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  1. I don't like to spend a lot of money in this game, so I do stock grinds, shoot mostly silver etc. Not a stat whore, so not sure if this is the right place to look. Looking for a clan that farm good gold and have good callers. I'm a good caller but haven't called a battle recently, what I can't stand are bad callers, especially the ones who think they are good.
  2. You know what they say, there are three types of lies: "Lies, damn lies, and statistics". Don't hide behind just the fact that you used "stats", all stats need justifications, and the justification for Eureqa is just not there. It might be something that can give you some ideas of how things are correlated, but that cannot give you how these variables actually contribute to wins unless you can do an experiment that varies each parameters independently. Of course there are other problems like fitting to winrates, which basically varies from 45%-55% for most people.
  3. And you sound like a different word used trying to defend gold spammers. Like I said it's just an observation I had about the behavior of certain unicums. No ~AW Why do people keep assume I'm talking about E100, a waffle 4 almost never encounters E100 head on. What if I'm talking about taking a gold shot from a medium at the end of the game where I'm the only one alive?
  4. Lol, so you are calling me a 45% for my observations, ok. All I'm saying is that in my waffle 4 I noticed gold used on me by either noobs or unicums. Of course you don't need gold to shoot at a waffle 4, that shows you the behavior of some these unicums.
  5. I think Praetor stated he might be too tired to do new WN stuff any more. If you want to send me some data, I can probably compute them and come up with cool stuff (no guarantee).
  6. From my experience most NA unicums platoon and shoot gold out of their arse. I'm grinding the waffle line currently, and in my waffle pz 4 I get shot with gold by either unicums or tomatoes.
  7. Lol, ok well I guess you need to tell the people who make the websites about it instead of complaining here. As far as I can tell the data from WG are exact integers for cumulative stats, there is no need to use the per battle value. If you are a math guy, I can see why this bothers you, but as you know you can't express fractions like 1/5 exactly in binary.
  8. Spotting damage is not really a matter of time issue, but issue with WG API.
  9. First, the aim time is not linear, it decreases by a multiple of 3 for every "aim time" stat. It's in the wiki: http://wiki.worldoftanks.com/Battle_Mechanics#Aiming_Time Second, having an infinite aiming would be problematic just by the errors in the pixels your gun is pointing at.
  10. There is already a lot of discussion on spotting damage in the spotting WN8 thread. The result makes sense because if you get tons of spotting damage, that's usually at the beginning of the game in an open map for example, and that is a lot better than most damage farming, which is done towards the end of a game by a single tank. But if you are driving an E-100 or Maus, which will never get the same amount of spotting damage as a bat, does that mean you are way less skilled? I would say no. So I think the end result in logic terms is: "more spotting damage ---> winning more". But it
  11. Exactly this. If for example we defined spotting damage as the most important factor in "skill", then we would see people starting to farm for spotting damage, and that would alter the whole premise of the original analysis when people didn't farm for it. This cycle will continue indefinitely unless we have multiple variables that are not aggregated to from a "skill" coefficient. Example variables to use are winrate, normalized damage, normalized spotting, etc...
  12. Exact probabilities using the same assumption: 15- 0: 0.00431756035927597 15- 1: 0.0174973353463882 15- 2: 0.0393070718891372 15- 3: 0.0649471010647719 15- 4: 0.0883888374057216 15- 5: 0.105210987543477 15- 6: 0.113574527865168 15- 7: 0.113795636697151 15- 8: 0.107408769023666 15- 9: 0.0963202119252598 15-10: 0.0822703191514620 15-11: 0.0665907199241170 15-12: 0.0501612188062904 15-13: 0.0334731353320754 15-14: 0.0167365676660377 table = zeros(16,16); table(1,1) = 1; for n=0:28 for m=min(n,14):-1:(n-min(n,14))
  13. I wrote a simple model in matlab to test this. The model assumes the team's next kill is proportional to current tanks alive. So for example, if the score is 8-0, team one has 15/(7+15) chance of getting 1 more kill. The result is the most common score is 15-7. Can't get imgur to work so can't post image. But you can run it if you have matlab or another program. function simul n = 10000; r = zeros(1,n); for i=1:n r(i) = next([0 0]); end hist(r,0:14); end function result = next(input) if(input(1)==15 || input(2) == 15) result = min(input); else if(rand()*(30-sum(input)) &
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