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  1. So... what's new? 8)

    1. Errants


      You coming back on WoTLabs?

    2. Assassin7


      ^ basically. Whats up my mexican hombre?

  2. I loved mah chaffee at tier 6 and same way with the T37, given the last patch nerfs to mah baby, i've been considering switching it for the T21, what's your opinion on the T21? looks solid.
  3. Regardless of which one you end up picking first, there will be a time when you will wish you had that other tank instead.
  4. I didnt go balls deep on this but still bought all the camo, I'm expecting 3-4k gold profit WG #1 company NA
  5. Soo... 3rd test round is up, are there notes anywhere yet?

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    2. SchnitzelTruck
    3. leggasiini


      It even has "5" on its name!

      T28 is pretty useless, T28 prot was pretty bad atleast pre-buff, M3 Lee gets too bad reputation but its still kinda umm shitty, and M4 Improved is...m4 improved.

      But yeah, there are lot more shitty Soviets than murica tenks. Half of the TDs suck, midtier meds kinda suck, both of their tier 10'HTs are arguably the worst T10 HTs (tho they have plans for both so yea).

      Also anti german bias is bad joke too. Last patch buried signs of that permanently. It reaaally does feel like that anti-british bias is a thing though...

    4. SchnitzelTruck


      Brits are forgotten in the sands of suck

  6. Come join us @Tamagakure
  7. What about Tier 8 and 9 modules? are the 8s elited? Was your 54lt elite?
  8. And here i am at work knowing i wont be touching WoT till tomorrow afternoon
  9. which prem to choose, dem it so many options :3 any of those are absolutely not worth it? even for free? ;D
  10. uuuuh so that's how it works, kewl, is there a list of what could someone get in those supply crates?
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