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  1. Hey there =) no you don't have to do that lol, just looking to have fun with good players honestly. If you want to toon, let me know here or pm me. Thanks for the reply =)
  2. Hey guys, I play mainly west but can also play east. Looking for some good players to platoon tiers 6-10s =)
  3. I put that as a note, in case it mattered to some clans not for criticism. Lol this forum is full of trolls...not just you but the other guy, looking at my grammar hahaha...don't take it personal lol
  4. um.. your very funny. It does, when I have premium you get alot more experience after each battle and that is shown. Any time i have 1 day of premium, my day stats go to 3000. Also the note on gold rounds is that when you use them you have an advantage and higher chances of kills etc... leading to better stats. But you wouldn't understand....
  5. Hey, any clans recruiting? I am mainly interested in tournaments, missions, and platooning. I don't care much for the other stuff... I would prefer to join a clan that has an average WN8/PR rating better then mine, just so that I can continue to get better. I'm on the west server, PST. Note: My stats are not that good some of it is due to that I am not a premium account user so I have premium only when I get it as a reward (all other games are standard account). Also I haven't bought or used gold ammo ever since I started this game (that may change in the future when I can afford it).
  6. Hey everyone I'm back...TESLA disbanded...looking for a new good clan.
  7. No intention of that, I merely mentioned that in regards that I would not make a new account just to have a better WN8. Honestly someone in my position, you would have to play them before you make a conclusion. I am fairly sure that most, in not all, of these clans have higher requirements than you currently meet. I would encourage you to lower your expectations so you do not miss out on a good opportunity. Yes, I appreciate your responses and help =) I know that most of the top clans do a lot of CWs which I am not on during that time usually. I guess I dont mind a clan with a sm
  8. I never said I was a really good player or where I was in the rating...All I did was look at my PR score (7400+) and then the clan average PR score on the clan rating system at WOT and saw that most clans have lower PR averages then mine. This is my first and only ever account, not planning on restarting just for stats because I have a life lol. So don't go telling me I'm average.
  9. I'm looking to join a good clan to chill with, platoon, TC, CW occasionally, etc. that doesn't have crazy requirements. I consider a good clan in which the average member has a rating (XVM or PR) similar or greater then mine, that way I could become a better player being that the other members are better then me. I am not interested in clans in which there average player is worst then me. Any suggestions or recruiter interested in recruiting me? Thanks! Ykpaihec
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