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  1. IS-3A back in the prem shop on NA, you guys think it's worth getting?

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    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      the tank is OP yes

      but frustratingly OP,  the gun will make you want to break something because of how terrible it is in regards to accuracy/dispersion. it only works in close range fights and even then it can launch shells into the dirt/tracks ect. 

      its slow because of its bad terrain resistances, and has no real armor to rely on. 

      as others have said here the other options at tier 8 are better as far as RU heavies go. the defender while it also has a derpy gun at least gets BS armor, and the 703 is by far the best choice there is since it gets both a good gun+ armor.

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Its a slow IS-5 but with an autoloader.

      When you fire all you shells, you just become a slow IS-5 with better reload.


      The reverse autoreloader is a fucking stupid mechanic.

    4. lavawing


      It statistically overperforms but is very frustrating BOTH gun and armour wise.

      What feels most terrible about it is that you have nothing to leverage against good players who know what they are doing - even 240 alpha meds like the T-44 can be a threat if they know how to poke - and you will just get farmed to oblivion by the new 360/420 alpha heaviums 

      If you have the 703, skip it. If you don't have the 703, I still wouldnt get it unless you have a hard on for derpy high alpha autoloaders

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