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  1. The 2nd episode of monster musume is even better
  2. Finished hibike euphonium. Next season when? (Drumroll pls) Time for... black lagoon! after that something ecchi, like to-love ru. Gotta balance it out guys
  3. damn. I'm MGE at 100 wins, however I've soloqd all the way there. All it taks is 2 trolls to ruin the work you put in topfragging for the last 4-5 games at the lower ranks there were also smurfs, but weren't much of a problem
  4. cheesyhoney


    I bound F to left click, and I spam that instead of actually clicking my mouse
  5. cheesyhoney


    Anybody here play it? Im really bad, I just played a few hours, it's so addicitng. I mainly play EDM and anime music
  6. Been steadily improving
  7. Brother wants to watch infinite stratos ò
  8. started being a shitter playing osu! The amount of songs i've downloaded already is ridiculous
  9. Waow all of this stuff that I'm too poor to buy Q_Q
  10. Monster Musume is super lewd, ecchi, and fun 10/10 Also I'll have to rewatch it once the blurays come out, for obvious reasons
    1. deathmachine16
    2. cheesyhoney


      A guy hacking default password/username IPcams and then trolling with them (Most IP cams have speakers)

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