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  1. Garbad, will you attempt the Obj260 challenge? If you haven't heard, these are the requirements. Each line is to be done in a single battle. You can skip a class if you meet the primary and secondary objectives in all other classes. - LT: deal 8000 spotting damage (secondary: get 5 spotting kills) - HT: accumulate 20000 damage – either dealt yourself, or blocked by your armor, they add up (secondary: survive and win) - MT: destroy 3+ enemy TD’s, that are at least one tier higher than you (secondary: survive, win and deal 3k+ damage) - TD: deal 10000+ damage (secondary: destroy 5+ enemy ta
  2. I play NA from Guam and my ping is around 200ms average. I found that vision mechanics are harder with high latency (your client doesn't know you spotted a tank until that tank has already shot you and is retreating). Playing 2nd line support where others do the spotting for you takes away a sizeable portion of your disadvantage. Timing a shot on a moving target whether it is between rocks or when he comes around a corner is a LOT easier if he is previously spotted. Also, the higher your latency the derpier your autoaim is to actually lock on. Another reason I lean toward slow, lumbering
  3. The show House M.D. also makes that list. Unlike Big Bang Theory (which I agree is terribad), there are no laugh tracks and the show is actually funny most of the time. Especially laudible since it is a drama.
  4. OP, are you looking to win more than you lose? If so, you are asking the wrong question! The question should be "If I want to be a positive force on my team, what should I do?"
  5. Certainly, the WTFE100 is gimped with a 5 shot autoloading JagdT gun.
  6. Garbad, what do you think of the proposed vision mechanic change that will accompany the viewrange nerf? From FTR: - Veider is aware that the viewrange nerf might cause more “vanishing tanks in the middle of a field” issues, that is another matter WG will address - the “vanishing tanks in the middle of the field” will be fixed by the following principle: currently, a tank shoots, gets spotted due to camo penalty for shooting, but when that penalty wears off, its camo is improved and the tank disappears. In the future, the penalty will not wear off until the vehicle leaves enemy viewrange
  7. XVM is awesome. Arty players who XVM snipe are annoying. Hence, arty is annoying, not XVM. XVM simply conveys information.
  8. Because draws? Draws account for ~2% of games overall. So the average would be 49/49/2 Win/Loss/Tie %.
  9. There are MM weight numbers listed in TankInspector (lots of other handy hidden stats, too). Not sure how accurate they are.
  10. Oh, you mean like a T30? AFAIK, the T34 and stock T30 are nearly identical (except one has a better RoF, the other one shits creds).
  11. It's not good IMO except on purely flat ground. The T-150 is a better tank than the KV85. I sold the 85 after one battle. I haven't tried the KV1s at tier 5 yet, but if it uses the same derp gun the KV1 uses, it should be a great sealclubber.
  12. I bet if WG implements a skill based MM they would base it on their own personal rating system. IMO this would encourage rerolls, as battle count factors in to their rating system. I am against SBMM for the reasons other posters have mentioned.
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