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  1. I was wondering why so many of my shots at 260ish armor areas were constantly bouncing with 321 pen, I had a feeling it was "fake" pen after playing for a while, forgot dropoff was even a thing because in most cases it doesn't come into play. What a sneaky bitch move by WG, but I get why it was done. I agree with autoloader spam in T8 is aids, I've been yolo clipped out from full hp so many fucking times taking aggressive forward positions in T8 heavies that it's not even worth it to try anymore. Especially yesterday with all the somoas who somehow always get away with it because p
  2. I like brawling so Paris is fine with me, just go brawl in whatever tank I'm in and hope for the best, usually works out. I'll never unban airfield, it's the worst stalemate YPYL map in the game and nobody can convince me it's worth playing in any tank ever. I got Siegfried Line also because it often feels like there's no play in standard mode, but I leave Assault and Encounter on, that map plays fine when it's flipped. I'd rather be attacking than playing it in standard mode.
  3. 225 boxes, had nothing from last year so a lot of styles to burn through. Got everything except the 430U style from last year in the first 170 boxes. (Nothing in the last 55 boxes, scam) Total about 100k gold, 145 days premium and 12M credits. Level X atmosphere and 50% credit boost from the deco's shards from unboxing. I was prepared to buy up to 300 boxes for the gold value and knew my odds of getting the 3 good t8's were lower since I didn't do boxes last year. Seems fine, about average expected value.
  4. As someone who recently dusted off his account after a 3 year hiatus, game feels pretty similar. The major differences are all the new maps and old map reworks since 2017 make it so my knowledge of THE SPOTS is pretty awful and I find myself unable to play as yolo aggressive as I prefer, dying early and out of position often. That and it seems like there's way more tanks with invulnerable turrets and lots of obvious/easy hull down spots near the main flanks for the pubbies. Maybe that's just me not knowing the maps but sometimes it feels like it's harder to push. Otherwise the itch i
  5. whats up nerds how is this site not dead yet lol

    1. DrJ_Zoidberg


      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

    2. lavawing
    3. ZXrage


      On 10/18/2020 at 4:21 AM, DrJ_Zoidberg said:

      played a few games and didn't uninstall immediately, anyone got an open discord/community to toon around with hit me up.

      There's a WoTLabs discord, you can ask for toons there

  6. Why would you want someone else to 3 mark tanks for you....completely meaningless. Can't trust anyone with marks who doesn't maintain over 90% moe anymore.

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    2. DrJ_Zoidberg


      Or they just pay carbon to do it for them :^

      Obviously you know who you are, if it doesn't apply to you then don't worry about it, stat shills should be shamed.

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      I've never accepted money or gifts for it. Feels like taking advantage of people with shit money skills. Something about being payed to play games doesn't sit well in my stomach

    4. Assassin7


      huh, I lied actually. my E5 is at 90.72 atm, and my T-54 is at 93.93, which are the only two relevant tanks I've 3 marked. go figure.

  7. Anyone with a large garage has probably built up a collection of equipment over the years, which will basically be obsolete, that's pretty dumb. This whole thing is pretty dumb, guarantee all the new equipment will be purchasable with real money, yet another cash grab.
  8. starting to realize average damage/tier is a way better metric than wn8 at the top end of players, so many 4k+ players seem to just be padding easy tiers, need a big asterisk next to their stats :^

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    2. sohojacques


      Just saw a reroll with 69.7%WR after 9k battles. Was impressed until I checked out vehicles stats: 3000+ battles in Cromwell for 67%WR and 2000+ battles in the Cruiser III for 78%WR.

    3. SkittlesOfSteeI
    4. HemanathanRX7


      9 hours ago, sohojacques said:

      Just saw a reroll with 69.7%WR after 9k battles. Was impressed until I checked out vehicles stats: 3000+ battles in Cromwell for 67%WR and 2000+ battles in the Cruiser III for 78%WR.

      not only a reroll, but a seal clubbing sub t8 reroll :doge: 

  9. Emil II is a straight upgrade from Emil I, much better tier for tier. The turret is much closer to invincible, the clip damage is enough to kill most T8s, increased alpha makes shots of opportunity better early game, the pen is mostly adequate, sure you don't want to fight a Maus frontally but what T9 does? The trick is to not hide between reloads like most auto loaders, you can do so much work for your team by constantly peeking your invulnerable turret and keeping pubbies interested. I've fended off tanks 4v1 while on reload because I keep peeking and they just stop dead to shoot at me,
  10. sell the tank, and delete this thread you are embarrassing yourself
  11. Emil II is just :doge2:

    Best part is keeping pubbies guessing when you're clipping by constantly peaking your turret, literally carries so hard by baiting bounces all game :D


  12. There's always been this disconnect in peoples heads about single battle/short term variance and the 1000 game averages, this is sort of a nice example as to why having a bad team in a few games means nothing in the long run, effectively 29 people are random noise evenly distributed and the only influencing factor in your solo game WR and DPG iis your input. Everyone gets the same random variance, bad teams, bad rng, lucky shots against them, so none of that actually matters and is not an excuse to hide behind.
  13. Emil 1 pretty enjoyable, spammed a lot of gold and had to get used to not over committing because it's relatively slow to retreat. Would recommend. (Stats in image)


  14. 99% of wot players suffering from delusions of grandeur, nobody is "focusing" you...you're just the easiest target to shoot. :bigdoge:

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    2. SaintLaurentius


      Your statement is correct, since the top 1% are the most commonly focused.

