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  1. Its OK to be bad, for every unicum there have to be some 45% out there willing to donate blood.  Its OK to be bad and play tier X, you probably spent more time earning it than most.  I'm all about the tolerance being pretty bad myself.  Just please oh please if you are bad and want to play tier Xs, don't grab a couple of your fellow 46% friends and platoon in tier Xs together.  Having three tier X 46-percenters in a 3-5-7 MM is a godawful experience for your team mates . . .

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    2. hazzgar


      How do you die in one minute in a tank that's as slow as a turtle? Like if it was meds or lights ok I get it. Otherwise the only possibility I see is driving next to lake on lakeville and getting spotted or driving on the field on campinovka. 

    3. Archaic_One


      He gave his side to a 4005 . . . :facepalm:

    4. hazzgar
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