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  1. When playing light tanks, is it better to play solo or platoon with a similar tank?
  2. T-54 19 Battles 68% Not many game in it yet but so far so good...
  3. Then why answer? Verbal diarrhea ?
  4. Is there a site, or page to see the gun depression on different tanks from different sides, RE: front, side, and rear?
  5. Yea but I'm against TKing but, this tool just needed to die lol
  6. Prefer Jumbo with stock turret to all 3
  7. I confess, to Hating arty so much I have TKd b4
  8. skull_helmet


    The grinding order. Does the BL-9 get better if I get the top turret, I don't have top gun.
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