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  1. Any good platoon combos for running the 50B? Im thinking e5s, e100s, is7s etc as meatshield- maybe ruskie meds as a third if youre feeling adventurous... I just cant seem to win in my 50 B- i need a semi pub proof plat lol

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    2. zapyoug


      my first hundred games or something in my 50b was nothing but tripple 50b platoons and I had something like 75% win rate and 3600dpg

    3. Fulcrous


      215b/e5 with a med for vision.

    4. Va1heru


      If you dont have 3 50B's, I'm not sure if the Meta is that different but two fast meds is really good as well. Just been able to blitz on the first tank you see and then running away works wonders

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