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  1. Couldn't Buy a win last night if i tried! https://imgur.com/a/oJ60SV1
  2. I'm looking for a decent higher end clan f i can manage it, i've just returned to the game due to military training/activities/RL and have been back for 2 weeks- finally have shook off the rust and am on track to hit my peak wn8 from my glory days. My recents are looking rough, I wont lie, but I think my 7 day more accurately reflects my current play level (for now at least until i've been at it for a month). I play 5 days a week at least. https://wotlabs.net/na/player/_crackajack_ I have quite a bit of tier tens, 8's and a handful of 6's if you require them for stronks. 10s- IS7,277,5A,E100,TYPE5, IS4, 60TP, 705A,T57,50B,215B, S CONQ, E5 M48,Leo, Batchat, Progetto65, 140,62A,430U,T22,907 JPE,Badger, 183, Grille, Foch B, Foch155, 268, E3, (very soon will be getting the STRV) T92 cancer If you'd like to view my 8's then feel free to check wotlabs or in game. I have experience with higher (ish) end clans, and I definitely play above my level. I have called in the past, but always am willing to listen/learn for CW's/advances, as well as having leadership experience in prior clans. I generally have a relaxed attitude with others, and am always willing to help/ platoon with others. Previous clans include:REL2, WONKA, FRSH/B0LD, CHAI, YOLO, FOXEY, BUNNY/BUNEH. I'm looking for a 2500+ recent clan, relatively active, with decent team play. TL;DR- 2500 30 Day/2900+ 7-14 day (more accurate due to shaking off rust), 32 tier tens, active 5+ days a week, cw/stronk/advance friendly, prior CW exp/calling. Looking for 2500+ recents clan.
  3. Now why haven't you joined FRSH yet? Hit us up!
  4. Hahaha, very well, i suppose we need to check out more of your work then
  5. [FRSH] Fresh Ta Death. FRSH is a newer clan that has roots from top clans such as MO, Relic, HAVOK, and CHAI. FRSH has made its way already among clans on the Tier 6 map, with plans of moving to the tier 8 map. At FRSH we're very insistent on improving as a team though, so were constantly looking for new players to come fight with us. Don't worry though, with all the fighting we still like to have fun, and we do various things with our members when we can. At FRSH You Can Expect: -Weekly Team Training -Nightly Strongholds (=mad creds yo) -Tourney Teams -Pub Platooning Teams -Nightly Clan Wars -Only the Freshest of Strats -Gold Payouts Once Established in T8 -See Below For FRSH Strats 101- ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements To Be A Member Of FRSH: 1. Participate in nightly clan activities 4+ days a week at prime times. 2. Must have Teamspeak3 3.Must have acceptable tanks for Clan Wars and Strongholds (listed below) 4.2000+ recent wn8. Exceptions can be considered. PM for info. 5.We're so FRESH we're rated M for Mature so no kiddies. 18+ *Some Exceptions Can Be Made But ONLY Based On Evals* Recommended Tanks Tier 6: Cromwell T37 Type 64 T-34-85 Tier 8: IS3 T32 AMX 50-100 T54Lt Ru-251 AMX 1390 Tier 10: Heavies: T110E5 113 AMX 50b E100 Maus IS-7 Mediums: Any of the RU Meds Batchat 25T TVP 50/51 Leopard 1 Arty: ConqGC Obj. 261 M53/55 If you feel that you meet these requirements and that we might be a good fit for you, please message one of [FRSH] officers for TS info. Stay FRSH!
  6. Hi all, Previous high tier clan player just getting back into the game after 7 months. I'm wondering what clans are there nowadays that are mainly relaxed, non CWs for high tier players? I unfortunately don't have the time i did previously anymore to do clan wars for hours on end, and i'm just looking for a good laid back place with high level players to play with in pubs and so on. thanks for any help, - Crackajack
  7. im willing to coach you for free if youd like. im getting back into the game after 7 months, but i think i know a thing or two still let me know if you want me to help. involves replay review, ts, platoons etc.
  8. Figures, once i reach a level of play and get into one of the clans of my dreams, i magically find a social life and a girlfriend... Not complaining but its ironic as hell. Also, not playing for about a month has really fucked up my level of gameplay. lel.

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      boobs > tanks

    2. Firedog119


      That my friend we agree on.

