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  1. I really enjoyed it. The only bad thing on the tank is when you found tanks on higher ground than you, like when you are moving down on Westfield and a freaky tank is on the other side of the field and you can't fucking aim him -.- And checking again my stats, looks likes is the tank with the highest DPB (2628) of my Tier 9 tanks (except the WT of doom and Ob 704, of course). So, anyone who saiys is a bad tank, is wrong (?)
  2. So... Any help? Just finished with Tortoise, and just in case if someones would say "play it like KV2" I never liked the 152, always used 107 so... How the hell should I play this one and what should I equip on it and what about the crew. Thanks!
  3. Playing arty to do missions, I found one of your guys on a bad day...
  4. Pz38t Good view, good gun, good movility, aceptable "armor" and because I loved it in my campaigns of FH.
  5. Up 3rd Campaign ended, getting 41 Tanks out of 42 of active players. Now we are lowering a little the requirements (2200+ WN8 60 Day or Overall 1800+) to increase the group to be more avaiaible to play CW and Strongholds more fluently.
  6. That tanks was exactly how I felt the Challenger. Fast, moving turret, almost the same pen both with regular and prem ammo and good view range. The only dif was the alfa, of course, but at least in randoms, playing against pubbies I kinda enjoyed the Challenger at the end.
  7. Thanks. Tried that and worked it better.
  8. Rammer, GLD and... ¿? Just played 6 battles (3 pretty bad), and Im not sure if use Optics, Vents or Binos. Any suggestion?
  9. So, Should I stop at tier 8 then?
  10. Shaming this guy: I was on the mid of Projorovka spotting the whole battle (like 9 mins), this guy with other 3 "players" were at J0 (our side of the hill) doing nothing. I pingued several times to them to take and push the hill cuz the enemy were in the most part at West and there were only 2 tanks at their side of hill to take (I hit em and almost kill both with our the WZ 111 via my spots). At the end he wrote this: Even the enemies were laughing about them. Not 1, not 5, 8 mins there without moving!! And of course, you can see all the damage he made! I also want t
  11. Can I join? Im grinding all the bad tanks at the moment and need some carry.
  12. CIVILIANS The so called Civilians are the Plague of the Free World An introduction: Why Am I posting here? What can I offer: These so far are the awards that I could get to CAZA on the previous Campaigns: Campaña 1 (10/6/13 al 26/7/13) Campaña 2 (5/11/13 al 15/12/13) Mini-Campaña (6/5/14 al 17/5/14) The Clan: Rating in the last Month: Wotlabs: Requeriments: 1 Activity: ~4 Nights a Week. 2 2600+ WN8 60 Day or Overall 2100+ (Either one or the other, but both will be good too)
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