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  1. Peasnt question: Does the e25 on ps4 have preff mm? Cant find definitive info anywhere, especially in the terrible ingame ui

  2. Did anyone notice an increase in fires on testserver, or am i seeing things?

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    2. Juraj_Radic123


      Well fire is a fire Afe or no afe

    3. Sapros


      Onyxia is deep breathing more as well.

    4. Strigonx


      AFE  gives a  passive 10% bonus to fire prevention

  3. Gotta say that these are my favs no doubt interesting to see the progression
  4. 100% MOE in is8. wut

  5. I think that getting clicked, surviveing and beeing left on 100-200 hp is the worst. You cant yolo and die to rip your stats even more

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      at least you can still be a damage-farming chaisniper

    2. Juraj_Radic123


      not on a 3min tier x game

    3. Ollie Tabooger
  6. Best parodies evah

  7. is8 isnt at all that bad. Bonus is that is the easiest tanks to get 3moe in

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    2. KillerTiger


      i actually enjoyed it when i played it a while back

    3. Juraj_Radic123


      the problem is that i dont take is seriously so i mostly derp around and pew pew at stuff

    4. General_Fault


      I am trash with it...

  8. I run small med repairs and cola in my t57. You should try not to get shot in the lower plate and your side because ammorack is placed there.Beware of the first wheel tracking as its also a possible ammorack. All i can suggest is try not getting shot. Let your allies take some hits and then unload without loosing any hp (or at least trade 1/4 2/4 if you must).
  9. is8 turret worth it?

    1. TheMarine0341


      yes. Less than elite is painful, when its an already stupidly painful tank

    2. Birkovic


      Yes, it helps the stats on the gun and provides a bit of hp too.

    3. kolni


      the turret can actually bounce stuff so yep

  10. *currently reversepadding my stats with a stock is8*

    1. Sorphius


      Almost 500 CGC games in the past 60 days. Get on my level.

  11. So i just did 21k dmg in domination. op op

  12. How gimped do the domination crews get when domination gets taken out?

    1. no_name_cro


      I think they don't get gimped. Like Chaffee races crew.

    2. Juraj_Radic123


      that would nice

    3. Visn0r


      yeah but they don't...

  13. Eu domination anyone?

    1. no_name_cro


      Mozemp poslje ako si za.

    2. Juraj_Radic123


      kad dodes online saljem ti poziv

  14. Should i sell my e100?

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    2. Juraj_Radic123


      Its just too slow to do anything. Half of the time i get open maps with arty in which im more usefull when fully submerged into a lake

    3. no_name_cro


      yeah, map rotaton can really kill it.

    4. hallo1994
  15. So i finished a 6.2k dmg game in my cdc. Since when isnt apcr with 260 pen not enough to go trough t28prot frontal armour?

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    2. Anfield


      Shoot the turret cheeks

    3. Juraj_Radic123


      yea do know now that rng is a total cunt

    4. Praenomen_


      T28 protos are my absolute least favorite tank to fight at t8, because of that troll armor,

  16. eu1 is total cancer

    1. Theaty


      join na :^)

  17. Just watched straik bounce a heat e100 round on a rhm on its upper plate

    1. Xen


      heat doesnt overmatch yo

    2. FreddBoy


      Dat autobounce kappa.

  18. i was doing that for a far too long.. You need to catch people off reload so you dont take any dmg back (or atleast you should trade 1-3,1-4). Try to make an initial clip as the first heavies are getting into position (decent mobility will help with that) and then fall back behing your allies. Let them move in and you just support. If some replay needs explaining just say which one. I think they all show the fundementals of t57 play
  19. 2500 gold a month is really the only reason. Il exit when my overall climbs enough to enter some stronk klanu
  20. maybe because with the t54e1 you mostly go in medium spots where you get sideshots and stuff like that. There isnt much chance of getting shot back. T57 lacks mobility but gains alot of dpm for those close to mid range engagements
  21. You watch them and see how i react to different setups, how im aggressive in some situations when im trying to farm as much a possible, when im passive etc... Protip: dont trade shot for shot with other tanks. Try to unload 4 at a time and take the least dmg in return. gl
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