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  1. AMX 50 100 - -1 The gun handling is awful. The 6 shot clip can be great when you just want to get rid of someone, but not when you have to reload for 50+ seconds and 3 enemy tanks are waiting around the next corner. Pershing - 46 T32 - 33 Obj 416 - 31 IS-3 - 81
  2. 110 - 18 AMX 50 100 - 24 Rhm.B WT - 0 not really a bad tank but it's not made for the corridor meta Jagdpanther II - 27 Pershing - 49 T32 - 34 Obj 416 - 34 IS-3 - 68
  3. 110 -16AMX 50 100 - 25Rhm.B WT - 23Jagdpanther II - 24Indien Panzer - 3Tiger II - 11STA-1 - 14Charioteer – 3 Worst remaining tank on that list. Liittle alpha damage for a TD and very bad gun handling so you can't really do anything useful while it reloads. Other than die thanks to its armor an HP.T69 - 18Pershing - 40 best remaining medT32 - 34ISU-152 - 13Obj 416 - 30 T-44 - 17IS-3 - 54
  4. T-34-2 - 20 110 - 20 AMX 50 100 - 22 Rhm B WT - 20 Jagdpanther II - 27 Ferdinand - 20 VK 45.02A - 15 Tiger II - 22 Panther II - 8 Indien Panzer - 17 STA-1 - 20 O-Ho - 21 Centurion I - 9 AT-15 - 20 Caernarvon - 14 Charioteer - 17 A small unarmored tank that lives from it's speed. Too bad it has terrible gun handling and aim time, that killed the tank for me. T69 - 21 Pershing - 24 T32 - 27 A Hulldown monster, good allrounder and my first T8 heavy. I adjusted so good to that playstsyle that I still have problems with tanks with bad gund depression ISU-152 - 20 SU-101 - 20 Obj416 - 24 T-44 - 20 IS-3- 33 KV-4 - 20
  5. Sorry, but the forum software adds them everytime I press Enter and I have no clue how to turn that off.
  6. Not that I would want the E4 to be gone already, but someone missed a downvote for it one ore two pages ago. It should be at 2 points I think. 113: 16TVP T50/51: 16AMX 50B: 26Batchat 25t: 24Maus: 4-3=1 Like it was said before, its job is to tank for the team. So naturally everyone avoids it in the beginning of the match and kills it when it's out of teammates. And there's not a lot it can do about it thanks to it's speed. And it has less alpa AND less DPM than the E-100. Not an impressive enemy at all. E-100: 31E-50M: 26Leo 1: 17STB-1: 23Centurion AX: 16FV215b: 27 T57 Heavy: 13 T110E4: 5 (or 2 I'm not sure) T110E3: 17M48 Patton: 29 +1= 30 the oldest (right?) but still the best NATO-Med. T110E5: 23 Object 263: 16 T-62A: 23Object 430: 20Object 140: 21IS-7: 15IS-4: 13 p.s. How the f*** do I remove the space between two lines after I press Enter?
  7. Sorry guys it's very hard to follow the rules when you don't tell what they are. It would help if you could clear a few things up. For instance how much experience I should have on a tank to be allowed to up- or downvote it. I own only a very limited number of these tanks, since they're tier 10 and take ages to unlock. But I have played almost all of them for a fair number of games on the test server (a few of them so much that playing them on the live server after I unlocked them there became boring). When I made my last post I had only the tanks in my mind that I played on the live server and of them the FV215b is definitely the worst (for me), so I sold it again after a few games. Of course I can think of tanks that I would downvote first. What do you want me to do now? Change my vote, change the explanaition or remove my vote?
  8. 121: 14 113: 18 TVP T50/51: 12 Amx 50B: 25 BatChat 25t: 26 AMX 30B: 12 Maus: 18 E-100: 27 E-50M: 25 Leo 1: 20 STB-1: 22 Centurion AX: 19 FV215b: 22: Because of the turret in the back. I actually liked the Conquerer a lot, but the strange placement of the turret kills this tank for me. It makes hittin without being hit difficult. (And of course it's no Chieftain but sits in his place.) T57 Heavy: 17 T110E4: 18 T110E3: 17 M48 Patton: 26: very comfortable to play, looks sexy and it's my second tier 10 T110E5: 21 Obj 268: 8 Object 263: 19 T-62A: 26 Object 430: 20 Object 140: 20 IS-7: 14 IS-4: 21
  9. 121: 17113: 20TVP T50/51: 14Foch 155: 17 AMX 50B: 23 BatChat 25t: 25 AMX 30B: 20 Jagdpz E-100: 16 (I think 19 were correct, before that it was 22): big, ugly, nasty gun and it takes ages to kill this thing. If you ask me for my opinion, driving houses/bunkers like this "tank" shouldn't be in this gameMaus: 17 E-100: 25E-50M: 22Leopard 1: 21STB-1: 21: like an M46 at Tier 10, I love it Centurion AX: 17FV215b 183: 17FV215b: 24T57 Heavy: 20T110E4: 20T110E3: 20M48 Patton: 21T110E5: 25Object 263: 20T-62A: 22:Object 430: 20Object 140: 18IS-7: 20IS-4: 20
  10. and I thought farming the damage would be the more difficult part of the mission:



  11. Do you mean the Mutz? The whole last weak until yesterday.
  12. Ok looks like you're right and it's an error. The second mission "earn EXP 10 times in CAX" is only available once per account. Would be pretty hard to do that 10 times then. I really hope we get that mission on the EU server ,too. Because that sounds a lot easier then the last marathon we had.
  13. More like 10 games per day in the CAX. It says "do the 10 times CAX Mission 10 times" = 100 games in total in the CAX. That means for two weeks in February we will get a T10 MM with a single tank. Sounds like fun.
  14. Looks like you're right. And it looks like every (bl)unicum on EU-Server knows about that already. I think I've never seen so many of them in a single game before. And they are mostly driving T8-T9 Tanks and sometimes premiums. The rest of the teams consist of bad or average players driving the first time in T10 in their rented IS-7's and T62A's. God, are these tanks annoying. I just don't get how the MM works or if there's even one. So far I know that you only have to choose at least one T10 to take part the other two tanks can be everything in T8-10 (even two T8 Scouts). But is this case considered in the MM and the other team gets a player with two Tier 8 tanks, too? Or do you handicap your team with that ? (I have only had a very few games in Domination mode and have absolutely no clue.)
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