    3. DirtyACE7


      I always thought people were exaggerating about being arty focused. Then I got to teal/blue overall and it's like I crossed an invisible boundary. I've rewatched my replays where I thought I was being focused and a vast majority of the time my feelings were correct. When you have one arty on enemy team and he never fires unless you are spotted, then there you go. Also look in their match stats. In the replay you can see he fires 5 times at you, then you check the post-match stats and he only has 5 shots total the entire game.

    4. DrJ_Zoidberg


      Not saying it doesn't happen, it's just far too prevalent an excuse for poor positioning/overexposing. Yes some people get focused because of who they are, no not every shot of damage you take is because of that, the idea that you wouldn't take damage in the same situation/position if you were some anonymous shitter is....pointless?

  15. Always thought Garbad brought more to the table than he took away with his baity trolling/fight picking, but I knew him from EVE/Goonswarm and people seemed to have thicker skins in that game.. That said, he was a champion of maximizing WR over dpg, so why are we even talking about damage/wn8 values? I'd like to see any of the top dpg whores play as many games as he did SOLO with as high a WR....it's a lost art. The WR > DPG camp lost it's head when he was banned, unfortunate people couldn't help but get baited into the fights.
  16. The arty re-balance shifts from a high variance, all or nothing mechanic...to a more consistent but lower top end damage mechanic. Anyone who thought it would make them useless misunderstood the changes. In the hands of a talented player, they will be much more consistent. You also get time to react/change what you're doing if you get focused. Class is more balanced AND more powerful (on average).

    Good change!

  17. Look at the tanks that are on your and the enemy team. Try to make a guess as to how the match will play out. A lot of people who are starting to gitgud will tend to play cookie cutter opening moves/positions regardless of match comp, which is an improvement over doing nothing, but will not give you consistent results (just when the stars align) Example: You're in a medium, on Ruinberg, typically you'd contest delta village/field and hope for the best Situation: They have a huge medium overmatch, your team is heavier -> you should probably go with your heavies in city and help the
  18. Finished the grind around here, tank was a joy to play. Did about 15-20 platoon games before I realized this tanks prefers a nice, slow grindy brawl. Good platoon mates will end the game too fast, and steal all the cleanup damage if they're faster than you.Typically just go to the heavy brawling areas and look to outplay/out-trade/out dpm enough heavies to where I can start spending HP to push. Biggest weakness is mobility, sometimes the enemy team will do something unexpected like go to the "wrong" flank, or shove 10 mediums and overrun you, but typically the ideal situation was having 2-3 pu
  19. Finished JT grind, at 3270dpg and 74% wr in 82 games. About 20 platooned, crazy carry potential, pick where the hp/heavies are, go there and slaughter them. Actually making me rethink where I go in my meds and taking heavy areas more often.

    1. zapyoug
    2. TohtoriP


      Exactly how I used that thing. To avoid getting flanked / artied is to go where the heavies brawl and then proceed to out-alpha and out-dpm them.

    3. DrJ_Zoidberg


      I'd like to see anyone pull 4k over 50+ games, tanks is amazing at carrying but way too slow to take advantage of free cleanup on quick wins/flex out when you're about to get overrun.

  20. T34 isn't bad, it's slow, but it's similar to the t32 where you're not 100% helpless against T10s in a ridge fight. 300 pen option is basically mandatory in anything that sees 10's in the current meta. I may be suffering from a bit of Stockholm syndrome having played over 1000 games in it, but when I'm trying to grind credits in pubs i go between the skorp and T34. (also has one of the best credit/damage ratios of any prem)
  21. youjo is the best clan you can join if you got kicked out of all the good clans already also we win fights sometimes!
  22. Didn't think I could love a TD as much as the ferdi, but god damn JT, you are a hidden gem. MELTING PUBBIES


  23. Ferdi honeymoon continues, 50 battles in 69% wr, 2700 dpg, chewing pubbies up.

    1. mati_14


      If you wouldn't have killed me in one game i'd have 3 marked the 113 lol :feelsbad: fucked up at 94.5 %

    2. DrJ_Zoidberg


      hahaha that was you on erlenberg, yeah i go hard don't care if i'm 2 tiers lower lol

  24. Loving the ferdi, kneejerk reaction is to go with the faster tank but the current meta favors slowler play and higher effective hp. While the armor layout is pretty easy to defeat if you know where to aim...most pubbies don't know where to aim. The gun arc lets you play a corner with autobounce sides and not expose the flat parts around the gun, bait a shot, then pull out and snap a shot off in less than a second, get back to auto bounce angle. In the open you can bait lower pen guns (is6, defender, ect) to bouncing by wiggling and watching whether they aim to the front/side and over angling t
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