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  1. I actually use a lot less gold than I do in randoms. Though that's probably because I've mainly been playing tds. I think speed is a major factor which is why I haven't played many heavies in it yet. The STRV S1 and WZ 120 tds are fast enough to keep up with a push and have guns with enough pen to go through everything at tier 8. The WZ in particular has been really good when attacking with that dpm. Can chew through a emplacement by itself in no time. I can't believe I've actually been having fun in WoT again with this mode.
  2. I look at this and all I can see is a tank which is better nearly in every single way over the Caernarvon. Ignore rest of post, compared the wrong tank. Either way, still leaves Caernarvon in the dirt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If the numbers on tanks.gg are accurate, just movement comparison alone is simply staggering: Caernarvon vs T26E5 Power creep? What power creep?
  3. Are they actively trying to make people stop playing? I mean, I already have but any chance of me coming back diminishes a little bit more when a tank with"AP=bounce, HEAT=pen" armour is put in. Big fat slow heavy tank. Feels like it's an indirect buff for skycancer.
  4. Zezti

    T28 Prototype

    Honestly, the worst tank I've ever played. Yeah, the gun is nice when you get to hit things but it sucks the big one because: - slow as sin, turns like a McFatTard - flat front armour, shockingly weak side armour, weak turret cheeks (right beside the gun), MG port is a weakpoint as well so lower tiers can shit on you too - slow turret traverse - non-fully traversable turret - Horrifically low HP, you just can't trade against tier 8 heavies, let alone tier 9 and 10s - terrain resistances are horrible, it is an actual McFatFuck Compared to the Chari
  5. The E5 line is solid. T1 Heavy is meh M6 is decent T29 is OP as hell T32 is good, used in SH M103 is decent E5 is... well its E5 so OP.
  6. Company of Heroes 2 is amazing (Cromwells OP), in other news: as if this girl is 14 (13 in the video):

    fuck i love her voice

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    2. Spartan96


      Stug III Gs are life , cheap effective and low gas cost.


    3. Zezti


      @Raj my steam name is the same name as this. I'm not really into the multiplayer yet though, only had the game a week and still learning multiplayer gameplay against skirmish AI and doing the co-op scenarios with a friend.


    4. Raj


      k I'm Kesselring, I sent a request.

  7. Getting -700 rep on your first day of forums must be some kind of achievement, right?

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    2. zapyoug


      People can like or dislike you based off the validity of your content as is most certainly the case.

    3. ZXrage


      ...What in the actual fuck are you saying?

    4. neziho


      A mod tweaked his neg rep to be 666. He didn't earn that legitimately. 

  8. New meta for angling armour


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    2. leggasiini


      Yes, it can elevate its gun by changing angles of hull. So yea, pneumatic suspension is going to work

    3. garryallen


      what's up with the seige mode thing? i have no ideas wtf they are talking about

    4. Zezti


      @garryallen, if you press x in a non-turreted tank now, it just locks the tracks so the hull doesn't turn if you move the aim. With the swedish TDs, pressing x will deploy it into siege mode (looks like a 2.5s transition time) where it can't move forward or backward (i think) but it pivots to traverse and the hull tilts up and down to elevate/depress the gun, aim bloom is miniscule as well. Outside of siege mode, I believe the gun has 0 traverse arc and 0 elevation/depression. I guess the backward top speed of 55 is balanced because of the transition time.

  9. Its not much different than inflation to WR through platoons. Also, why does it matter what a baddie's WR is? If you really care about their stats, WN8 shouldn't change so you could go by that still.
  10. I like it -- It's logical. WG would never consider it.
  11. On your PCPartPicker it has a maus + keyboard combo. I had a G500s, good maus. I've upgraded though and now use this: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g600-mmo-gaming-mouse Believe it or not, I actually use all those buttons.
  12. Maybe this is part of the big rebalance... Where they ditch +2/-2, have +1/-1 but have a bigger performance gap between each tier. I'm trying to apply logic to WG's 'ideas', but I know they don't use any themselves.
  13. Company of Heroes is on Humble Bundle. Both games with all the expansions for $10. $30 gets you a shirt.


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