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  1. Just what the game needs, another armored, hull down, ridge peeking tank.
  2. These values are BULLSHIT and not even close to being correct right now. Tier 10 tanks I have marked these past 2-3 months and needed damage was around: S Conq - around 4300 dmg combined Patton - around 4250 dmg combined 277 - around 4200 dmg combined Cent AX - around 4000 dmg combined Soon I'll mark TVP (4,3k) and 5A (4,4k). I marked Prog and E5 too, but requirement changed after nerf/buff (E5 needed 3,6k lmao, Progetto around 4,6k). So, not even close to 5k for S Conq, or 5,2 for Prog. Also, there is at least 5 tier X tanks that still need under 4k
  3. Ehhh, im not sure about that. It seems to me that the average player has indeed gotten worse the past year or so. I even have (anecdotal, but still) evidence for that: So, a year or so ago (right at the time the Chieftain was introduced, I was like fuck this shit) I uninstalled the game and havent touched it for a looong time. Since I don't care about anything below tier 8, I played a lot of tier X tanks and most of them were at around 80-90% mark of excellence. So, I take a long break, start playing again and gradually get the courage to start playing tier X again. First game with E5 - w
  4. Tiger H driven by a capable player (almost never the case tbh) is a great, great tank. T29 is a boring one trick pony, though it does that trick extremely well... Talking about hidden jewels, if anybody cared about this game anymore, people would riot in the streets because SU-100M is so stupidly overpowered, it is literally beyond belief. Jagdtiger has good armor? Well comrade, meet this little brick at tier fucking VII.
  5. T-10: 31 Conqueror: 30. T-54: 30 E75: 28 AMX 30: 28 WZ-111 1-4: 27 AMX M4 51: 24 Type 4 Heavy: 23 T95: 25 Object 430: 25 T49: 22 E50: 22 Skoda T50: 22 Standard B: 23 STRV 103-0: 21 Tortoise: 18 Object 263: 21 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 704: 20 Mäuschen: 20 T30: 21 50TP: 20 M46 Patton: 20 + 1 = 21 How to fuck can this tank be so low? Centurion 7/1: 19 Jagdtiger: 19 B-C 25t AP: 18 Leopard PTA: 17 AMX 13 90: 17 Object 257: 11 Object 705: 11 ST-I: 14 WZ-120: 11 - 3 = 8 Terrible soft stats, terrible hard stats, terrible gun depression, n
  6. T-10: 31 Conqueror: 29 T-54: 29 E75: 26 T49: 25 WZ-111 1-4: 25 AMX M4 51: 24 AMX 30: 24 Type 4 Heavy: 23 T95: 23 E50: 22 Object 430: 22 Skoda T50: 22 STRV 103-0: 21 Standard B: 21 + 1 = 22 Underrated machine, even QB can pull 3k dpg in it. Fast, agile, comfortable, deadly. Object 263: 20 WT Auf Pz. IV: 20 Object 704: 20 Tortoise: 21 Mauschen: 20 T30: 20 50TP: 20 M46 Patton: 20 Centurion 7/1: 19 Jagdtiger: 19 B-C 25t AP: 18 Leopard PTA: 17 AMX 13 90: 17 Object 257: 17 WZ-132A: 17 Object 705: 17 ST-I: 14 WZ-120: 14 T54E1 : 3 WZ
  7. T-10: 35AMX M4 51: 34 T-54: 33 Conqueror: 32 Type 4 Heavy: 32WZ-111 1-4: 31E50: 31 E75: 31AMX 30: 31T49: 32T30: 30T95: 30 M46 Patton: 31WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Mauschen: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 27Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30Object 430: 30Object 705: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Foch: 30B-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30Skoda T50: 30WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 3050TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Standard B: 30 Centurion 7/1: 27 + 1 = 28 Underrated tank IMO, very comfortable, easy to play and has a great gun. Jagdtiger: 27Conway: 27VK4502B: 27Object 257: 27T54E1: 25Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27Emil II: 24 AMX 50 120: 18M103:
  8. T-10: 32 + 1 = 33 Beauty of a tank, great mobility, great gun, usable turret. 10/10.Type 4 Heavy: 31AMX M4 51: 32E75: 31T49: 31T54E1: 30T30: 30T95: 30M46 Patton: 30WT Auf Pz. IV: 30Jagdtiger: 30Mauschen: 30E50: 30Leopard PTA: 30RU251: 30Object 704: 30Object 263: 30T-54 LW: 30T-54: 31 Object 430: 30Object 705: 30Object 257: 30ST-I: 30Tortoise: 30Conqueror: 30Foch: 30AMX 50 120: 30B-C 25t AP: 30AMX 13 90: 30AMX 30: 30Skoda T50: 30Type 61: 27WZ-111G FT: 27 WZ-132A: 30WZ-120: 30WZ-111 1-4: 31 50TP: 30STRV 103-0: 30Emil II: 27 Standard B: 30Object 430 V2: 27 Centurion 7/1: 27Conway: 27M103: 24 - 3
  9. idk about that, but I watch his replays religiously, he uploads a lot on wotreplays.com and most of them are on EU, so... I guess he's unbanned?
