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  1. New meta for angling armour


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    2. leggasiini


      Yes, it can elevate its gun by changing angles of hull. So yea, pneumatic suspension is going to work

    3. garryallen


      what's up with the seige mode thing? i have no ideas wtf they are talking about

    4. Zezti


      @garryallen, if you press x in a non-turreted tank now, it just locks the tracks so the hull doesn't turn if you move the aim. With the swedish TDs, pressing x will deploy it into siege mode (looks like a 2.5s transition time) where it can't move forward or backward (i think) but it pivots to traverse and the hull tilts up and down to elevate/depress the gun, aim bloom is miniscule as well. Outside of siege mode, I believe the gun has 0 traverse arc and 0 elevation/depression. I guess the backward top speed of 55 is balanced because of the transition time.

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