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  1. When playing light tanks, is it better to play solo or platoon with a similar tank?
  2. T-54 19 Battles 68% Not many game in it yet but so far so good...
  3. Then why answer? Verbal diarrhea ?
  4. Is there a site, or page to see the gun depression on different tanks from different sides, RE: front, side, and rear?
  5. Yea but I'm against TKing but, this tool just needed to die lol
  6. Prefer Jumbo with stock turret to all 3
  7. I confess, to Hating arty so much I have TKd b4
  8. skull_helmet


    The grinding order. Does the BL-9 get better if I get the top turret, I don't have top gun.
  9. skull_helmet

    IS 8

    Thanks guys going to buy it now...
  10. skull_helmet

    IS 8

    Hi, Just wondering if the IS 8 grind is worth the IS 7 and how bad is that grind going to be? Thanks...
  11. Don't you think the AMX 13/90 could use a buff now that their are more competitive tier 8 LTs?
  12. When scouting I often use prem consumables but find that I often replace the wrong thing to put it in my tank. RE: I put chocolate in Awful panther and take out FE get set on fire and so on... So for each nation should it all be the same, like take out the med kit for the room or should it change from tank to tank?
  13. So why are you answering? OP it depends on what crew you want to get XP for...
  14. I hope all of you enjoy your jobs, and happy holidays to ALL WOT employees and players !!!
  15. Get rid of Komarin, Mountain pass, and mines need fixing.
  16. I don't think I could remember where the enemy was without the Mini map mod and I love Jimbo's crosshair! Those are the only ones I run.
  17. Ok, what is the Mentor skill good for and which skill should it be, 1st 2nd ect...
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