  10. Somebody should just ask Der_Weisse_Mongol about this so we could all get an answer once and for all. Anybody knows the man?
  11. At tier 7, 390 alpha is an amazing strength for a tank. Use it.
  12. Keweii method is fuckin bullshit. All you will achieve with playing tier X unprepared is to rage quit on the game altogether and frustrate your teammates. Fuck that shit. Learn the game slowly, dominate one tier (starting from V), then move on to the next one. Of course, this is me talking to really bad players, not to OP. In my short and humble tier X experience (Obj140, 100 games, 61%wr, 2,9-3k dpg, maybe 10 games platooned), you absolutely MUST know the maps to even the slightest details. That means watching replays and learning great spots that enable doing early damage, all the hulld
  13. I'd love to platoon with you, if you want to platoon with a scrub like me. I see we're both live in Zg so thats a plus Problem is, I don't have tierIX right now (well, I technically do have T-54 but no crew) and I mostly play Obj140 and grind IS3. If you wanna play with me, I'm all in.
  14. This is my first tier X tank and I am absolutely in love with this thing. Unbelievably comfortable and well rounded tank, works well in almost every situation and on every map. It is so so so much better at tier than T-54. Although noticeably less agile and a bit slower, it is much better armoured (turret is not even close when it comes to protection, and even though front plate is weaker, excellent angle bounces more shots than T-54) and has excellent gun with high shell velocity and above all, has gun depression. I couldn't afford spamming gold in 54, so that lack of penetration really s
  15. Wow I actually started paying attention to NBA because of Lebron back in 2002, when I heard rumors of some highschool wunderkind who is going to be better that Jordan. And you had the privilege to watch one of the greatest players ever grow from up close... I really hope u guys win it all this year, I know something about Cleveland's sport curse (mostly from Simmons lol) and it would be an amazing story if James and Co. could end the trophy drought Hopefully they will click on defense before the playoffs and that would be game over for the rest of the league
  16. Unfortunately, I m on EU... You lucky bastard, you get to go to NBA games and even see LeBron, Kyrie and Love live... Me jealous
  17. I have also just gotten my first tier 10 tank, Obj 140, 2 days ago. Solopubbed during weekend, 32 games, 3k dpg, 46% win rate. Fuck my fuckin life.
  18. If you don't like M103, you will absolutely hate the Conq so dont even bother with it. Better gun doesn't compensate for less gun depression and no armour at all. Compared to Conq, M103 is a fortress and, ultimately, is a better tank imho. I really liked the M103 and I see you do pretty good in it, give it another shot
  19. new worst tier IX? Also, 20 rounds, lol wut
  20. Anfield's for me. No unnecessary bullshit, very clean, slim and has everything I need.
  21. Every year the same shit, just a slightly different name. They should just change the name to CoD 2015 or 2K15, it offers the same (or even less lol) amount of innovations as a typical sports franchise. Fuck this...
  22. Conq was my first tier 9 tank and it still holds a special place in my heart. I played it like a complete retard for 250+ games, and that, in combination with gawd-awful grind, fucked my stats in it so hard lol. The thing that stands out on this tank is obviously the amazing gun. I mean, it can really spoil you hard - after L1A1almost every fuckin gun in the game will feel like shit. Its a laser canon that snapshots everything without much problems and it will troll you very seldomly. I played M103 immediately after Conq and I couldn't believe the difference between the two guns, M103's gu
  23. Pollto, just wanted to thank you for posting your absolutely amazing Leo1 replays! One of my biggest weaknesses is not knowing when to back down and disengage a fight so i die uselessly quite a lot (for example, last week solopub win rate 64%, survival rate 36%... welp). Seeing you back down and reposition really opened my eyes and I can only hope it will help me improve my scruby game. Anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge and keep up the great work
  24. Hurry, as soon as I grind out cent 7, I'm selling this piece of shit Of course, I'm not an idiot and I don't belive in conspiracies. But, 20pdrA is shit compared to 20pdrB in terms of accuracy and handling. I have had the same problems with Caer when I had A gun, B was much, much better and less derpy. Cent needs that gun desperatly, imho...
  25. I'm going trough british med line because I've already gone tru heavy line, and all I can say is: fuck this tank. Only possible way to play this turd is to snipe from across the map in a hull down position, and even that doesn't work most of the time. The gun is so bad, although it has really good values for penetration and accuracy (only good on paper!). Literally, you can't hit shit if you are not fully aimed, and even then shots tend to go anywhere but the middle of the crosshairs. I mean, I have vert stabs on, I have 100% crew with both smooth ride and snapshot skills, but accuracy is
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