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  1. They didn't drop him, but Phelan (I think? One of the EU CMs) went out of his way to mention asking him to "tone it down" in their surrender post on the EU convoys thing. I don't believe for a second that they merely "asked" him to tone it down. WG only does heavy-handed, especially EU, and apparently "are you motherfuckers serious" was too harsh a reaction to them deliberately fucking an entire server for their delicate ears/egos to handle.
  2. I feel like he's holding back and/or avoiding talking about the blatant imbalances of these skills. After the WG EU tards slapped him down because they were butthurt about him calling them out on the Santa missions, it's hard to blame him. They're petty and vindictive enough to drop him as CC.
  3. Holy plane kills batman. How many does the Ranger carry? Your team might have de-planned both of them entirely with that number of kills.
  4. This is why my solution to the high tier camping meta has always been a scaling down of effective ranges. It's too easy for too many people to focus a single target regardless of positioning. It really only becomes punishing at high tier. Sub-8 BBS lack either the accuracy or the gun count to punish at long ranges, and most sub-8 cruisers have floaty shells, trash stealth, or extreme fragility. Above 8, the BB sigma values get good enough and the CAs get accurate railguns (the worst, Des Moines, has shell ballistics similar to the Pensacola, one of the best at 7). Suddenly someone j
  5. "HEY STUPID, DD OVER THERE" is a fucking bullshit skill that has no place in this game. It's free fucking information in a game where stealth and flanking are supposed to matter. Fuck that noise. And fuck all the people insisting "oh I won't want it because I want x instead", because even 1 or 2 ships with it being alive completely fucks anyone using stealth to close. With a modicum of communication everyone basically has it if 1 person does, and even without that, 1 cruiser basically shadowing you will completely ruin your ability to be effective. "LOL 1 SUPERSTRUCTURE FIRE" might be ev
  6. Something something alpha clone something something HORDE HORN. Seriously this game is great, I've had a passing interest in getting into it for a while. I finally took the plunge while my fiance is out of town and reactivated a trial account I got 3 years ago from Garbad, may he rest in peace. 3 days in, and I've already gotten on mails for 2 different 2 bill Tengus, a few battleships, and a thanatos (PL dropped a revenant on it before anyone but our horde gang that originally found it got there). https://zkillboard.com/character/94171488/
  7. In 10 boxes I've gotten an Emden, 2 batches of +100 XP camo, and SEVEN boxes of Charlie London. Screw you RNG.
  8. @surge753 That's more or less the correct way to play German BBS. The key to becoming really good at them is recognizing when that opportunity does and does not exist. Even the toughest BB will burn down under enough focus. The key is finding chances to bully without giving the whole enemy team a focus target.
  9. Yeah, the only way these were redeemable would be if their handling was at least 62A levels, if not better. As is, they're a complete fucking joke.
  10. The original example here was 50 second runtime torps fired at a BB that some moron cruiser rushed at the last second. That's not "firing into a brawl area", that's "firing into the enemy team and some retard decides to rush into the middle of them". I shouldn't have to/won't hold shots for the sake of someone who MIGHT rush into the middle of the enemy team 50 seconds later. That's a hell of a different situation than firing torps as your Tirpitz is closing the distance.
  11. I FUCKING HATE THE PEOPLE THAT PLAY THIS GAME. \ Guess which team member insisted upon the value of going to A! Also, "Mogami weak ship" kek. 15 guns best guns.
  12. I agree with giving STs a reward. But not the Alabama. That ship has a lot of emotional attachment for a lot of people (not me, although I have visited it), it's been hyped by WG and requested both generally (SoDak class) and specifically since basically pre-alpha. I can understand being incredibly disappointed when WG basically says "Nope, can't have your favorite ship". Saying "YOU can't have your favorite ship, but this handpicked group can" is just salt in the wound. Plus, from a purely gameplay perspective, there's no premium t8 for the USN, so making the first one exclusive is a po
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