloader as option. Pretty sure it the autoloader will be the way go. Why wouldn´t you use your special gimmick if you have one? And no new line would be complete with a new premium tank.Skoda T56. A 460dmg alpha tank with a clip of two shots.
  23. my bet they are somewhat copy and pasting the M48 turret to the M60. More armor, maybe same tumor rework and they call it a day. And I still don´t know, even after all this years, why they wont just give it the A3 turret. It would make the tank look so much cooler. And it would finally be a bit different to the M48. And please don´t give me this "it is too modern. Realism yada yada" This ship has long sailed.
  24. It is about to get released. https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/ranked-battles-s3-2020/ Not as I expecetd as part of a Techtree or normal Premium, but as Ranked Reward. 12.500 for this piece of s... I have no idea why somebody would want to pay this much for this turd. I know you can get the price tag down to 6.000, but that is still 6k too much.
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