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  1. Decided it's time to try my first T10 3 mark on the M48, 16 games 37% wr, just steamroll after steamroll, not going great so far lol.

    1. kolni


      It’s a fairly tough 3mark among the tech tree 10s, GL!

  2. Why is there no "Start your advance!" chat wheel option?

    1. sr360


      Because on the RU server, you don't need to tell anyone to YOLO...

    2. GehakteMolen


      Also, You try? You die! (or alternative, You Try? You Cry!)

      So better to defend some bush like a bitch as advance :P

  3. whats up nerds how is this site not dead yet lol

    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

    2. lavawing
    3. ZXrage


      On 10/18/2020 at 4:21 AM, DrJ_Zoidberg said:

      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

      There's a WoTLabs discord, you can ask for toons there

  4. Why would you want someone else to 3 mark tanks for you....completely meaningless. Can't trust anyone with marks who doesn't maintain over 90% moe anymore.

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    2. DrJ_Zoidberg


      Or they just pay carbon to do it for them :^

      Obviously you know who you are, if it doesn't apply to you then don't worry about it, stat shills should be shamed.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I've never accepted money or gifts for it. Feels like taking advantage of people with shit money skills. Something about being payed to play games doesn't sit well in my stomach

    4. Assassin7


      huh, I lied actually. my E5 is at 90.72 atm, and my T-54 is at 93.93, which are the only two relevant tanks I've 3 marked. go figure.

  5. starting to realize average damage/tier is a way better metric than wn8 at the top end of players, so many 4k+ players seem to just be padding easy tiers, need a big asterisk next to their stats :^

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    2. sohojacques


      Just saw a reroll with 69.7%WR after 9k battles. Was impressed until I checked out vehicles stats: 3000+ battles in Cromwell for 67%WR and 2000+ battles in the Cruiser III for 78%WR.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI
    4. HemanathanRX7


      9 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      Just saw a reroll with 69.7%WR after 9k battles. Was impressed until I checked out vehicles stats: 3000+ battles in Cromwell for 67%WR and 2000+ battles in the Cruiser III for 78%WR.

      not only a reroll, but a seal clubbing sub t8 reroll :doge: 

  6. Emil II is just :doge2:

    Best part is keeping pubbies guessing when you're clipping by constantly peaking your turret, literally carries so hard by baiting bounces all game :D


  7. Emil 1 pretty enjoyable, spammed a lot of gold and had to get used to not over committing because it's relatively slow to retreat. Would recommend. (Stats in image)


  8. 99% of wot players suffering from delusions of grandeur, nobody is "focusing" you...you're just the easiest target to shoot. :bigdoge:

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Your statement is correct, since the top 1% are the most commonly focused.

    3. DirtyACE7


      I always thought people were exaggerating about being arty focused. Then I got to teal/blue overall and it's like I crossed an invisible boundary. I've rewatched my replays where I thought I was being focused and a vast majority of the time my feelings were correct. When you have one arty on enemy team and he never fires unless you are spotted, then there you go. Also look in their match stats. In the replay you can see he fires 5 times at you, then you check the post-match stats and he only has 5 shots total the entire game.

    4. DrJ_Zoidberg


      Not saying it doesn't happen, it's just far too prevalent an excuse for poor positioning/overexposing. Yes some people get focused because of who they are, no not every shot of damage you take is because of that, the idea that you wouldn't take damage in the same situation/position if you were some anonymous shitter is....pointless?

  9. The arty re-balance shifts from a high variance, all or nothing mechanic...to a more consistent but lower top end damage mechanic. Anyone who thought it would make them useless misunderstood the changes. In the hands of a talented player, they will be much more consistent. You also get time to react/change what you're doing if you get focused. Class is more balanced AND more powerful (on average).

    Good change!

  10. Finished JT grind, at 3270dpg and 74% wr in 82 games. About 20 platooned, crazy carry potential, pick where the hp/heavies are, go there and slaughter them. Actually making me rethink where I go in my meds and taking heavy areas more often.

    1. zapyoug
    2. TohtoriP


      Exactly how I used that thing. To avoid getting flanked / artied is to go where the heavies brawl and then proceed to out-alpha and out-dpm them.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I'd like to see anyone pull 4k over 50+ games, tanks is amazing at carrying but way too slow to take advantage of free cleanup on quick wins/flex out when you're about to get overrun.

  11. Didn't think I could love a TD as much as the ferdi, but god damn JT, you are a hidden gem. MELTING PUBBIES


  12. Ferdi honeymoon continues, 50 battles in 69% wr, 2700 dpg, chewing pubbies up.

    1. mati_14


      If you wouldn't have killed me in one game i'd have 3 marked the 113 lol :feelsbad: fucked up at 94.5 %

    2. DrJ_Zoidberg


      hahaha that was you on erlenberg, yeah i go hard don't care if i'm 2 tiers lower lol

  13. Finally getting along with the UDES 3 after ~40 games, this: 1v4 clutch Ace game. It's cancerous but so delicious.

  14. Got my account back, somewhat active, but cleared friends list so shoot me an invite if you like me.

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    2. KenadianCSJ


      Ah. Yea that guy never answered anything. No wonder you became a complete dick.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      he didn't speak very good English and played at about 300 wn8 level, for about 2 weeks, then gave up.

    4. KenadianCSJ


      all the rips. I can ruin your wn8 for you if you want.

  15. tfw when you keep driving up and over cover you're used to slamming into and getting tracked on top of it, rofl physics...honestly don't notice much difference otherwise.

  16. prob a few months late but rofl grille15,who at wg thought this was a good idea


    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I mean I haven't played teh game in 5 months I must be rusty but this thing is just....mmmmmm


  17. Took my account back, played a few games, still got it, whose recruiting good/inactive these days?

  18. I'm no longer in possession of my account in case anyone runs into it in the wild  :awyeah:

    1. Strigonx


      u fokking wot?

    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      i need halp doing something "simiiar" lol :dealdog:

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      try eGay if you have decent history/feedback, surprised at how fast/how much it sold for, endgame is dead as fuck but I guess that doesn't matter to the sort of person who would buy an account lol.

  19. Finally did an episode in 1 take, check out Death of a Door to Door Door Salesmen, you don't want to miss a deal like this!

  20. I did this


    amazing what one can accomplish when you stop wasting your time on pixel tenks.

  21. 180 yolo snapshot ftw I guess.....sigh


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    2. Nekommando


      totally outplayed :serb:

    3. MacusFlash


      Balance from the sky.

    4. DrJ_Zoidberg




      Game was lost by all rights, down 3.5k hp with 3 tanks remaining to their 7, clawed it back from the brink only to have it ripped from my claws. Not even mad really, watching the replay I would have been fine if I hadn't traded with that damn T20 in D village early. 



  22. Why is this happening :/ybZgzZg.jpg

    1. Medjed


      cuz you suck :serb: j/k the game is shit

    2. woe2you


      Because TVP VTU ABC XYZ RNG.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I would trade the bloom for a tiny bit more accuracy, dpm is there just combo of bad final acc and pen makes it so frustrating to try to pen anything that isn't paper over 300m (using the top 88)

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