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  1. Im useing a dongle - given its fairly old. But generally i have absolutely no issues running any other applications. Its literally only wot causeing these issues - however when ive played wot and it happend, other apps are thereafter affected aswell - and a router plus pc restart is required. Ill have a look at my router settings in the morning and get back to u. Ill try tracking my upload next time it happens, and see if anything is spikeing. Thanks for the suggestion! Well im not excluding this option, but ive asked around in my clan aswell as all my mates, and not a si
  2. Nope never had it before... only now that ive gotten back to the game. I have no clue whats going on.
  3. So i checked with cable, and i checked my engergy settings. Cable made no diffrence. Same issue. And Engergy setting were all set to performance.
  4. Yea Ill give it a try. Just strange how it's literally only Wot this happens with. Play 10 hrs of CS and nothing. Thanks for the input tho. I'll see if it changes anything!
  5. Hey everyone So I recently decided to return to this crappy game and ever since i've done so, i've had some random Ping issue. Basically I can only play 10 games, and the on the 10th game my ping will skyrocket to 600+ and stay there (no spikes). Makeing the game virtually unplayable(Tho i did do my HT15 in a Wz1111111111111111 while haveing 600 ping - guess i was jukeing the shit out of them ) World of Tanks is the only game this happens in and im spily clueless as to why i happens. I have a friend who suggested i might be session overload of my router (ive gotten a new router
  6. During one of the few sessions i still play me and my mate had this decent carry. I dunno if it fullfills your criterias, but have a look http://wotreplays.com/site/2862311#overlord-king_of_denmarkqq-e_50
  7. Let me be the first to welcome you as a Purple Poster and thus appropriate section.. only a matter of time. Keep up the good work.
  8. Weuw AnalGator is on Wotlabs #TeamAnal.... I give it a week and a few more dank replays and SR can move you back to the actual "appropriate section"
  9. Thats the joy of volunteering and giving the community something, out of own initiative. After a while people stop seeing it as a good deed, but feel entitled to, in this instance, push for updates, forgetting people use thier spare time, on bettering the community. Well done Stige. Its the same with Aimdrols MOE spreadsheets - a brilliant tool giving great insight and information that would take forever to pick up on your own. After the inital awe, people start asking for updates etc. not know it takes days to pull down and process all the data. People rly ought to be more greatful. A
  10. Aww i had forgotten about Kenny, the white tiger with downs..... lel Velkommen til!
  11. Playing 30 games in my Mod.1 drunk after carneval was a terrible idea.... 

  12. Well i completly agree mate... The timing was just "perfect" and could off have been that nurkie found ZWACK to be big and respected and they more or less imploded over night 1 day after nurkie wrote here, hence my question. Tho as I said i agree they hardly lived up to neither the big nor respected tag.
  13. Always count on @Gharirey to be thorough, applause
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