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  1. sad.. especially considering that clan is formed only by people that live in my state.. Wait.. theres clickers on bulba? ew. and accidental neg.. rip.
  2. I actually have fun with it too.. at least when im on a good streak, now when things go bad.. the rage is real.
  3. ty bby This game is worse than crack, you know its horrible but you just cant stop using/playing it..
  4. Hai bby. Working and studying all week long, and partying all weekend long.. not much time left for pixel tonkz (plus the fact im not into wot anymore..) And.. crab on bulba? when did this happen.. since when do we let baddies in?!?!!? (hue <3 crab) Edit; wait.. valachio is on the clan too? da fuk.
  5. Lies, it is known that we only know how to farm damage/wn8 and we have no idea how to win gaemz. It is known.
  6. Like true chai snipers, o7. Pls.. shit posting is so fun.. brb opening an topic on CR/D.
  7. If only it wasnt that late.. If only i didnt have to work... rip.
  8. I'll be completely honest now... i´ve never seen a purple doing that. Ever. I've seen greens and some light blues sniping on stupid positions, but never a purple (by that i mean in a obvious chai-sniping position). Regardless of that.. the joke is gud, chai-sniping4lyfe
  9. Like i said before, that kind of player WILL always find something to blame their bad performance, no matter what its always something else's fault that they have bad stats and lose most of their games and consequently do shit / talk shit. XVM its a enabler for them to do that, but what we disagree is in how much impact it has on the game and i think its not that big, but still it is a problem and the game would be better without it. My opinion was all formed by my experience on pub matches and that list i made is what in my experience ruins the game the most. You went off-to
  10. I disagree with you. IMO You cant point 1 thing as THE major game-breaker, and if you would do that, XVM would'nt even be close to being it. Pubbies will always find things to blame for their bad performance and all of that, you dont need XVM to see clam tags and i think having a top clam tag is way more toxic to pubbies than being a purple. do i think XVM has a bad influence to pubbies? Yes, it does have. Is it game-breaker? No, not even close. "Getting hit by arti is all your fault" Erhm.. ok, maybe i can agree to that, if i wanted i could camp behind that uselles hous
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