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  1. Rework arty is at the top of my list. I'm not fully sure how. But getting one shot clicked or hit for most of my health is very frustrating. The Steam game 'This War of Mine' is more lively,cheerful and fun than WoT for me right now,
  2. I'm enjoying it. It's not as complex as LOL/DOTA but in some ways that's a good thing. I've never liked the last hit mechanic. It has 40 champions at launch, roughly the same as LOL had. Though so far I prefer the LOL heroes. You buy a bonus to xp and gold but that's not all that different from LOL. I assume DOTA has a similar thing as well. I like that the maps are very distinctive, with different heroes and playstyles required for each. The way xp level you up in games instead of using currency to buy items is an interesting switch, It limits your options but the abilities are no
  3. Speaking from the sub 55% side of things, I use gold tactically. If I'm bottom tier and especially if they have a bunch of tanks I know I'll struggle to pen I load gold from the start. If I'm top tier I generally don't load gold at the start. BUT, I'm fairly likely to swap often if I'm running a fast loading gun. Some tanks have trolly armor and I want to be sure of the kill. If I'm not sure what to load in a 15 second reload gun I'll load gold.
  4. I'm currently taking a break from the game, probably until 9.8. Several games in a row where arty focused on me like I was deep purple just made the game frustrating. Even Heroes of the Swarm or LoL is more fun at this point.
  5. Definitely NOT 2000BC. Bronze OP. World War I as a battle of morons is an old narrative but hasn't held up over time. Both sides did adjust tactics over the years, but the technology of the time gave a huge advantage to camping so both sides dug in deep. I've been in a few games like this recently.
  6. So far removing the autoaim extended seems to have worked for me, awesome! So far Melty's is holding up for me as well. But where did the default sniper distance move to? It used to be set in NoScroll but it seems like it got moved to a new file.
  7. Did you finish 2nd Season or Roberta's Blood Trail? Both had bittersweet endings, which is about the best to expect from a craptastic place like Roanapur.
  8. Agreed. Win/Loss based on build order can happen in tournaments because you know the tendency of players, especially if you train with them. At that point you are play the person and what build you think they are most likely to do to counter what you'll do. At that point it's rock, paper scissors for who read their opponent better. The mind games are as important as the mechanics at that level. For laddering just play a sound FE build and scout well. Even if you can't see the base what you do or don't see will quickly narrow down what they might be doing. If I feel safe then I get very
  9. I heard the T127 only gets tier 4 now, so I decided to give it a try. Seems to be true, every fight I got was tier 4.
  10. A big part of why I'm getting back into SC2 is it removes RNG. No arty to randomly blap me. No crappy teams I have no control over. If I fail to scout that proxy gateway and get cheesed in the first five minutes it's my own fault and I'll make sure to scout that spot the next time I don't find a gateway in his main.
  11. Thanks for the link to Harpoon3, that looks worth keeping an eye on. Deegie's annoys me because it's so garish.
  12. Mayweather is too smart to risk his undefeated record, he waited this long because he wanted to be 100% sure he would win. 99% wasn't good enough. So it'll be a boring decision, probably unanimous. I hope I'm wrong, it would be great to see an unpredictable fight.
  13. Don't be silly. GRRM uses an old dos based machine running Word Star 4.0 for writing. I'm not sure there is a computer repair shop in the world that would touch that. He'd need to go to a retirement home for old computer nerds to get help. Who are just the sort of people who would steal stuff from his hard drive, so....nevermind,carry on.
  14. Holy crap, why the change? I had someone message me earlier about Bunny but I thought they were just misspelling Buneh and Pupeh. Not that my stats qualify anymore...
  15. I got the first tank then stalled at the T28. The missions are irritating to do, and the platoon missions are difficult for a friendless nerd like me. If they just eliminate the platoon missions in 9.8 and nerf the tougher missions I might give it a try again.
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