  9. Ill see if i can get in touch with some people to help ya out buddy. Im sorry Buneh never came back man.
  10. Don't Mind me, just Chai Sniping recruitment threads >.> Also, why does everyone suddenly assume im Asian???
  11. Any good platoon combos for running the 50B? Im thinking e5s, e100s, is7s etc as meatshield- maybe ruskie meds as a third if youre feeling adventurous... I just cant seem to win in my 50 B- i need a semi pub proof plat lol

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    2. zapyoug


      my first hundred games or something in my 50b was nothing but tripple 50b platoons and I had something like 75% win rate and 3600dpg

    3. Fulcrous


      215b/e5 with a med for vision.

    4. Va1heru


      If you dont have 3 50B's, I'm not sure if the Meta is that different but two fast meds is really good as well. Just been able to blitz on the first tank you see and then running away works wonders

  12. Got slayed today in MCMAP- can someone just play tanks for me tonight and let me nap?? DX

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    2. Firedog119


      wellllllllll fck. remind me to never spar with ya then buddie lol

      tan belt though? shittttttttttt bro ;) lol were you just in before MCMAP came out and such?


    3. TheMarine0341


      got tan in boot camp, never bothered nor had time to get anything above. Such is life in the infantry. I was with 3/5 in 2005-2009


    4. Firedog119


      Ah. to be totally honest (Airwinger, dont judge :/) i wouldve thought that wouldve been a big push for you guys to get MCMAP done. Lolz.


  13. ^^^Get on my level with the Recruiting posts friends XD ^^^ I guess now ill just have to come back and show yall how its done In all seriousness Tankers- Buneh 2.0 Really deserves a shot with you- Buneh was probably the BEST atmosphere clanwise i've ever been apart of (I compare any new clan I join to Buneh/Bunny), and they're a pretty decent bunch of tankers. Things will be slow in the beginning, but hang in there, and im sure the clan is going to be Kicking ass in no time -Crackajack -Former BUNNY CO/Professional clam killer apparently-
  14. Lol, get into 1 argument with you clan CO over a shitty call he makes and you get kicked from the clan. Kids these days amirite? :oscar:

  15. That moment when you think a flank is about to fall so you run... only to find your pubbies actually held on long enough so that if you hadnt have left you wouldve just dominated hat flank and won the match... fml. Misread the situation sooooooo hard.


  16. That moment when your Sergeant is a complete badass... Found out this morning after getting back from 4 days of leave that he saved another of our sgt's life by throwing her out of the way of a van speeding. He got hit and is pretty banged up right now but hes gonna make it. Guys a fucking killer. Ooh Fucking Rah.

  17. ^Liked the Video. Gl figuring out this game. I hope the cancer doesn't ruin it for you lol
  18. I think ive lost about half my hair tonight after doing 40 some games in the grille. good tank, but god damn... these teams.

  19. Im in love with most of my tier tens. some are harder to work with, but are still good in the end. Im currently in the process of perfecting soviet hover meds. I do well and then shit the bed the next game. its all over. all the rips. T62a especially is a mystery.
  20. yeah man, ive found that too from previous clam hunts- hopefully i can find a good home. i think someone may have to take a chance on me, but i usually prove them im worth it
  21. yeah im aware. I find i have more fun though in a clan environment, and right now is pretty rough not being in one. I was originally planning on hitting teal overal, and working on 2800 recent before i went clan hunting, but yeah, times are rough friend. Chuny- ill pm you shortly, i may not be on tonight but im interested. thanks for the interest guys.
  22. I'm a bit tired of rebuilding clans, or for that matter, trying to be an officer in clans in general. I just want to go back to being a grunt, and join as decent of a clan as i can get into. After three clan implosions, im kinda done, i just want somewhere i can be that im proud of and not worry about it going to hell the next day. I have multiple competitive clans under my belt- BUNNY, FOXEY, B0LD/CTDEL, and i've pretty much done clan wars/clan battles for my whole WOT career. My garage reflects that. I play on average at about a 2700, 60% wr level- and yes my overall is terrible and still being fixed. My wotlabs-http://wotlabs.net/na/player/_crackajack_ I play almost every night, 5 pm central- 10, or later if fights are popping. Thanks for any interest or any suggestions to clans that you can give. - Crackajack
  23. I think i've finally reached the point where I legitimately am going to quit WOT. I don't even know what the point of playing is anymore. Later dudes. Its been fun. (not)

    1. Fulcrous


      You will realize you are a masochist and end up coming back like I did. :feelsbad:

    2. Firedog119


      more than likely


  24. I cannot unicum tonight, i has the dumb.


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