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  1. Ack, I just randomly checked these forums. If no one else has, I'll see what I can do to pass it along.
  2. Sorry, no I don't have any info. : ( AFAIK no prizes are planned; however I don't deal with WGL or ESL so those plans could have changed (or I could just be wrong).
  3. I don't know the exact reasoning, but I doubt it had anything to do with the amount of gold NA was giving out. Until things happened in other regions, no one said boo about our tourney gold. Tournaments are still around, I just can't bring back the Skirmish or the amount of gold. Well...the Skirmish format is still around (3 days group stage, with single elim playoffs) but no one likes it
  4. For any interested NA guys - We started a guide contest for any part of competitive gaming (tourneys, CW, strongholds)

    1. Assassin7


      :( of course the best prizes are inside NA only. 

    2. dance210
  5. True. But if he wanted to join in for the 100 gold platoon that's only on Fridays Hooray!!! I've been sad and lonely without any platoon partners (which I swear is why I haven't been playing and not because of Payday 2 or Overwatch lol) :-D It's not a lottery. Each day, you can do a platoon mission to get 10,000 XP which will give you a ticket. There is tiered prizing and every five tickets you earn gives you another tier, with better prizes as you move up tiers (e.g. if you earn 5 tickets by the end of July, you can pick a Tier 1 prize; if you earn 20 tickets by the end of Jul
  6. Sorry, platoons for that must be made of WG staff only! You could try to find my platoon during that time, beat us up and get 100 gold
  7. 1. Yes, you'll receive gold. They will be paid out the same way as tournaments (which will only give gold compensation if you have the tank). 2. Pz3K goes on sale....July 1 I believe (or it should be a rental tank if you want to try before you buy). IMO it's a decent enough tank at tier V, although I've only played it a few times.
  8. Tournaments aren't dead, they're just being adjusted in July to try something different. I put up a forum post to a) announce the change early because people actually look at the calendar that is posted and b) gather feedback to determine player sentiment before things are planned for August The more constructive feedback in that thread, the better the chance that I can convince people to allow more daily/weekly tournaments.
  9. Aww thanks!! <3 Haha to be fair, I've said much worse in TS...that's why I like voice comms better :-P I love you guys too!!! Are you sure about that....
  10. But not everyone knew that about me
  11. Oh jeez. Girl makes one simple mistake and now I'm marked for life as being lewd....lol
  12. Woot! After a break for the GF and with the new season starting, WGA is back playing ranked team battles from 5 - 7 pm PT on NA East!! Looking forward to moving up the ladder tonight (or getting our butts kicked, one of the two)!! Oh and anyone who beats us will get 10 each of the large experience, free experience and crew experience reserves.
  13. Um...um...for console?? I dunno, they don't let me play with console stuff.
  14. Nice!! Hope you're enjoying the interning :-D The physics is fun...and I've only flipped over once. Totally blame my interwebz for that though :-P And hooray for platooning!! Although, if you wanna be carried, we may need to find a third to join us lol
  15. I'm not really involved in deciding which mods they try to get into the client, but I'll pass it on for ya Shinma!! How you doing?? Whatcha been up to? Lol not much new here...work is keeping me busy, which I love. There's this fun new physics thing in tanks that I keep meaning to have fun with...as soon as I have time to play again :-D
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