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  1. The 2nd episode of monster musume is even better
  2. Finished hibike euphonium. Next season when? (Drumroll pls) Time for... black lagoon! after that something ecchi, like to-love ru. Gotta balance it out guys
  3. damn. I'm MGE at 100 wins, however I've soloqd all the way there. All it taks is 2 trolls to ruin the work you put in topfragging for the last 4-5 games at the lower ranks there were also smurfs, but weren't much of a problem
  4. cheesyhoney


    I bound F to left click, and I spam that instead of actually clicking my mouse
  5. cheesyhoney


    Anybody here play it? Im really bad, I just played a few hours, it's so addicitng. I mainly play EDM and anime music
  6. Been steadily improving
  7. Brother wants to watch infinite stratos ò
  8. started being a shitter playing osu! The amount of songs i've downloaded already is ridiculous
  9. Waow all of this stuff that I'm too poor to buy Q_Q
  10. Monster Musume is super lewd, ecchi, and fun 10/10 Also I'll have to rewatch it once the blurays come out, for obvious reasons
    1. deathmachine16
    2. cheesyhoney


      A guy hacking default password/username IPcams and then trolling with them (Most IP cams have speakers)

  11. making me hungry the best thing i've never eaten
  12. Bois http://haruhichan.com/wpblog/48222/monster-musume-online-game-scheduled-for-this-year/ I think we all know that the "rewarding event" will be :^)
  13. my friend has 2 MSI laptops and they're both excellent pieces of hardware, higher quality than the lenovo I had, and on equal to the asus he has (lel hes a laptop whore)
  14. Fuck clean installs meh 60gb of skyrim mods
  15. I heard hibike! Euphonium was yuri. I'm still waiting on the yuri
  16. http://i.imgur.com/PV5m60V.jpg

    smoke covering the whole city of vancouver from the burnaby mountain and pemberton wildfires. Its surreal, as the smoke lets most light through, but block view of sky

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      I left my windows open and now my room smells like smoke

    2. Sabocat


      I take it, this is the Canadian Vancouver? Which ever it is, stay safe out there.

  17. Ultra cute kancolle pic because I know it triggers you guys hard than a tumblrite feminazi gets triggered by a 4chan raid
  18. Found this great artist, his work is breathtaking. I was literally staring at these images for half an hour
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