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  1. So the app was working fine until I clicked "start on windows startup", my antivirus instantly blocked it and now I cannot find the file to add an exception. I can find it normally (not through my antivirus), but when I paste the path in to my antivirus the actual application doesn't show. Any way past this? -edit- some detail log
  2. "Hitler motivates me" -- Anfield 2k16
  3. "The one and only...... Boris *fart sound*" -edit- can't seem to remove the -1 lol sorry dude xD hopefully someone can rectify that for me, wasn't being serious
  4. I'm not entirely sure where you get your information from, but here is a post from a WoT Producer: Original post can be found here.
  5. Ok I see the argument of "US dollar increases, so if your currency does not (for the game prices) it means americans are actually paying more" - But no, they are not. If the US dollar value increases, we (non-US citizens) do not get a raise in our paychecks from our jobs. So in fact the americans are paying the same, while everyone else is paying more.
  6. It won't ever die, until WG actually closes the servers. But as a now older MMO, and as others have said, it's definitely in decline. One thing I don't understand is the shifting prices, which I guarantee has forced many people into retirement - for example, the T34 on SEA once cost about $50 AUS.. Now, it costs $65 AUS. I'm no economist, and can understand how real physical items can increase/decrease (not including games like WoW and Tibia), but how the hell do they justify the virtual objects fluctuating price? .. For a game that has no in game economy at all. Games with a real econ
  7. The idea of the land slowly becoming barren, forcing you and the AI into more close quarters combat is a nice idea. I've decided to get it, but will wait for a cheaper price
  8. Had a look, and it does seem interesting. Might give it a try - was always a sucker for the total war play style, as many times as I have rage quit from Shogun 2 I'll get back into it lol.. What is Attila like? If the campaign is at least enjoyable, not a boring 18 hour marathon of repetitiveness as previous titles, I'd consider trying it.
  9. Personally I didn't like it. I've played Rome 1, Empire, Napoleon and Shogun 2 (+ fall of the samurai). Rome 1 was the first I played and was epic. Unfortunately from there on out it went completely down hill, ending with Shogun 2 and with it my desire to play any total war game at all. Although, looking at Total War: Attila, it seems to have had good reviews and it might tempt me into the series once again. We'll see
  10. Once I figure out how to change the view to more "birds eye" it may be fun. Kinda annoyed atm from the difficulty in simply seeing where I need to click..
  11. Watched a couple more which were good! Predestination - A real "mind fuck" if you don't mind me saying. About Time - Sort of like an adventure film about time travel.
  12. Wow, I don't know what to say... All he needs now is MLS/Great Axe and life is complete? (Jealous of winged helmet, it was always my dream item from day 1!) So, to all you runescape players (and topic I guess), if I were to start as a complete newbie is it worth it? Anyone would think I had a stroke recently, cannot play tanks at all like I used to.. Won't ever give up, but a new game would be nice to kill some headache time.
  13. Haha, yea there was a great shield for sale on xeno forums for i think about 900 euro! dsl would buy a new sports car me thinks
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