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  1. I am looking at these two tanks for credits and crew training. I am going up the Russian medium line and would like to start on a heavy line. I will start the line that the tank is from. Which one makes better credits? My favorite tank right now is the Cromwell, so would the FCM be better? I have heard the FCM is for more advanced players. Since I am relatively new, will I struggle in it?Thanks
  2. XXCaptainUnicorn EST: Friday after 6:00 PM, Saturday 7:00 Am - 11:00 Am and usually after, Sunday 7:00 Am - 11:00 Am sometimes late evenings Tanks: Cromwell, E25, Type 64, T-44, T37 No Microphone Current Skill Level: Below average- Average. Recent is green. Would like to be Darker green. Will take criticism, I know I am useless Thanks!
  3. Fusive

    T-44 Mines

    I will put the repair kit on 5 next time i'm online. I am trying to be more aware of where the enemy guns are facing so I do not rush the shots, but It is hard for me to think about in the "Heat of Battle". Thanks!
  4. Fusive

    T-44 Mines

    Is there anything I could have done to have done better? This is my best game so far. Thanks http://wotreplays.com/site/1582625
  5. i was planning on waiting... just unlocked t-43 but dont have enough credits
  6. I am thinking about getting a premium tank. WHich one would be better for me. I prefer mobility to armor.... but the is-6 is pretty mobile. Thanks BTW: anyone want to gift me one of these(or any tank) I am poor
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