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  1. I saw this thread linked on another site, I thought I would make an entry. Sometimes, you just get lucky. When I first started playing the game I was using PC's that by all means could not run the game, from onboard GPU's from hell to Celeron D single core processors. I had around 6k battles or so and a WR of 45%, I didn't even know what WN8 was at the time but I found out it was around 540. My first friend that played WoT outside of the game I actually met on DA ( Deviant Art ) This person was Spartan96, I think he's changed his name by now im not sure what it is. I was looking for an actual clan to play TC's with and just try to get better with. Turned out his clan -SSS- had a sub clan called SSS-A. So I moved into that clan and spent what seamed like awhile with them. I had my first tier 5 - tier 7 tank with that clan, spending nights on my dreadful laptop, struggling to even drive properly at 10> FPS. I already wanted to get better, however I didn't know that it wouldn't be possible without a PC that could play the game. I struggled under that mindset until around 8k games, hoping from SSS-A, to clanless, to SOLAR, to CMCAW, and back to SOLAR again. Despite having a friend, in -SSS- I could still not get in simply because I was not A: Good enough and B: Didn't have a PC that could run the game properly. I recruited for every clan I was in weather I was an officer or not. The way I saw it, if I could recruit some good players, maybe they could help me play. But that proved to be futile after some time. As I simply could not play the game properly period. Some time passed, watching youtube videos, streams from barroom and ETC. None of it mattered because it was physically impossible for me to mimic the play style on my machinery. Eventually, clanless and irritated with the AFK leader of -EOS- I left, it just so happened that HT had formed the day prior. I was their 13th or so total member at the time, and one of only 5 that had a tier X tank. ( And not even a good one at the time the AMX50B was considered second class, but tank locking didn't exist back then so I could still fight ) I knew HT was going to have a good foundation thanks to the fact that I frequented the forums and knew that BT was a good clan. I recommended a friend of mine from SOLAR to BT, the fact that he was with BT at the time helped me get into HT. The short version of this. Even though I was terrible and couldn't run the game properly, getting into this clan was a combination of A: Luck, B: 1 count of networking, and C: The simple fact that I frequented the forum as my positive rep actually helped me get in as well. Very rarely do i see a sub clan to a better team start up with no stat requirements. As HT had none at the time. I have yet to see a sub clan of a good clan start with 0 stat requirements since then. However simply joining the clan was not enough to keep me there, I would have been cut from the clan already had I not done other work for the team. I started out volunteering to recruit players, from there I went on to voluntary battle calling when the main callers; as we only had 2 at the time, were not online. Willing to take the fallout from the soldiers on a loss is something that very few players will or want to deal with. On the side lines I made sure our players stayed active, and made 'Cut' lists of severely inactive players every month to ensure a flow of available spaces. After enough work with that and voluntary talks with other clans as an unofficial representative of HT. Eventually being the clans official diplo, even learning a handful of Polish to do diplo with foreign clans. After about 2 months in that position I went on to become first a teamspeak officer with Parcki having my back in a number of situations. 1 month after that I was promoted to a position I called 'Third wing dep com" I called it third wing because while I had the ability, and trust at that point to make critical decisions I was not actually allowed to make any of those decisions. Essentially I was DC of recruitment and that was all. I am the only person in the entity of HT who can say they have held every position in the clan except CO. And although im basically irrelevant now, I can say with confidence that I was a major factor in building a good clan ... TLDR: Even with shit stats, you may not be able to "get" into a good clan, but if you pour every single second of spare time you have available into the clan you have, take extra action and help the officers in even the simplest of ways, and take the absolute brutal and almost constant rejections you will get from the better players you try to recruit. YOU CAN HELP TO BUILD a good clan. It is possible!
  2. It does, although im pretty much done grinding in this game. It's burnt me out, grinding arty, pretty badly. Even without arty though, im just tired of grinding anything 8 or higher really. I did a 50 game test in my Lowe. 36 of those 50 games were tier X games. Im sick of it. So I pretty much just do tiers 1-7 now. My 8's and higher I just grab X2's if I feel like it. Stopped shooting for the moon recently, no point in trying if ya ain't enjoying yourself.
  3. It is. Admittedly I didn't know how to make it private until AFTER it was explained to me, AFTER it was downloaded...
  4. I voluntarily stepped down from Dep Com last year. As much as I loved it I couldn't be trusted with the powerful HT officer tag. I have since become sterile and have taken many a months to earn them back. I am now a field commander who'es only job is to move chips in the absence of our DC Joey, who is currently over helping out SSGS. ... So no need to feel sad. Come here give your least favorite player a hug <3
  5. Im, kinda....too ineffective@tanks to pad much of anything. I can;t even farm new players that well if alone. ( which I usually am )
  6. I can only list a tier 4 because i cant seam to carry in anything else. ... M5 Stuart.
  7. Great job, now i can look at all my past failures in one sitting. +1
  8. My 50B's stats are to low for somepony that smexy.
  9. My 50B Leopard one OBJ 263 T92 And an ARL 44 for credit grinding and Tank companies.
  10. HT has 2 pieces of land....and we beat you on the LZ tonight ( At time of posting ) We could use more people who are definitively " Not paul"
  11. Congradulations, in time i will meet you there in those green numbers.
  12. Without premium it only prints credits when you survive, of course that could just be me as well.
  13. Let me see if i can get my old scanner started, i'll see about uploading some of my MLP drawings. I draw better than i tank.
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