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  1. Ouch...my 6 year old doesn't play (yet?) but he definitely get his own account...or use my wife's.
  2. I guess I don't play win8 well, win9 gives me a huge boost (over 10%). Is it the absurdly low plat rate? W/R: 50.0% Adj w/r: 48.6% Plat ratio: 0.03 wn8: 995.2 wn9c1: 1144.2 wn9c2: 1124.6
  3. Yes, luck will have some effect on the progress--but I expect that the more skilled the player the better they will be at making their own luck. Look at Tier 1 (Stug IV) HT#15 8k damage done/blocked/taken--impossible on a T1-Heavy, far more doable on an E75, and probably much easier on a Maus/E-100 where that's just over a Fire For Effect performance.
  4. So WG has said they want about 10% of the population to get (I assume) the top tier personal mission tank. Looking at the front page I see that the top 10% should be somewhere between a 53% win rate and a 54% win rate. Is there a way to see where 10% is? Also, ouch, Green to Blue is a huge step up in game...from 82% to 95%... That matches the gap between yellow to and green--but I suspect is a much harder step to make.
  5. I have been getting wrecked all week. Briefly got above 50.5...and this week has been...painful. I need 12-15 wins over losses to get back to 50.5%. OTOH, I did manage to get the discounted E75 and finally freXPed the top engine in the E50/E75. Average damage is way up because I have been alternating Tiger 2/T-34 (American) to get XP and credits.
  6. Allurai broke the display. His 81% win rate is gray...
  7. We're also missing that defence points can win a game. If the last of the enemies are sitting in your cap and they are killed in your cap, every one of those defence points is contributing to the win. Cap points, as presented to us by WG, are too noisy a signal to extract useful information from. There are too many bad and meaningless points for us to be able to detect the good ones.
  8. Going with longer term stats is probably smarter as currently I would like to get my overall win rate back above 50.5% and daily fluctuations are really annoying. Also when you have over 10k games moving overall stats is a lot harder. I need over 200 wins over losses to move my win rate to 51.5%. it kind of makes my short term goals my long term goals.
  9. Well--other than tanks that are too slow to make it to the rhino bashing, I have gone there with everything from T1s to IS3. Right now the pertenent heavies would be T34 (always need credits) and the Tiger 2 (at least while the E-100 challenge is going on). But in the gareage are also the T32, the KV4 and the Caernavon (which I don't like rhino smashing with).
  10. I hate running for the A1 corner as a heavy--it slow, static play where skill doesn't make a lot of difference. My tactic there is hide from arty and shoot idiots poking around--waiting for something to break. (I much rather be the person causing the break.) Part two is trying to convince my heavies not to poke their noses around the corner to get worked down by their idiots and arty. Is there some other good play that can be made?
  11. Shi you think mediums will be able to better counter heavies now?
  12. I thought this thead (http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/244439-statistical-analysis-of-arty-player-skill/) was a good start to creating a vigirous proof that arty is overpowered for balanced play. I thought the approach interesting but while I recognize it's a good idea, I don't have the stats tools or the knowledge of how to pull masses of player data to make this happen. And I would like to see the corrilation of win rate vs games played--I have heard 2k put up as the end of noobhood, but I would like to see some riggor on that front too. I am quite happy to help and
  13. I can confirm it's for the 360 having just signed up for the 360 beta.
  14. I am a meh player (just a hiar above 50%) and I am wondering do most of the 60%+ players specialize in particular lines or types of tanks, or are you all over the place? I have the T110E5--and from there I have a bunch of options. Garbad's reivew of the T10 mediums has me working (slowly) toward the T62--but a Soviet brawler is a significant departure from the sniping, slower pace I like. And I seem to get myself into trouble with the extra speed.
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