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  1. Whats worse than working your balls off to get a shitty product out the door? Working your balls off to not get a shitty product out the door.
  2. I think you are missing the point that playing my KV-2 in a platoon with friends is fun. Its one of the very few things about this game that is still fun. Making the game 'better' while making it less playable seems to be a pretty common theme from WG lately. This very forum has (HAD I should say) an entire section dedicated to T-49 HE memes. What is the actual payback WG is expecting from this? Are all of the Hellcat drivers that rage quit the game after getting balanced by a 152mm gift from Stalin in 2015 going to reinstall? Doubtful. Is yet another sub group of players (derp gun aficionados) going to finally throw in the towel? Probably. This is another example of WG dev-team members that don't play the game trying to solve a problem that does not exist while ignoring obvious problems that would require actually learning the game meta to understand.
  3. So, will AW add fechette rounds to counter, cuz that would be . . . something probably rated M for meh
  4. In addition to basically ending the KV-2, SU-152, etc this will also be a huge stealth buff to LTs and wheeled tanks. WG just further taking the fun out of their game by deleting derp memes. I predict a 100% chance that this never makes it live - no fucking way that RU pubbies will tolerate giving up on derp guns.
  5. I was going to suggest an A-44 with food and straight APCR pumping out a 186mm pen round every 1.8 seconds, but yeah SU-152 memes FTW.
  6. Did they put this one behind a gold paywall like they implied they might
  7. Jesus, he puts m0re eff0rt int0 w0tlabs than I put int0 my masters thesis. (which is pr0bably why I didn't get my masters)
  8. WTF did I just waste 3 minutes of my life reading? If you are going to self-necro stupid shit from 2016, at least do it ironically and try to entertain us a little.
  9. My liver has already led a pretty tough 47 years, I'm not sure I'd survive a drinking game that required me to basically douse myself in vodka and light my self on fire.
  10. I'm sitting here looking at stats trying to figure a way that I could lose a 1 v 1 to a Manticore in my Cromwell B . . .
  11. Except they made the premium ammo essentially the same as the regular ammo. I'm just envisioning this thing getting one shot off and eating an entire clip whenever it encounters a french light tank in a dark ally, thats going to be so much fun!
  12. Somewhere out there in the abyss, Yuno Gasai is running around with a full purple setup on his E-25 . . .
  13. I put a purple rammer on my 5a for ranked so I could spam HEAT faster than other 5a's. That was like a year ago
  14. So many TD bushes, so many campers. I was a hyper-aggressive medium/heavium player that basically drove to the center of every map and tried to control space . . . was. I have not played since February. As long as WG punishes aggression like they do now, I'll probably never play again. Ironically, I ground out the Kranvagn within a week of it coming out and I had a solid WR in the pre-buff Kran. I'll probably never even play the OP one. I guess it was better than spending the money on hookers and blow - I guess.
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