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  1. This seems like good advise. I will probably get the KV-1 as my next tier 5. I started out with the Germans because I like the looks of their panzers and I have read that they were very effective in the war.
  2. Hello! I am currently playing without any goals and I do not know what tank to get. I started out with the German tech-tree. I have the PZ IV H in my garage and I have played quite a lot of battles in it. To be honest I got quite disappointed with the PZ IV H. I am currently using the 105 mm cannon but I struggle with it. I do not know what tank to get next. The VK 30.01 (P) seems like a natural choice since it is one of the next tanks in the tree. I will stay away from the VK 36.01 because I have heard that it is awful. I do not have any long term goals in this game (except for being
  3. I have realized that the Pz IV H is far superior at earning credits than the Pz III so I will aim at getting get the Pz IV H first. I have already prepared a crew for Pz III (when it was on sale) but it was probably worth it anyways because I still want to play the tank. I can use the Pz III as fun tank to play on one tier lower. Depending on how much I like it I might consider how much money I should invest in it. If I want to upgrade it fully then vents, gld and optics seems like a solid option. Thanks very much for all the replies! Happy tanking!
  4. Sorry for posting in the wrong section. I do not have a premium account and need a tank to earn money. I think that I can use the Panzer III for that. I should probably buy the tank and start to play it and see how much I like it before asking these questions. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Hello! I am a new player that has been reading your tips. It is going really well for me. I have ~55 % win rate so it has really helped me! I want to know what equipment I should use on the Panzer III which is a mobile medium tank at tier 4. You can skip the text below if you don't want to read it. I can now afford to buy my first tier 4 tank. I am going to get the Panzer III which looks like a very good medium with nice armor, good mobility and good 5cm gun. I like to play in a platoon with 2 comrades of mine and we all play the German nation with the same tech-tree. We are aim
  6. Because I have just recently started this game I cannot afford to buy full crews at 75 % yet (my highest teir tank is the Pz III A at teir 3). But I did find quite a nice trick: WG gives you a 100 % crew for every teir 1, if you transfer this crew to other tanks of the same type you get a 75 % crew + the skills you have researched. So what I have is: 100 % (30 % camouflage) trained for L.tr (but also used in Pz I, Pz II, Pz III A) 75 % gunner and radio operator for Pz III A (Because the tank leads to 3 other tanks I think it will be worth it) 55 % trained for Pz.Jgr I (This tank hurts to
  7. Hello, I will be platooning with two friends this evening. We have played together one time before last week and actually preformed very well together. We have decided to focus on getting the German Pz. IV H tank at teir 5 as it seems to be quite good. We have decided to get it through the Pz. IV D. Last time we played we managed to unlock the Pz. II and had a couple of games in it. When we played it we got the map called "Province" and really struggled to figure out were to go. We tried to rush down and climb the enemy hill as quickly as we could but got caught in the middle and were
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