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  1. Straik is playing again, I still watch him sometimes. I just mute it and listen to Two Steps from Hell instead of listening to the Cyka stream.
  2. I just watched a replay, OMG the gun is hot garbage. After waiting forever you realize that the circle isn't getting any smaller than that. It looks like a mouse throwing rage machine. The platform is kind of different, smaller than some LTs, pretty flexible. The gun is just a nope though.
  3. Its been said on here before, but its worth repeating. The game was at its best when the developers played the game. Its so obvious listening to the devs talk that not only do they not play the game themselves, but they are taking cues about game meta from outdated sources. They are trying to fix a game that does not really exist anymore. The other, bigger problem is that like 1.0, all of these changes are doing nothing to bring players into the game. They need to be working on making the game fun and inviting to the next generation of players so they can grow the games playerbase. Instead, they are fixing a leaky faucet while the Titanic is sinking. This is the only game I have ever seen that not only does not utilize the knowledge and advice of its best players - it actually seems to actively shun it.
  4. T32 has been brutally power creeped compared to the other tier 8 heavies - shitty base pen, shitty DPM, armor only works under one set of conditions, shitty mobility, and a gun that is just bad. Roomba + bush meta = memes until you get spotted Tiger is not a heavy tank, its a slow hellcat with shitty camo and armor that sort of works at a distance. If you can read your team mates license plate you are too close to the front line. Type 62 I know nothing about
  5. This will be the first Christmas in a few years that I am not making a contribution to Minsk.  Feels strangely not weird, even with all of the box-opening videos popping up in my Youtube feed.  

  6. WTF did I just waste 15 minutes of my life doing? This made less sense than my masters thesis and it managed to do it in 2X as many words. So, WG adds 90k new TD bushes to the game but the nerfed to hell LTs are to blame for passive play mmmmkay
  7. Unless they have brought back the original stock turret, your argument is moot. Original gangster shitbarn best shitbarn
  8. Whats worse than working your balls off to get a shitty product out the door? Working your balls off to not get a shitty product out the door.
  9. I think you are missing the point that playing my KV-2 in a platoon with friends is fun. Its one of the very few things about this game that is still fun. Making the game 'better' while making it less playable seems to be a pretty common theme from WG lately. This very forum has (HAD I should say) an entire section dedicated to T-49 HE memes. What is the actual payback WG is expecting from this? Are all of the Hellcat drivers that rage quit the game after getting balanced by a 152mm gift from Stalin in 2015 going to reinstall? Doubtful. Is yet another sub group of players (derp gun aficionados) going to finally throw in the towel? Probably. This is another example of WG dev-team members that don't play the game trying to solve a problem that does not exist while ignoring obvious problems that would require actually learning the game meta to understand.
  10. So, will AW add fechette rounds to counter, cuz that would be . . . something probably rated M for meh
  11. In addition to basically ending the KV-2, SU-152, etc this will also be a huge stealth buff to LTs and wheeled tanks. WG just further taking the fun out of their game by deleting derp memes. I predict a 100% chance that this never makes it live - no fucking way that RU pubbies will tolerate giving up on derp guns.
  12. I was going to suggest an A-44 with food and straight APCR pumping out a 186mm pen round every 1.8 seconds, but yeah SU-152 memes FTW.
  13. Did they put this one behind a gold paywall like they implied they might
  14. Jesus, he puts m0re eff0rt int0 w0tlabs than I put int0 my masters thesis. (which is pr0bably why I didn't get my masters)
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