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  1. tape a used toilet paper roll to your head like this guy.
  2. cySrCeu.png


    God the shell velocity on this is so bad

  3. tfw you get marks to 94.98% and then allied arty pushes/flips you into the water when you're crossing Erlenberg bridge at the start of the match

  4. Got my first high tier 3 mark in the M46 today!163435224_hellyeah(2).PNG.846a37a932253cd9b4675b650b2a8c48.PNG

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    2. hazzgar


      Congrats man. 

    3. ZXrage


      Impressive, well done sir

    4. RC_Tank


      congrats bro

  5. @Never My past 30 and 60 days stats have been bugged for a while now, can you take a look at it? Unrelated to the universal stat padding

  6. Could you get this consolidated into a replay pack? Thanks.
  7. arceusdrago

    The M103

    100 game replay pack?
  8. This is a pretty much comprehensive guide on how to improve. It covers the basics, but if you want to improve recognize that you'll have to put in effort. Edit: Also read this; Really, many of the articles on WotLabs are gold. Though they're old they're still very relevant. I also recommend watching streamers like Zeven and Overlord_Prime.
  9. Replays take up very little space, and if something happens in game it will be saved. As long as you clean out your replay folder every once in a while it's a great feature.
  10. You could try to send some replays to the replay review section of the forum. I'm unfortunately not at the level where I can critique another player while playing well.
  11. Welcome and good luck with achieving wn8 greatness.
  12. I'm currently trying to use Overlord_Prime's way of looking at it. Think of the win-rate of each player. The average player has a win-rate of ~49.9% (Due to draws). This kind of player doesn't help his team but doesn't harm it either. Statistically speaking, he pulls his own weight in a match. Players who have less damage their team's chances of winning; the amount under 49.9% shows the extent of the damage. Players who pull higher win rates contribute to their team's chances of winning, and the higher their win-rate, the better they are. Player's aren't obligated to play at a high level. If they are pulling their own weight, they're doing enough, but they aren't bound by some contract to do so. They can and will play at a lower level, and there's nothing that can be done about this. It follows that games will be lost. But that's fine, as a 67% player isn't losing 33% of games, but rather has the skill to influence their games and win 17% greater than the average. Accept that games will be lost, teammates will be bad and instead simply play the best you can.
  13. Your Health > Wotlabs. Good luck with your diet!
  14. Overlord_Prime occasionally hosts follower platoons, and will critique his platoon-mates play while doing so. I will you warn you that playing in a platoon with OP is not for the faint of heart, especially since the entire fiasco is streamed. He does give top tier advice though.
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