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  1. Posting for a friend, who is in the US. They want to build a PC to play WoT and Battlefield 4 on High/Ultra settings.Will get in the near future a 2560 x 1440 60hz monitor. Budget is $700-$800 for PC only. (lower is better)They have a strong preference for Intel/Navidia. I picked this out http://pcpartpicker.com/p/GJZzTW Did I do good ?What would you change ? Thanks
  2. I don't have the skills to create any mods but some times I know what I want. Looking for a mod that will switch between Pub and Clan Wars load outs. It would change ammo and consumables.
  3. blackwell68


    Who is running this thing for Wn8 or WR ? There so many better tier 6 tanks. This Tank is all about the LOLs. When I hit someone I laugh every time. Get 3 hits in a row and I have trouble seeing. A one shot makes my sides hurt. One shot a scout at 500m and I am laughing so hard my team thinks I DC'd. Warning : Put a towle and some plastic down on your chair before platooning. When the pubbies start to rage I have trouble controling my bladder. You will have more bad games than good games, but who cares. I have heard more bad jokes than good jokes in my life and this tank is a great joke.
  4. The 59-16 has become my preferred tank for teir VI strongholds while calling. Good burst damage, great anti scout. And the reload gives me enough time to look around and call. The auto loader play style of needing great map awerness is also a natural fit with calling. In pubs, staying alive while not camping early game is key. As with most auto loaders this thing is deadly in the end game, with the added bonus of crazy stealth.
  5. Build one yourself. It is much easier than you think. http://www.logicalincrements.com/# Use those links to help you chose what you need.
  6. https://support.microsoft.com/kb/179113/ I had the same problem when I built my new PC You need to install the end run time thing From Microsoft. It allows you to run directx 9 when you have later versions installed.
  7. Thanks everyone , I set everything to off/low except Texture, Terrain, and Draw at High. It more than doubled my fps. I'll keep it this way for a few hours of game play to get used to it then start adding stuff back in. Any recommendations and what to add back first.
  8. As I get better at playing tanks I am able to see more. Now I notice that when I get in to a complex fight with several tanks near by my fps drops from around 30 to 10, even lower in sniper mode. I know I need to get a proper rig someday, I was just hoping it was not today. Are there settings that would help a lot or is this the time to spend. Laptop i7 - 4700 2.4 ghz Navidia GT750m 8 GB ram Thanks in advance for any help
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