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  1. Could you get this consolidated into a replay pack? Thanks.
  2. arceusdrago

    The M103

    100 game replay pack?
  3. This is a pretty much comprehensive guide on how to improve. It covers the basics, but if you want to improve recognize that you'll have to put in effort. Edit: Also read this; Really, many of the articles on WotLabs are gold. Though they're old they're still very relevant. I also recommend watching streamers like Zeven and Overlord_Prime.
  4. Replays take up very little space, and if something happens in game it will be saved. As long as you clean out your replay folder every once in a while it's a great feature.
  5. You could try to send some replays to the replay review section of the forum. I'm unfortunately not at the level where I can critique another player while playing well.
  6. Welcome and good luck with achieving wn8 greatness.
  7. I'm currently trying to use Overlord_Prime's way of looking at it. Think of the win-rate of each player. The average player has a win-rate of ~49.9% (Due to draws). This kind of player doesn't help his team but doesn't harm it either. Statistically speaking, he pulls his own weight in a match. Players who have less damage their team's chances of winning; the amount under 49.9% shows the extent of the damage. Players who pull higher win rates contribute to their team's chances of winning, and the higher their win-rate, the better they are. Player's aren't obligated to play at a high level. If they are pulling their own weight, they're doing enough, but they aren't bound by some contract to do so. They can and will play at a lower level, and there's nothing that can be done about this. It follows that games will be lost. But that's fine, as a 67% player isn't losing 33% of games, but rather has the skill to influence their games and win 17% greater than the average. Accept that games will be lost, teammates will be bad and instead simply play the best you can.
  8. Your Health > Wotlabs. Good luck with your diet!
  9. Overlord_Prime occasionally hosts follower platoons, and will critique his platoon-mates play while doing so. I will you warn you that playing in a platoon with OP is not for the faint of heart, especially since the entire fiasco is streamed. He does give top tier advice though.
  10. If you want to be useful in competitive play and challenge yourself, go for the 50 bae. Just be warned that the 50 120 is an...interesting experience.
  11. Was in [SNPAI] before I was kicked due to schoolwork based forced hiatus, 10/10 would join again.
  12. This is off topic, but there's a ongoing giveaway at Alienware Arena for AW if you guys are interested.
  13. The ability to request stats to update, so I can whore over mine more.
  14. Don't worry. Random scrubbery in search for skilled play is waaaayyy better than what most people have.
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