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  1. This has nothing to do with the WN9 calculation itself. It is possible for any rating to be calculated for a subset of battles, it just depends on what parameters to be put into the formula. Wargaming has no API that returns stats for latest n games, they only return players total stats per tank per battle mode. It is possible to create a solution that retrieves players stats on a regular basis, like every month, and then calculate the rating for that period by subtracting previous stats to current stats. It will be hard to create a solution that calculate the rating for a fixed number of
  2. Hi, anyone know about any site explaining the xTE rating in detail? Including the formula used to calculated it? As far as I have understood, it's the XVM makers that provides this rating using the top x users of each tank to calculate the rating. Is there any API available to fetch these values? Regards BadButton Developer | Wot Numbers
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