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  1. I loved my SU100M1 but hated the SU101. Maybe it was because of the powercreep at T8 or being lowtier most of the times, but I was not enjoying the tank. But this was before they fixed T8mm and ruined T7 MM instead. It could be very possible that today it is the otherway around. But with the SU100M1 I could much better bully enemies. It was rly like a 268v4 at T7.
  2. Update. So. Who would have thought. The information about the best in Class camo is wrong. Yeah I know. What a surprise. Anyway. Here the right ones. 11,69% And the Tank seems to be not the annual well deserved Reward. But instead be part of WGs lootbox christmas event.
  3. Everything what is not a 13-57 is not worthy playing at T7 when it comes to scout. Everything else is just not meme worthy. Anyway. T7 has some real good tanks. T71. WZ131, AMX13-57 even the AMX13-75 is quite good. And this are only Scouts. The list goes on with T29, E25, Su152, SU100M1, SU122-44, IS2, Chi-RI etc. T7 just became useless when they fixed the T8 MM. Since then T7 is noting but filler material for T8. Can´t believe it either. But that is the information we got. Don´t think the stats on tanks.gg are updated yet. Cause it still shows old engine power. But
  4. Bringing this thread back to life. IT IS BACK! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/756470-aufklaerungspanzer-panther-a-german-light-tank-goes-to-the-supertest/page__pid__18174899#entry18174899 https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2020/11/06/supertest-aufklarungspanzer-panther-initial-stats/ The usual QB Video tl;dw: One Tier lower. Much less dpm. Less power to weight. In the video QB states the old camo was 11,69 and it probably wont change. But here I have to give you guys additional information. According to the german Community Manger the base
  5. I don´t think we will see a buff of this anytime soon. Brit tanks actual kinda started the series of buffs and techtree reworks. Even though came out pretty much three years ago. In WG terms it is not old enough to receive a buff
  6. So this Panther got buffed. I still think it sucks. But checking the 3-Mark requirements made me wonder. On EU it jumped form being 2220 to 2710. On the russian Server it is even higher. 2270 to 2816. Am I now totally retarded and is this tank good and viable or is just everyone testing this tank and pushing the stats to exorbitant highs. For thos who want to know the website i got the stats from https://gunmarks.poliroid.ru/
  7. Facehugging a E3 with your 268 and dpm him with your 450mm lol pen HEAT down. Good times
  8. Testserver is here. And who would have guessed it. E50 did not keep it´s monster dpm for the 88. In fact the dpm is even lower than before. According to tanks.gg it is 2.800 vs old 2.880. RIP second gun option. E 50 Changed the reload time of the 8,8 cm Kw.K. L/100 gun in the E 50 Ausf. B turret from 5 to 6 s Improved armoring of both turrets Changed the penetration value of the PzGr 39 G shell for the 10,5 cm Kw.K. L/52 Ausf. B gun from 220 to 230 mm Changed the damage value of the Sprgr 18 L shell for the 8,8 cm Kw.K. L/100 gun from 295 to 370 HP Cha
  9. Bourrasque is the holy grail right now at T8. And you have too keep in mind the values dropped because WG sold the tank recently on EU. I think it had 100-150 more before.
  10. Wotgarage values are not correct. Here a website with values which are much closer to reality (markmod) https://gunmarks.poliroid.ru/ Hardest T8: Hardest T10:
  11. hall0

    CS 52 LIS (Fox)

    What do the numbers in the brackets mean?
  12. Even after the buffs noone will play it. Compared to Progetto or Bourasque it still sucks. Sure Wehraboos will play it more often. Even compared to the other 280 alpha med TL1LPC it gets the short end of the stick. Panther has dpm but everything else is worse. The Panther was designed and balanced for a game 5-6 years ago. And it was already weak back then. But I don´t think they will increase the price for the shell on the live server. 400 credits more for 40dmg? Nah people will start crying and WG will keep it as it is or only increase the shell costs by the amount of dmg.
  13. I won one in the french and made two times to the top places. Out of three battles. The key is to run away. See an enemy which looks strong? Run! If you play like a coward it will benefit your score. I try to level up as fast as possible and only engage enemies when they are low level or fighting others. Basically I played like an asshole but it worked. But my favorites are the US and UK tanks. Both are very similar and provide medium gameplay with good consumables.
  14. Making Gold Rounds available for credits was a mistake. This change alone created probably the biggest balance issue the game has. Before tanks could be balanced around normal rounds. Be it weakspots or good (high pen) standard rounds etc. Very few people actually used gold rounds, so no balance issues there. Once they made it available for everyone is were the problem started. Balancing gold rounds with credits does not work at all for the good/rich players. I can shoot gold all day long. I wont run out of credits. Therefore I can pen enemies much easier. Others don´t have this lu
  15. if you play the 88/100 over the L7 you are playing the tank wrong.
  16. This is what people already said the last time the 88/100 got buffed into having best T9 dpm. And still noone uses it. Alpha is just too low for trading. Nahh firepower still meh. WG did not change any gun handling stats. Take T34-2 as example. By far the worst gun handling of all 122mm meds. Tank: T44 (122) / T34-3 / T34-2 moving 0,14 0,16 0,20 tank traverse 0,14 0,16 0,20 turret traverse 0,14 0,12 0,12 And don´t bother with the
  17. so can a KV2. It all comes down to hitting more reliably. Sure gun handling is still one of the best but giving up even better gun handling is rly one of the trade offs WG was talking about.
  18. tl;dr Chinese tanks will still be a much worse version of the russian counterparts Panthers will stay shit. E50M is weak They had such a good opportunity to make the E50 line something special. Just give them the new turbo feature the polish have and call it a day. A boosted E50 full ramming power wouldn´t hurt the game but surely would make it fun. And people who are concerned about realism. Not like anyone actually cares after all the fake polish tanks. German Meds with gas turbines were actually considered/planned.
  19. hall0

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    Is S-tier now Super-tier (good) or Shit-tier(bad)?
  20. but i don´t want to lose the ability to snap on the move.
  21. I will definitely try my Bat with a VStab + Rotation combi. Maybe after all the years the gunhandling will be bearable. On my scouts I already plan to go for optic + vision. I just cant figure out what my third slot is going to be on my EBR. VStab or Vents.
  22. hall0

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    the only TD worth playing in this line. Yeah I know the T6 (i think it was) is also OK, but who counts stuff below T8 anyway? T8 techtree tank is pure dog shit and T10 is boring bushwanker. But this thing is a bushwanker with a T10 TD gun. 395 HEAT is just unnecessary but that makes it fun.
  23. Ranked must be my most hated gamemode WoT ever released. 

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina
    2. echo9835


      Ranked gives toxicity a whole new meaning. 

    3. hazzgar


      I've had an obj 705a complain I don't go and fight heavies frontally when he was camping 200m behind the first med. I was in a Leopard 1. 


      Also the randomness of the mode pissess me off. I'm at rank 8 because it pissess me off to play too long in this mode. 

  24. Tried this bushes now several times. And they work great on both sides. Unless you have some mad EBRs running around. K line there are also some trees you can knock over and sit in it. Nice passive spots, but very risky as you sit in the open and it usually hurts when you get spotted.
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