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  1. Hey guys so I have finally gotten able to play at unicum consistently, but now I want to step it up and be able to play at Super Unicum consistently, I occasionally have a super day but its not a consistent as I would like, I do mainly tier 8 and 10, and mainly mediums. I'm usually on the East server but I can play on west if need be. Thanks!
  2. Good luck Msterpupil, if im not mistaken, I believe that C'est La Vie or whatever it is, has some spots if you want to look into that.
  3. ermahgerd bulbasaurs, playing wigglena >.<
  4. We have filled our roster! Thanks to all who were interested!
  5. Thanks GIM, you guys reside of Havok ts right? I'll hop on there sometime soon to chat with you.
  6. Note: -Yes we still have spots open -Yes, it is now spotS -Please leave a reply here or pm me if you are interested
  7. Reopened! There is 1 more spot available!
  8. I am looking preferably for people better than me and willing to help me with some stuff, because I really want to improve my play from blue to purple, thanks. _Intro_
  9. Rainbow Street Jelly Boys open recruiting is now closed. We have filled our 10th spot, thanks for every who expressed interest!
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